Bond of love among Muslims

Ramadan, from whose material wealth the whole Islamic world benefits, is a holy month that is instrumental in Muslims binding together in a spirit of joyous unity. The bonds of love among Muslims are further strengthened with the fervour that comes from being honoured by the prosperity and abundance of this holy month. 

With the month of Ramadan there is a fervent joy and excitement in the entire Islamic world, and spiritual profundity increases many times over. Muslims’ feelings of love, compassion, forgiveness, mutual aid and solidarity are strengthened still further. 

Throughout this holy month, Muslims share the fervent joy of Ramadan all together, by remembering Allah, giving thanks for His blessings and praying for one another. The moral virtues of Muslims affected by the spirituality of this holy month are improved yet further. To put it another way, religious observance in the month of Ramadan is inextricably bound up with the joy of faith, and spiritual unity and togetherness. 

One of Muslims’ greatest needs today is the establishment of a climate in which Muslims can always feel the sense of solidarity, union and unity ruled by the love that expects no reward, and friendship, brotherhood and solidarity that prevail throughout the month. The Muslims of the world must come together and a new age of peace, security and solidarity everywhere must dawn, in which the greatest possible measure of love and respect prevail. 

The solidarity and union of the month of Ramadan must form the basis of daily life in the Islamic world, no division or aloofness must be permitted between brother countries, communities must treat one another with love, affection and compassion, all obstacles to love and closeness must be torn down, hearts must be softened, and most especially people must embrace everyone else, with no discrimination of the basis of sect or opinion. There is no doubt that this is what is required by both the moral values of the Quran and by the Sunnah of the beloved Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). 

In many verses of the Quran, Allah commands Muslims to be united in a spirit of friendship and brotherhood “ well-built walls…” (Surat as-Saff, 4).

The unity among Muslims stems from their profound love of Allah. Believers have a huge love for Allah’s creations because of their love of Him, and the entities that they regard as manifestations of Allah and love to the greatest possible extent are other believers. 

Therefore, relations between Muslims must be based first and foremost on a deep love. It must not be forgotten that one of the main features of the paradise that believers compete with one another to enter is that it is a place of infinite love, brotherhood and peace. 

Allah reveals in many verses of the Quran that Muslims are brothers, for which reason they must be unified and united. Some of these verses read as follows: “The believers are brothers…” (Surat al-Hujurat: 10) 

When the moral structure that requires Muslim individuals and societies to love one another and treat one another well is fully settled in their hearts, all the troubles, suffering and poverty in the Islamic world will come to an end and the Islamic world will enjoy the prosperity of union and unity.

Adnan Oktar's piece on The Gulf Today:

2014-07-28 21:20:21

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