Remembering unity during the Eid al Fitr

Every day of Ramadan is another festival, every moment is a healing for the soul and body and every iftar is another source of constant joy. Dinners are shared with everyone and the poor and needy are taken care of. Ramadan is a time of constant joy and celebration with feasts, merry gatherings and pleasant conversations.

The Islamic world has completed another month of Ramadan enjoying the blessings of God all around them. Now it is time to celebrate the Eid al Fitr; another source of joy and happiness for the entire Islamic world.  Once again this festivalEid, the children will put on their best outfits, relatives will be visited, the poor and needy will be helped. The merriment and joy of Ramadan will increasingly continue.

However, many parts of the Islamic world have welcomed this Eid festival struggling with civil wars, sectarian strife and conflicts. This situation once again strongly highlights one very urgent need: ‘A Union of Muslims’ that will prevent Muslims from being wronged around the world. Ensuring peace between the quarreling sides, urging restraint and preventing bloodshed should be the first and foremost duty of all Muslims.

Muslims should end the fraternal strife immediately, as conflicts caused by sectarian disagreements only lead to more fighting, separation and divisions. This only weakens and divides the Islamic world as fighting takes away their momentum and drive.  
God orders Muslims to solidarity, unity, justice and love towards all people. All Muslims have the duty of uniting under the umbrella of Islam and spreading the spirit of love and brotherhood to the whole world. It is imperative that they do so, because the loveleness is the main reason behind the suffering  and wars in the world today. People become selfish as they live their lives away from the love for God, and such a life only makes them more merciless, angry and cold.

Muslims Should Be United With Bonds Of Love

Hateful, vengeful and angry ideologies, radical ideas and materialistic philosophies have caused the world to become polarized.  The lack of trust caused by lovelessness has proven to be devastating and destructive for the entire world.

Lovelessness is also at the core of the financial crisis and poverty, as people tend to become selfish when they don't love others and start to make friends only on  the basis of interests opting to shut out everyone else. Imposed with harmful ideas such as ‘think only of yourself’ or ‘survival of the fittest’, they are forced to live in a merciless and evil atmosphere. This aggressive environment naturally gives rise to low-quality production, unfair distribution of resources, hoarding and economic crises.

There are so many examples around us that escape many people’s notice, although they perfectly depict how much lovelessness, brutality and ruthlessness is widespread. For instance, loveless people have no trouble walking past an injured person on the street crying for help, or they just punch a person and then immediately take off. Or the fact that some restaurants don't take necessary care with  hygiene, or patients dying in the ER due to a lack of sufficient care, or the fact that poor and needy are frowned upon and women and children being raped also show how lovelessness has had a devastating effect on the society.

Let This Ramadan Be A Festival Where Seeds Of Love Are Planted

To cure this scourge of lovelessness that is eating away the world, we have to explain to people about  real love.  Real love can only emerge from a deep faith, from the love and fear of God and it is the only solution to the troubles, strife and pain inflicting the world. As people love each other more due to their love for God, a safe and peaceful environment will automatically emerge.

Working to build such a loving, peaceful and tranquil environment, especially during these holy days, would be an effort that God would approve of.

It is the command of God for us to be loving, happy, compassionate, understanding and peaceful  and in the same way, God forbids unhappiness and sadness. For this reason, Muslims should always be on the side of peace, and encourage love in the face of animosity and brutality, and defend compassion in the face of hatred and vengeance.

As people understand that everyone and everything is created by God, they will see them as a manifestation of God and they will approach everything with a deep love as a result.

It is crucial that especially in this month of Ramadan, our Muslim brothers and sisters spread love, compassion, justice, understanding and peace all around the world so that the whole world can enjoy the festive spirit of these beautiful days. We must show to the world that Islam is the religion of love and happiness and that it encourages art, science and aesthetics.  The only way the world can come out of this unceasing mental and physical downward spiral is through the happiness and blessings Islam brings.  

Adnan Oktar's piece on Harakah Daily:

2014-07-31 15:31:20

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