The enormous global impact of the works of Adnan Oktar is today widely reflected in the world press

With the information they contain, their wise language and esthetic design, Adnan Oktar's books have a wide global impact. These works enjoy an enormous readership in many countries of the world, from the USA to Indonesia, from South Africa to Russia, from China to Australia and from Nigeria to Canada. Works dealing with the moral values of the Qur’an, the Sunna of our Prophet (saas) and the signs leading to faith are instrumental in many people become believers or growing in faith. Books about world politics or freemasonry, on the other hand, change many people’s way of looking at the world and allow them to learn the truth behind many events. Adnan Oktar's books concerning the scientific collapse of Darwinism are among those that have the most powerful impact of all. All these books elicit major responses worldwide and lift the mask of Darwinism in a great many countries, Turkey in particular. 

As he has already made clear in a great many interviews, Adnan Oktar is assisted in the preparation of these works by a team of some 30 people consisting of academics, scientists and educators. This team works on such matters and preliminary research, the collection of data and illustrations and performing the requisite translations for the preparation of Mr. Oktar's works, and the information gathered is subsequently all passed on to Adnan Oktar. In this way, and as a result of the author’s practical working principle, works containing Adnan Oktar’s profound words are able to come out very quickly. 

However the really important thing here, and that which has the striking impact, is the way the information is brought, linked together and analyzed. It is Adnan Oktar who brings all the data together and leads many people to faith by his wise interpretation of it. It is in his books that Adnan Oktar's intelligence, wisdom and foresight can be seen. Adnan Oktar's profound analysis, rational descriptions and matchless examples are some of the main reasons why these works have such a huge global impact worldwide and elicit such great responses. Mr. Oktar's works are unique in terms of their descriptive technique, illustrations, logical framework, depth, sincerity and credibility. The style employed in these books, the way the sentences are put together, the powerful evidence employed and their irrefutability are not to be found in any other works.

These works, which are instrumental in people coming to believe or to grow in faith, can only lead to salvation through the great wisdom bestowed by Allah. And by Allah’s leave, that great wisdom manifests itself in Adnan Oktar. The idea in question therefore stems from the rantings of certain people made uneasy by the impact of these works.

On the other hand, the veracity or otherwise of these claims can be established with the use of a very simple logic:
1. There are tens of thousands of professors, scientists, educators and academics in the world. There are a great number of biologists, biogeneticists, biomathematicians, paleontologists and anthropologists across the world. There are countless academics engaged in fields such as history, international relations or prehistory. If group activity were sufficient for the preparation of such works as those of Adnan Oktar, then a group of professors and academics should be able to come together and write similar books. Books as convincing as those of Mr. Oktar’s, with the same illustrative techniques, logical framework and ease of description, should be seen in many parts of the world. There are thousands of academies and educational institutions capable of organizing such work and providing the necessary material support.  Yet none have so far managed to come together and prepare books anything like those written by Adnan Oktar. With their powerful impact and educational value, their honest language and wisdom, these works are totally unique.
2. One of the main characteristics of books written by committees or groups is that they generally contain differing and contradictory views and statements.  There is no unity of logic and ideas in such books. They contain different descriptive techniques and use different types of language. The illustrations and designs selected for them are incompatible with one another. The information contained and views espoused in them are generally inconsistent. One can identify the styles of different writers as soon as one reads them. It is easy to see that such books have been authored by several different people. But there is a complete unity of language and logic in all of Mr. Oktar’s 300 or so books. All his books contain the same honesty, conviction, technique, profundity, descriptive power and wisdom. The books represent a distinct whole with the illustrations employed in them in terms of their artistry, esthetic value and quality. The reason for this is the presence of a team supplying the requisite technical infrastructure for the preparation of these books, although these books are entirely the work of Adnan Oktar's profound intelligence, sincere belief and powerful foresight. 
3. Certain people suggest that these books are prepared by young BAV members around Mr. Oktar. Adnan Oktar certainly has young university graduates around him. But neither their education nor their accumulated knowledge is sufficient for the preparation of these books. In addition, if these young people did possess the knowledge and education with which to prepare such books they would long since have done so. Some such people would long since have combined together and written similar works. But no such thing has ever happened. If every university graduate were capable of writing such books, then Turkey has hundreds of universities and tens of thousands of graduates. These should be able to come together in groups of 5 or 10 and write books like those of Adnan Oktar. But no such books have ever appeared.
4. Some people maintain that these books are prepared by countries such as the USA or Saudi Arabia or else supported by Creationist groups in the USA. If any country or institution were capable of writing similar books for itself it would do so using its own name and would feel no need to conceal its true identity. Any person, institution or state contributing or supporting such books, all works of great scholarship, would have no hesitation about making that clear. Anyone would be proud to claim authorship of works having such a huge impact. 
5. The countries and organizations in question all possess a huge technical infrastructure and financial means. There are many scholars in Saudi Arabia, thousands of professors in U.S. universities and hundreds of scholars in Egypt. But no book resembling those by Adnan Oktar have to date been forthcoming from Saudi Arabia, Egypt or the USA, nor from any other country or organization. It is clear that even if 100 professors all came together and combined the means available to dozens of separate countries they could still not produce a book like those of Adnan Oktar. This once again demonstrates the perfection and marvelous nature of those works.
6. One subject that is frequently brought up is the financial backing necessary to publish these books. These books are printed and sold in their millions. Revenue is of course obtained from those sales and used to print further books. Some people are amazed by the fact that Adnan Oktar's books are sometimes sent out free of charge. But there is nothing astonishing in that at all. Many publishers and companies employ similar sales techniques. Books given out free of charge serve as advertising, and people reading them go on to order other books, and generally order them in volume.  The investment is thus returned many times over. One of the most striking examples of this was the dispatch of books free of charge to selected addresses in France. As a result of that campaign, demand for books from France increased enormously and there was a huge boom in sales of books by Harun Yahya in that country. 
The reason why Adnan Oktar’s works are so extraordinarily influential is that the author seeks to lead people to salvation for Allah’s approval, and his books are a manifestation of that sincere intent. Allah bestows an excellent response to these sincere labors, insha’Allah, and the Harun Yahya collection intellectually destroys all materialist and atheist philosophies. 
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