Efforts Bearing Fruit Regarding Turkish-Israeli Relations

On June 27, 2016, Turkey and Israel announced that an agreement to repair relations was reached and the deal would be signed by the two sides soon. It was only a couple of days before this pleasant and long-awaited development that A9 television channel had organized an iftar meal with my participation at the Çırağan Palace, Istanbul.  Hundreds of elected guests, representatives from Muslim, Jewish and Christian backgrounds, as well as politicians, artists, academics and sports figures attended the meal.

At this meal, I welcomed a delegation of rabbis and politicians from Israel as well. My guests – better to call them friends – from Israel, some of whom I have met several times before and have been in close contact with, also appeared on a live program on A9 TV and made particular mention of our unwavering efforts to bring an end to anti-Jewish sentiment both in Turkey and in the Islamic world in general. The program saw important statements on relations between Israel and Turkey, peace in the region and the world, and in particular on the friendship between Muslims and Jews. Rabbi Yeshayahu HaKohen Hollander, who was previously in charge of foreign affairs for the Sanhedrin, the Rabbinical Court in Jerusalem-Israel, applauded the parties’ mutual efforts and said that they led to a very fruitful outcome in bringing together Israel and Turkey and noted that both countries are grateful for these efforts.

By means of these efforts, the day will come when the Prophet Solomon’s Masjid and Palace will be rebuilt in an atmosphere of global peace and tranquility, and, God willing, these days are close at hand. As Rabbi Ben Abrahamson, who is a historian and also a consultant to the Sanhedrin regarding issues related to Islam, stated on the program, the reconstruction will be a very good development for all of mankind.

There is certainly a renewed relationship on the political and governmental level between Turkey and Israel, but we should not be settle for just that. The Muslim, Jewish and Christian communities should have a much stronger bond of friendship and brotherhood because we all share many common values and the current opposition is nothing but a ploy of satan. This ploy should be foiled. People of reason who are full of love should come together and lead to peace and love. The governments should be more courageous and brave in order to establish love and friendship, and they should not be influenced by loveless articles published in the media or be concerned with a loss of votes. It is never a shameful deed to work for the sake of friendship and peace. We should persistently offer a loving hand to everyone. As that love and affection spreads, all the disputes and conflicts between cultures in troubled parts of the world - and especially in the Middle East -will come to an end and peace and security will prevail.

Adnan Oktar's piece in Jerusalem Online:


2016-07-13 02:30:40

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