A response to a pro-evolution program on Dem TV and the Darwinist nonsense on it

The program Train of Thought, aired on Dem TV on 14 November, 2009, carried a number of accounts regarding the theory of evolution. The producers of and participants in the program must have been in a huge panic at the recent body blow dealt to Darwinism, for they sought a solution in reiterating tales that we have been hearing for the last 150 years.
The interesting thing about the program was that ALL THE PARTICIPANTS WERE DARWINISTS. A second notable feature was that TELEPHONE PARTICIPATION WAS ABSOLUTELY BANNED. Questions and messages from people holding opposite views were carefully not read out. To put it another way, the program was designed “to make easy evolutionist propaganda, while allowing no room for any other opinions.” The reason for this was of course that DARWINISTS WOULD HAVE BEEN COMPREHENSIVELY ROUTED IN THE FACE OF THE EVIDENCE FOR CREATION.  
This is a well known characteristic of Darwinists. Since they are well aware that they will be defeated in the face of the evidence, they take care great care to avoid it. Richard Dawkins, the Darwinist and atheist, has done the same thing. Dawkins has refused the challenge of a face-to-face debate, reiterated by Adnan Oktar many times and even publicized in an announcement in THE TIMES, one of Britain’s highest circulation dailies, with the words “I DO NOT DEBATE WITH CREATIONISTS.” Dawkins has no hesitation about debating with secondary school students or priests, but FOR SOME REASON REFUSES TO DEBATE WHEN THE SUBJECT IS ONE OF THE SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE. 

Similar things have happened on discussion programs attended by Adnan Oktar on various channels or in which he planned to part. Although Adnan Oktar and various Darwinists in Turkey were invited to appear on the Habertürk channel program “Uncensored,” the Darwinists in questions ANNOUNCED THAT THEY PREFERRED TO APPEAR ALONE. They made it absolutely clear THEY WOULD REFUSE TO APPEAR in the event that Adnan Oktar or any of his colleagues did so. One individual, well known in Turkey for his Darwinist and atheist views, elected to participate by phone, on the grounds that he was out of town. He was given a special guarantee THAT THE OTHER SIDE WOULD ASK HIM NO QUESTIONS AND OFFER NO ANALYSIS during his participation. A similar state of affairs arose with another discussion program on another channel to which Adnan Oktar and that same Darwinist were invited to appear. Adnan Oktar happily accepted the invitation, while the individual representing the other point of view HAS BEEN UNAVAILABLE EVER SINCE.  

Uncensored, 21.08.2009

Adnan Oktar constantly reiterates his proposal for a face-to-face debate with these people on the live programs on which he appears. But neither Dawkins nor any other Darwinists ARE WILLING TO GO TOE TO TOE WITH ADNAN OKTAR.
IT IS A COMPLETE CERTAINTY that Darwinists going up against Adnan Oktar WILL BE UTTERLY ROUTED. Because Adnan Oktar backs up his words with powerful scientific evidence that cannot be refuted. Darwinists POSSESS NOT A SINGLE PIECE OF EVIDENCE. Darwinists’ lack of any evidence was first exposed in such a clear and evident manner by Adnan Oktar. THAT IS WHY DARWINISTS IN TURKEY AND ACROSS THE WORLD REFUSE TO APPEAR AGAINST ADNAN OKTAR. 
This DEFEATISM AND WRETCHEDNESS, this DESPAIR in the face of the absolute collapse of Darwinism, can now be seen everywhere. Even programs that carry intense Darwinist propaganda and permit no opposing views to be aired in order


to save evolution from defeat are places where this Darwinist defeatism, despair and helplessness can clearly be seen. THE DEFEATISM RESULTING FROM AN INABILITY TO POINT TO ANY EVIDENCE and THE COLLAPSE AND DEFEAT OF DARWINISM, that has now lost the glory of its heyday, are openly declared all over the place. The time has now come for Darwinism to take its place a comic element in the history books. Our advice to those scientists who still strive to bring Darwinist theory back to life, is that it is still not too late to put their error right, and that the most virtuous thing to do will be to abandon this false belief once they have seen that evolution is utter nonsense.
In our next article you can find our responses to the claims made in the program in question on Dem TV.
2009-11-15 19:55:49

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