Lost Spiritual Values and the Youth of Today

Wars, genocides and massacres that drowned the whole world in blood and tears and cost the lives of ten millions of people; millions of people being injured and permanently disabled; millions being forced out of their homes and countries especially during the last quarter century. Despite all the developments of our age, famine continues to be the greatest health problem of our day kills almost 18 million lives each year. Another universal problem, moral degeneration causes individuals to abandon virtues such as goodness, honesty, altruism justice, compassion, mercy, forgiveness and to lead a philosophy of life far removed from spirituality. And of course, as it has always been, children and youngsters are among those who are primarily harmed by this evil enveloping the whole world. Children being born in the midst of conflicts and being brought up in battlefields in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Palestine and many other places of the world; children and youngsters who are the hopes and assurances of the future for nations, trying to hold on to life striving with famine in Congo, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Somali and in other countries…
In this day and age, in which hatred, violence, conflicts, persecution, pain, social injustices, lovelessness and immoral conduct has enthralled the whole world, in which spiritual values have been wrecked and a grave depression both in individual and in the social sphere is experienced, our youth is under serious risk both on the material and spiritual level.
Within the last year, 15 million children and youngsters lived their lives under bombs. In the Central African Republic alone, 2.3 million children and youngsters were affected by war and 10,000 children have forcibly been made soldiers. 54,000 children have been left homeless in Gaza. About 7.3 million children and youngsters are affected by the deplorable, negative conditions of the civil war in Syria. Youngsters are again at the center of the increase in drug and alcohol abuse and in the increased rate of prostitution and crime. As a result of all this, people turn into egoistical and self centered individuals who do not trust each other, who do not love or respect each other, who consider each other as enemies, who only seek out their own interests. These are the crucial elements as the potential driving force of societies.
Extricating the world from this current situation, making peace, love, brotherhood and good morals prevail and thus presenting a better life and safe and a healthy future is a responsibility on all of us. Doubtlessly, bringing about peace by making moral virtues prevail in the world and ensuring nations can live in peace, raising the spirit of love and tolerance in every corner of the world and thus making it possible to raise spiritually strong, mentally healthy, enlightened generations should be a priority for everyone with a good conscience. It should not be forgotten that good morals and spirituality that the youth necessarily need is actually the very origin of unity between societies and individuals as well as integrity, tolerance, love, respect, friendship and brotherhood. As a matter of fact it is not possible to talk about these values in an environment lacking good morals which makes us human: It is of course inevitable that in such an environment individuals will become loveless, mentally depressed and ready to commit crimes since they will not care for anyone other than themselves and only value material things.
While we should be the ones defining the right targets for our youth and guide them for reaching those targets, the youth also has very important responsibilities. Youngsters are not only the individuals that we will entrust our future but are also our partners for today. Wiping out wars, violence, conflicts, hunger and darkness is their responsibility as well. Instead of remaining as mere spectators for the slaughtering of innocent people; for the torture they are being subjected to; for their being exiled and subjected to cruel genocides; for the suffering of inoffensive people, seniors, babies and children in hunger and poverty and their being exterminated one by one; they should make attempts for useful, serious efforts to save those people in need. The most effective way to do this is to make use of the mass media which makes it possible to transfer information and thus to create beneficial changes in the behaviors of individuals and societies.
The Internet, which gives easy access to information to millions of youngsters every single day, is the most influential mass media platform. Today, creating international public opinion by making use of the Internet and social media is the easiest way to reach the masses. Young internet users all around the world can express their reaction to injustice, unfairness and persecution with discretion. In this way, they can contribute greatly to the hindrance of wickedness and the spread of ideals such as justice, honesty and rightness. Through their social-media accounts, they can make them shun the loveless, selfish, pitiless, self-seeking materialist model; they can admonish them with goodness and kindness and call them to the spirit of unity & solidarity, brotherhood and friendship which will certainly bring relief to their hearts and they show the way by being tolerant and affectionate. These are the lofty feelings that God wants for all people; being instrumental in planting these feelings in the hearts of humanity, feelings they have been longing for, is one of the greatest services that can be rendered in our day.
All the people of the world and mainly the youth who want love and brotherhood to prevail in the world, should unite and defend the rights of millions of innocent people and join forces as the bringers of peace in the world. They should engage in auspicious and influential efforts to create a future full of peace and security. The world needs them for a strong and enlightened tomorrow.
Adnan Oktar's piece on Arabian Gazette:
2015-08-02 20:17:53

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