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9. New Humanist's Unrealistic Claims about the SRF's Activities Regarding Ataturk

New Humanist magazine employed statements made by someone totally unknown to the SRF circle to make deeply unpleasant allegations about that group. It is apparent that the claims concerning Mustafa Kemal Ataturk are the product of a seriously flawed logic. Adnan Oktar is today the person who publishes the finest, best quality and most influential books concerning Ataturk and who arranges Ataturk exhibitions and praises him in interviews addressed to the whole world.  He has many times expressed his love of and devotion to Ataturk, before the eyes of the whole world, on a great many television programs he has taken part in. Just a few examples of these are as follows:

Ekin TV, 29 January 2009

Ekin TV: Now, on the subject of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, you have written books about Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. Could you expand on the subject for us? How do you describe Ataturk, or how do you describe his heart?

ADNAN OKTAR: Masha’Allah, yes, Ataturk was a heroic figure. He was very handsome and very intelligent, an esteemed Ottoman general and a heroic Turkish general and commander in chief. Ataturk’s religious devotion was greater than most people can ever achieve. He had a commentary on the Qur’an prepared, for instance, the Elmali commentary, which is very important. He also had a commentary drawn up on Bukhari, the Sahih Bukhari, one of the most important of the books of hadith, and had that printed. He set up the Religious Affairs Office, the state’s largest organization, the Religious Affairs Office. And he established a system for us to experience religion in an honest and sincere manner. He did away with hypocrisy. He set up the laic system that would eliminate hypocrisy. And he opened the way for us to live by genuine Islam. It is a miracle that people still cannot understand the way that he put an end to occupation, broke the enemy occupation.  It was a blessing on him from Allah. Our Ataturk was a blessing. Because he rebuilt a state and a nation that had been completely shattered and destroyed. Allah used him as His instrument, masha’Allah. May Allah be pleased with him. And the Great Commander was a lover of the Qur’an. He is someone who had the Qur’an recited every evening and took great pleasure from that. He is someone who investigated and researched both the true meaning of the Qur’an and who also enjoyed hearing it recited. He had special people who knew the Qur’an by heart, a little known fact. And he enjoyed having it recited to people around him and listening to it himself. That is why the more people know about Ataturk the more they love him and value him. We must talk about him in terms of this reality. He was an anti-communist. “Gentlemen,” he said, “communism is the greatest foe of the Turkish nation. It must be crushed wherever it is seen.”  Pearls fell from his lips, masha’Allah. That is why I describe him as a lion. There is so much to him. Who else would have had the courage to close down the masonic lodges? He told them to close the lodges down at once, and they were shut down that very evening. Nobody in the world would have had the courage to close down the masonic lodges. That is the heroism he displayed. There is no end to Ataturk’s heroism.

Kanal Malatya, 7 January 2009

Kanal Malatya: Was Ataturk religious?

Adnan Oktar: Ataturk was both religious and a perfect human being. One could describe him all day. Just think, he had a commentary on the Qur’an drawn up, on the book that represents fundamental knowledge for Muslims. He had it done by the most immaculate scholar. By Elmali. Elmali Hamdi Yazir Efendi. And he provided that commentary for the Turkish people. He also had the most trustworthy book of hadith explained. He ordered a commentary and made the Sahih Bukhari available to the public. He had the Religious Affairs Office set up. He said that communism was the worst foe of the Turkish nation and must be crushed wherever it was seen. Heroic language, masha’Allah. He espoused Turkish Union, Islamic union and Turkish-Islamic union. He loved the Qur’an. He had the Qur’an recited for him every evening.  He knew all about the excellent life of the Prophet (saas). He was a true admirer of the Prophet (saas). Ataturk said so many great things about the Prophet (saas). As I say, I could go on all day...  For example, Ataturk said: “O Nation, Allah is One and great is His glory.” See what pearls fall from his lips. “May the goodness, and protection of Allah be upon you. Note that the laws imposed by Him are the most glorious verses of the Qur’an. Our religion is the last religion that has bestowed the spirit of spiritual power on people. Because if our religion were not compatible with logic and the truth, there would be differences between it and other faiths and of course laws. It is Almighty Allah Who made these divine laws.” He was a complete son of Islam. All Muslims must follow the path shown by the Prophet Muhammad (saas). And they must fully obey his commands. All Muslims must take the Prophet Muhammad (saas) as a role model and behave just like him. They must implement all the rules of Islam, because only then can people be saved and prosper.

It is Adnan Oktar who most powerfully describes Ataturk’s religious devotion and profound love of Allah and our Prophet (saas). Adnan Oktar has these web sites in Turkish about Ataturk:

Some of Adnan Oktar’s valuable works in Turkish about Ataturk are:

Ataturk, a genuinely devout person

Real Ataturkism

Ataturk and Youth

Understanding Ataturk

Ataturk Encyclopedia Volume I

Ataturk Encyclopedia Volume II

Ataturk, the Soldier

10. How New Humanist used the same methods to raise the subject of the cocaine conspiracy, an element of the psychological war against Adnan Oktar:

New Humanist magazine has once again raised the subject of a plot against Adnan Oktar several years ago, of which Mr. Adnan was acquitted in court. This is the cocaine plot against Adnan Oktar. Although the cocaine conspiracy against Adnan Oktar set up by the alleged Ergenekon organization was exposed by judicial bodies, it has again been raised by this pro-atheist publication as if it were genuine fact. The fact is that the cocaine conspiracy against Adnan Oktar is an indication of what the alleged Ergenekon organization, with its materialist and Darwinist ideology, is capable of solely because of its unease at the spread of Adnan Oktar’s national and spiritual values.
In the middle of 1991, Adnan Oktar and a few colleagues were detained in Izmir with no grounds being provided. He was later transferred to the Istanbul Security Department, where he was held for 72 hours. At the end of 72 hours he was sent to the Forensic Medicine Institution for a cocaine test. And it was announced that a large quantity of a cocaine side product had been found in Adnan Oktar’s blood. If the enormous amount of cocaine allegedly extracted from Adnan Oktar’s blood had been taken before 72 hours, it would have killed him. This shows that this amount of cocaine had entered Adnan Oktar’s body shortly before, within the previous 72 hours, in other words while he was in detention. In other words, the cocaine had been mixed in with his food while he was detained at the Security Department. It emerged through reports from 20 foreign forensic medicine institutions and from an official report from the Turkish Forensic Medicine Institution that this was a plot against , and the court acquitted him, saying the whole thing was a plot. This incident shows the kind of plan set in motion by the sinister forces wishing to hinder Adnan Oktar’s activities and just what they are capable of. You can find detailed information about this matter, presented here in summary, from here.

11. The groundlessness of the claims regarding Ebru Şimşek:

Several court rulings definitively established that Ebru Simsek’s allegations against Mr. Adnan Oktar and the SRF circle were all slanders. But New Humanist magazine never mentioned the rulings in question, presenting all of Ebru Simsek’s claims as if they were true fact. This is an example of a most familiar psychological warfare method conducted by masons, atheists and Darwinists. 

Judicial rulings showing that all of Ebru Simsek’s claims are slanders:

       1. The Chief Prosecutor’s Office’s considered acquittal opinion showing that Ebru Simsek’s allegations in Case No. 2006/26, an extension of the SRF case, were slanders and the VERDICT OF ACQUITTAL No. 2007/7 dated 22.01.2007 by the Istanbul 2nd High Criminal Court.
       2. The Istanbul Chief Prosecutor’s Office’s VERDICT OF NON-PROSECUTION of Ebru Simsek's fantastical claims (in 1999) under ruling No. 96/9848 Hz – 99/8409 K. dated 12.08.1999. 
       3. The Istanbul Chief Prosecutor’s Office’s VERDICT OF NON-PROSECUTION No. 05/27549 Hz. - 05/12003 K. dated 18.10.2005.
       4. The Istanbul Public Prosecutor’s Office’s verdict of non-prosecution No. 02/60013 Hz. - 02/18838 K. dated 31.12.2002 and the Beyoglu 3rd High Criminal Court’s VERDICT OF REFUSAL OF OBJECTION No. 03/458 Mut. dated 28.04.2003 regarding the refusal of objection against the former.
       5. The Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office’s verdict of non-prosecution No. 02/39606 Hz. - 03/8860 K. dated 30.06.2003 and the Beyoglu 2nd High Criminal Court’s VERDICT OF REFUSAL OF OBJECTION No. 03/333 Mut. dated 03.10.2003 regarding the refusal of objection against the former.
       6. The Bagcilar Public Prosecutor’s Office’s verdict of non-prosecution No. 02/21669 Hz. - 03/6120 K. dated 15.10.2003 and the Eyup 2nd High Criminal Court’s VERDICT OF REFUSAL OF OBJECTION No. 03/894 D.Is. dated 02.01.2004 regarding the refusal of objection against the former.
       7. The Uskudar Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office’s verdict of non-prosecution No. 04/7693 Hz. - 04/4749 K. dated 01.07.2004 and the Kadikoy 2nd High Criminal Court’s VERDICT OF REFUSAL OF OBJECTION No. 04/437 Mut. dated 09.09.2004 regarding the refusal of objection against the former.
      8. The Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office’s VERDICT OF REFUSAL OF OBJECTION No. 05/51724 Hz. – 06/2432 K. dated 27.03.2006.
       9. The Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office’s VERDICT OF REFUSAL OF OBJECTION No. 05/51725 Hz.
      10. Following the known images of Ebru Simsek in the press, an Istanbul University Medical School Department of Forensic Medicine expert carried out an inquiry in which IT WAS ESTABLISHED UNDER REPORT No. 2005/127765 dated 21.10.2005 that Ebru Simsek’s claims were merely slanders.
      11. Istanbul 2nd High Criminal Court had the home in the allegations of Ebru Simsek and the home in the images examined by an official expert, accompanied by the court judges. This expert report revealed that THE HOME IN THE IMAGES DEFINITELY DID NOT BELONG TO THE SRF MEMBER.
      12. Filiz Karatas, who shared a house with Ebru Simsek at the time she began issuing slanders against the SRF members, gave a witness statement to the court in Istanbul 2nd High Criminal Court file No. 04/337 E. on 09.12.2004 and said that the SRF members were uninvolved in the matter and THAT THEY HAD ISSUED THIS IMAGINARY ALLEGATION TOGETHER TO SLANDER THE SRF.
      13. Ten separate criminal complaints brought by those slandered by Ebru Simsek were examined by 10 different Public Prosecutors from different offices; these prosecutors concluded, as a result of their investigations, that Ebru Simsek’s claims were slanderous.

12. Lawyer Rezzan Aydınoğlu’s statements regarding the judicial process are highly suspicious:

Contrary to what New Humanist claims, there is no question of any of the legal proceedings brought being concluded against the BAV. On the contrary, almost all the cases, just a few of which are cited above, have resulted in complete favor of the BAV. New Humanist must enjoy very close links to and cooperation with Ebru Simsek’s lawyer Rezzan Aydinoglu, who possesses astonishingly definite information about the judicial process that has not yet even been resolved, since it sees nothing wrong in directly quoting statements by Rezzan Aydinoglu. On the other hand, the information that lawyer Rezzan Aydinoglu has given concerning an ongoing judicial proceeding is most suspicious. Aydinoglu openly stated information that could not be obtained in any manner that is compatible with legal procedures, saying that a case not yet examined by the Supreme Court of Appeals and concerning which no ruling had been made would definitely conclude in October, and against the BAV. 

The claim in question is a very serious one. It is not clear where lawyer Rezzan Aydinoglu obtained this information from. A highly suspicious state of affairs has emerged, and it is equally suspicious that this should appear in New Humanist. Rezzan Aydinoglu is only a lawyer. It is astonishing that a lawyer should be aware of a ruling before the Supreme Court of Appeals has actually made it, as is her link with New Humanist. Regarding this state of affairs, Mr. Adnan Oktar has issued a criminal complaint on a live program to Mr. Prime Minister asking for the source of this information to be investigated.

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