Brainwashing our youth

Recently Turkey became the target of three suicide attacks. PKK terrorist carried out all those attacks. Those terrorists had one thing in common: They were all university students who were trained as terrorists while studying in schools. They had displayed no radical tendencies until they started university, recruited while studying, trained at mountain camps and were subsequently sent to cities to carry out those attacks.

It shows that some universities have now become breeding grounds for communist terrorists. This shift in the nature of certain universities has become so serious that now it has begun to threaten the social order. Communism is not a mere ideology. It is also a practice of terrorism and anarchy. How could we forget the bloodbath caused by these terrorists in the 20th century? We must understand that communism and terrorism are interlinked. Communist ideologues consider terrorism as an acceptable, and even necessary, method that is both strategic and effective. In other words, where there is communism, there is terrorism, and consequently, civilian deaths and bloodshed. Lenin encouraged all sorts of violence at every stage of revolution, including arson, vandalism, theft, and murders and looting.

Communism found a suitable breeding ground in Europe by means of so-called intellectuals and secured its manpower thanks to universities. Indeed, a majority of terrorist guerrilla groups around the world originated from universities. Many big universities, acting under the pretence of human rights or the freedom of expression, effectively turned into hotbeds for terrorists as many students adopted communist ideas while studying in these schools. Despite this fact, no effective measure has been taken to counter communist ideology at universities and this has only helped communism gain more footing as it manages to deeply infiltrate schools, from lecture halls to canteens and student clubs.

Proudon and Bakunin, the founding ideologues of anarchy, were from university-centred terrorist groups. Antonio Gramsci, the founder of the Italian communist party and the founding father of many terrorist organizations, was recruited when he was a student at Torino University. When he founded the communist party with Palmiro Togliatti, their ideologues had been communist university lecturers like Labriola and Mondolfo. The two founders of the Red Brigades, Renato Curcio and Margherita (Mara) Cagol, who were responsible for the abduction and subsequent execution of Italian Prime Minister Alda Moro, established their terrorist organization while studying at Trento University.

Ho Chi Minh, the leader of the Vietnam communist revolution, was introduced to communism while attending a university in Paris. Students of Khmer origin, who were behind the Cambodia revolution, started their own university setup in 1950 in Paris. This structure would later train those who staged the Cambodian revolution of 1968-75. Pol Pot, who is responsible for the death of 2 million people in Cambodia, was a farmer’s son who had gone to Paris to study electronics in 1949.

The “Shining Path” (Sendero Luminoso) communist group of Peru was founded in the late 1960s by Abimael Guzman, who was a philosophy teacher at a university. Guzman took his first recruits from among his students and his “Shining Path” group fought a guerrilla war in the 1980s that resulted in the massacre of thousands of villagers. This wave of terror managed to influence different Marxist groups, as well as the country’s administration.

The PKK terrorist group that has murdered more than 40,000 people in Turkey since 1980 has a similar history. Students with conservative, even religious, backgrounds changed completely during their university years and became radical communists that went on to start the PKK. All 120 militants in the original founders’ list are people who were introduced to communism during their university years. Ankara-based university recruiting groups constituted the entire founding structure of the PKK. Other communist terror groups in Turkey, such as Dev-Sol, Dev-Yol, DHKP-C and TKP/ML, also largely operated through universities.

Europe got its first taste of university terror in the second half of the 20th century. The New Left movement, also known as the second phase of communism, first started as an ideological structure at Goethe University. These Marxist groups, which were sometimes termed the Frankfurt School, managed to infiltrate the entire educational system and trained the militant students who laid the foundations of European terrorism with the 1967 German student movement. Later, terrorism spread to Paris, thanks to Daniel Cohn-Bendit, otherwise known as “Danny the Red,” which was the most famous name in the notorious 1968 events. Communist students seized the cities of Paris and Bonn and completely cut them off from the outside world. Tens of thousands of students took to the streets in Europe in a revolution and wreaked havoc. Protests in 1968 in Mexico and Atina in 1973 were similar communist student revolts.

Protests in 1967 by German students laid the foundations of many terrorist organizations, most notably the German “Red Army Faction,” “June 2,” and “Revolutionary Cells,” the two other leading organizations in German terrorism, were also established during these protests. The foundation for all of these organizations was the “New Left” or the “New Marxism” movement; in other words, the “Frankfurt School”. “Marxist Group” is another organization that stemmed from this German student movement. The New Left movement spread its ideology in universities through student clubs, campus newspapers, conferences, and meetings.

It is natural for universities to be places where ideas can be discussed, disseminated and seek supporters. But it is crucial to keep one clear fact in mind: No idea other than communism has taken such a stronghold on universities and led massive groups of students to pursue communist revolutions. Turkey is the most recent example of this fact. The communist-terrorist PKK is still recruiting in universities. Therefore, the only way to stop communist violence in Turkey and around the world is to preclude these organizations at the universities themselves, which is only possible through an intellectual response.

We should keep in mind that universities are the places where ideas effectively become widespread. If a poorly founded thought system like communism can easily get vitalized within universities, the reason for that is the strong propaganda made for this ideology. If another thought system that explains scientifically the invalidity of communism and the scourges it brings is powerfully disseminated, directing the youth to the right would be easier. As a matter of fact, people are prone to tend toward right and just scientific evidences. That they are inclined toward an ideology that predicates terror instead of truth is because of insufficient intellectual struggle given. What should be done is to be able to stop terrorism at where it brushes out, that is at universities, by way of intellectual struggle instead of just condemning acts of terror and terrorism.

Adnan Oktar's piece in Arab News & Jefferson Corner:

2016-06-18 14:58:20

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