The powerful influence on the global spread of belief in creation in the world press

Adnan Oktar (Harun Yahya)

A most important truth has been imparted to the whole world in the 21st century that we are living in. People have been told that the theory of evolution, taught to them for years as if it were fact, taught in schools and discussed in magazines, articles, on the television and in films, reports concerning which are constantly appearing, is a lie. People have come across the scientific evidence for the first time in their lives and concluded that it does not support evolution at all. And as the whole world became acquainted with the facts, a huge awakening against evolution began. The echoes of this great awakening, which has been going on for a very long time, have been appearing in the world press one after the other in recent weeks. The common caption in the world’s greatest publishing organs was: CREATIONISM IS SPREADING ACROSS THE WORLD, AND ADNAN OKTAR IS LEADING THE MOVEMENT. 
The latest attempt by Darwinists to resuscitate the theory of evolution was to hold a conference on evolution in Egypt, a Muslim country. But Darwinists must have realized that their propaganda would no longer serve any purpose at the conference in Alexandria, as they expressed the discomfort they felt in the face of the increasing spread of the Creationist movement across the world. The common point they all mentioned was that a Creationist movement that admitted the old age of the earth HAD FLOURISHED IN TURKEY, and that ADNAN OKTAR was its pioneer, that THE MOVEMENT HAD SPREAD ALL OVER THE WORLD by way of the scientific evidence, the internet and Atlas of Creation, and that teachers, students, and even doctors who had received a Darwinist education across a wide part of the world were saying that it was now impossible to convince anybody on the subject of evolution. The Darwinists in question made their unease at the rapid spread of this movement absolutely crystal clear.
This concern that Darwinists have been feeling for a very long time has recently been appearing intensively in the world press. THE NEW YORK TIMES, regarded as the world’s best known daily, discussed the subject under the banner headline “Creationism, Minus Young Earth, Emerges in the Islamic World on 3 November, 2009. The article, written by Kenneth Chang, reported that Darwinists from various countries had referred to the rapid growth of the Creationist movement at conferences they had held and that they also regarded this as a threat. The greatest concern of these Darwinists was that the Creationist movement now spreading across the worlds does not regard the earth as young and points to fossils dating back millions of years as supporting evidence. The article also stated that ADNAN OKTAR was in the vanguard of this great awakening. It said that as a result of Adnan Oktar’s influence there had been a serious change in Turkey over the last 10 years, that this change had spread across the world and that biology teachers in Indonesia in particular were teaching from Harun Yahya books.
Following this article, a second interesting report about the influence of Harun Yahya in the world, appeared in THE WASHINGTON POST, another of America’s best-known dailies, on 8 November, 2009. The Washington Post report was titled “In Turkey, Fertile Ground for Creationism.” This article penned by Marc Kaufmann, stated that Turkey was where the anti-evolution campaign was most effective, and that the campaign had spread from there to the rest of the world, especially to Muslim countries. The same report went on to say that an INTERNATIONAL MOVEMENT had begun with the arrival of Adnan Oktar’s Atlas of Creation. It then went on to say that while American adherents of intelligent design were still struggling TO MAKE THEIR VOICES HEARD, Adnan Oktar had established an ANTI-EVOLUTION EMPIRE capable of reaching very, very far.
On 4 November, 2009, the INTERNATIONAL HERALD TRIBUNE carried Kenneth Chang’s New York Times report under the caption “Blending Science and Faith. That report again stated that under the influence of Adnan Oktar Islamic creationism was spreading across the world.

That is by no means the full extent of the reactions from abroad. On 15 November, 2009, THE GUARDIAN, Britain’s best known pro-Darwinian daily, carried a report headed “Evolution’s Classroom Crisis.” This article, written by Riazat Butt, said that Islamic creationism differed from the creationism in America (because of its view of the young age of the earth), AND THAT IT WAS RAPIDLY AND EFFECTIVELY BEING SPREAD ACROSS THE WORLD BY ADNAN OKTAR. The piece then said that the explicit resistance to evolution, particularly in Indonesia, had come about as a result of the works of Harun Yahya and that Indonesian teachers used the works of Harun Yahya as a reference text. The Guardian carried a similar report on 13 November, 2009, saying that the international exchange of ideas had reached very great dimensions and citing the opinions of Michael Reiss, an Anglican priest and professor at London’s Institute of Education. Reiss said that what the Turks believed in today, the Germans and British would believe in tomorrow. He then said that because of this influential movement intelligent 16, 17 and 18-year-olds in British schools no longer believed in evolution. 

One of the most important reports on the subject came from REUTERS, the world’s largest news agency. Written by Tom Henegan and dated 16 November, 2009, the report was titled “Muslim Creationism Is Back in The News, This Time in Egypt” and contained information about HARUN YAHYA, the Islamic world’s BEST KNOWN OPPONENT OF EVOLUTION. The piece noted HARUN YAHYA’S WORLDWIDE IMPACT in the best-known publications.

THE TIMES web site carried that report on 17 November, 2009, under the heading “Muslim Academics and Students are Turning Against Darwin’s Theory.” Written by Ruth Gledhill, the piece said that opinion polls, particularly in Muslim countries, showed that the level of belief in evolution was no greater than 15%, and that this had happened as a result of people being able to access the works of Harun Yahya.
THE BOSTON GLOBE web site covered the subject under the heading “Islam’s Darwin Problem.” Written by Drake Bennett and dated 25 October, 2009, this piece discussed Adnan Oktar’s activities and the impact of the Atlas of Creation. The article also said that because of Adnan Oktar’s activities Turkey has become the main headquarters for Creationism, but that the anti-evolution movement had spread from Turkey across the world.
Similar reports have continued to appear in such publications as the PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER, BELIEFNET and THE NATIONAL. In a very short space of time the whole world has openly come to discuss the global impact of Adnan Oktar.

This rise is in fact one that has been going on for some time. But Darwinists ignored it for a while and imagine they could still be successful using the propaganda techniques of the previous 150 years. But they failed to calculate that the scientific evidence would demolish their theory so completely. They never guessed that people could be so intelligent and aware, that they would easily deduce from the scientific evidence that evolution does not exist and would realize that evolution is a total fraud. Darwinists never imagined that the global resistance to evolution would be so strong and comprehensive and that, in summary, THEY WOULD BE ROUTED SO COMPREHENSIVELY.
What Darwinists tried to ignore has now befallen them, however. The majority of people across the world are now opposed to evolution, maintain that Allah creates all living things and are rebelling against Darwinist indoctrination. And all Darwinists can do in the face of this is to come together to discuss their own defeat and helplessness! 
This rout was of course clear right from the outset. The promise made by Allah is that all superstitious faiths that rebel against Him (surely Allah is beyond that) will be eliminated. As a superstitious and heretical religion produced under the rule of the anti-christ (dajjal) in the End Times, Darwinism will of course be destroyed. THIS ELIMINATION IS MANIFESTING ITSELF ACROSS THE WORLD THROUGH ADNAN OKTAR. 
Say: “Truth has come and falsehood has vanished. Falsehood is always bound to vanish.” (Surat Al-Isra’, 81)
2009-11-23 22:16:38

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