A new name for Darwinist despair modular evolution and a perfect flying bird: Darwinopterus


The enormous scale of the Darwinist defeat and how Darwinists have no means of saving their theory has been set out with various forms of supporting evidence for a long time now. But the evidence that perhaps made this defeat clearest has come from Darwinists themselves. Darwinists, with no scientific evidence for their theories, confronted by disappointment time and time again and who have suffered their worst rout in the manifest proofs of Creation presented in recent years, have now set reason. Leaving reason, logic and science to one side, Darwinists come up with a new claim. They said, “all the organs in the life form we have just discovered somehow came into existence momentarily.” They then had no qualms about giving this the name of modular evolution. “We do not know how it happened, but it is a form of evolution,” they said. They have quite shamelessly put this false and ludicrous claim out in scientific journals, as if it were that easy to deceive people. This stage to which Darwinists have now come is one of the greatest manifestations of the Darwinist defeat.
This new deception that Darwinists refer to as “modular evolution” is the idea that one or more organs appears suddenly in a life form. Not a word is of course said about how these organs emerge, what kind of biological, physical and anatomical stages might be involved or about any scientific evidence for it. All we have is an evolutionist claim, according to which an animal can suddenly grow wings or develop claws and suddenly turn into a bird or a land-dwelling life form. DEVOID OF ANY EVIDENCE AS TO HOW LIVING THINGS EVOLVE AND WITH NO CHANCE OF FINDING ANY IN THE FUTURE, EITHER, DARWINISTS NOW IMAGINE THEY CAN DECEIVE PEOPLE BY SAYING, “EVERYTHING HAPPENED IN A SINGLE MOMENT.”
It is of course scientifically IMPOSSIBLE for a living thing to suddenly develop a new characteristic, to suddenly grow a new limb or to suddenly come into possession of a new system. ALL BRANCHES OF SCIENCE REFUTE this claim. It must not be forgotten that the mutations necessary for such a change to take place will inevitably kill the life form involved. NINETY NINE PERCENT OF MUTATIONS ARE DELETERIOUS, AND THE OTHER 1% HAS NO EFFECT. SEVERAL MUTATIONS TAKING PLACE AT THE SAME TIME LEAD TO THE SWIFT DEATH OF THE LIVING THING CONCERNED. There is only one reason for the production of such an amazingly ignorant idea as modular evolution, and that is the despairing evolutionist idea of “WHAT KIND OF EVOLUTIONARY MODEL MIGHT DO AWAY WITH THE NEED TO LOOK FOR EVIDENCE IN THE FOSSIL RECORD?”
Darwinopterus Is Also a Fossil That Confirms Creation, and That Explains the Darwinist Panic

Seeking to support their hollow theory, Darwinists pointed to 160-million-year-old bird fossils found in the north-east of China as an example, at least in their own eyes, of this false modular evolution. This new fossil, the subject of speculation in many publications, especially National Geographic, was given the name of “Darwinopterus.” Darwinopterus was a perfect flying bird with a head and neck looking just like those of birds alive today and whose rear legs and tail resemble extinct forms of bird known as pterosaurs. This life form is a perfect example of the mosaic life form group of which there are many specimens living today. Contrary to what Darwinists maintain, this life form is a perfect work that manifestly and powerfully refutes Darwinism and in fact verifies Creation.

As biology advanced, living things were divided into various groups on the basis of specific characteristics. These were scientifically examined in the form of species, phyla, families and breeds. It was of course impossible to divide all life forms on the basis of features set up by human beings. Because some life forms possess features from several groups established by human beings. These are known as “mosaic life forms.” These may possess characteristics from several groups, species or families. Darwinists try to use this state of affairs as a vehicle for speculation and to depict characteristics belonging to different species as intermediate form characteristics. But the fact is that all these features are complete and perfect characteristics. These life forms have not a single structure or organ indicating developing and thus intermediate form characteristics. Features belonging to various different species in one single life form are a manifestation of the matchless works and sublime creation of Allah.
It needs to be made clear here that a pterosaur fossil has been discovered before and also used as a vehicle for various forms of Darwinist speculation. Darwinists failed to fully understand the structure of the 150-million-year pterosaur and produced completely biased and unrealistic interpretations of it.  However, investigations of the fossil by a team of scientists from three universities described the life form’s physical structure as a “masterpiece.” Thanks to its perfect and flawless mosaic structure, this animal was able to walk comfortably on dry land, fly to perfection and also swim comfortably in the seas. Because it was a marvel of creation equipped with all these features by Allah.
The life form they are presently trying to portray as the greatest evidence for evolution is a specimen of the pterosaur, which scientists have previously described as a “masterpiece.” The fact is, however, that since they harbor perfect characteristics belonging to different species, mosaic life forms represent an even more insoluble dilemma for evolution. But since Darwinists are unable to swallow that fact they try to go on the counter-offensive and depict them as evidence for their own theory. In the same way, since they are unable to account for the perfect and very different characteristics possessed by Darwinopterus they have no qualms about coming up with the idea of modular evolution, an even more wretched and humiliating one for Darwinists. Yet they are very well aware that every structure in this life form is totally flawless and points to a sublime creation. Darwinopterus was a perfect bird, flawlessly created, that possesses features of various flying bird species at one and the same time.
The real reason why Darwinists are hiding behind such a shameful account as “modular evolution” is this; while Darwinists are trying to invent a new mask for the fact that not a single intermediate form has ever been discovered in the fossil record, the fact of creation is spreading very rapidly right across the world. Through the works of Harun Yahya people are no longer being taken in by the Darwinist dictatorship. The number of people who believe in the Darwinist deception is falling increasingly in opinion polls across the world. The period before us will be a bright one in which people become aware of the scientific facts and learn the real truth. Darwinist writhing will have no effect. Allah has created all living things, human beings included, and the universe we live in, in a perfect manner, and the nonsense that is evolution will soon be consigned to the history books.
Say: “Allah’s is the conclusive argument. If He had willed He could have guided every one of you.” (Surat al-An’am, 149)
2009-11-12 12:41:17

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