Turkey's friends and foes

TURKEY continues to feel the impact of the July 15 failed coup attempt. In the wake of that event, foreign sources are frequently asking two questions: What is currently happening in the Turkish army? And who are Turkey’s true allies in the East and the West?

Foreigners may find it difficult to understand the answer to the question regarding the army. In the Turkish army, members of the Gulen movement managed to achieve high ranks and eventually used this power to mercilessly slaughter their own people. It is really terrifying that an organization, which hates its own countrymen, manages to obtain positions of authority in the armed forces.

In Turkey, declaring a state of emergency was deemed as necessary after the coup attempt. The president and the prime minister, right after the declaration of the state of emergency, clarified that people’s freedoms would not be restricted and nobody would be victimized. The government, undoubtedly, lived up to its words. The state of emergency was declared in order for the government to swiftly issue executive orders and to allow for a quick and effective capture of members of the organization behind the coup attempt. As a result of these decisions, the office of commander-in-chief will be under presidential control, and Service Commands will come under the purview of the defense ministry. Military schools and war colleges will be shut down, and instead National Defense universities will be established. Military courts will work under the Justice Department, and military hospitals under the Health Department.

Throughout the history of modern-day Turkish, coup attempts have always posed threats to democracy. The country’s overall progress was badly affected by these military coups. Therefore, many of the changes in the armed forces are supported by nearly everyone in Turkey so as to prevent any future attempt to change the course of the country. However, this should be stated: People of Turkey love their armed forces, the second biggest army of NATO, for their heroism, bravery and sacrifices. It is not possible for a few traitors to smear this valuable institution.

It is also possible to seek an answer for the second question in the light of these events in Turkey. Sincerity of many countries, which are allies of Turkey, has come under scrutiny in the wake of the coup attempt. Many so-called allies openly defended coup supporters and criticized the Turkish government without even issuing a formal statement of condemnation.

During and after the June 15 coup attempt, many of the “Turkey's ally” in the West obviously did not pass the test. At a time when the people of Turkey stood united in support of an elected government, the European Union criticized Turkey and ignored people’s will and aspirations. This approach has disappointed the entire nation. However, we have news for those who act as democrats in Europe but do not shy away from supporting coup plotters: Turkish people firmly stood against coup supporters. They can never be tricked.

In the light of these developments, President Erdogan’s visit to Russia on Aug. 9 is worthy of attention. This is the first high-profile visit after the plane crisis that had erupted between Turkey and Russia. We would like to remind that during the coup attempt, even while the attempt was in progress, Russia was the only country that had condemned the coup attempt. The fact that this condemnation came before the coup was crushed, unlike our many “allies” who intently waited until it ended.

As we have always stated, Turkey should have good relations with the entire world. After the terrifying experiences we endured, this necessity manifested itself once again. It is quite joyful for both Turkish government and Turkish people that our relationship with our old friend Russia is improving. As for Europe: The latest developments will not create any friction between Turkey and Europe; however, seeing the real stance of a big part of Europe will no doubt make the Turkish government and people more cautious. In our opinion, it is beneficial for Europe to make up with its valuable Middle Eastern ally as soon as possible. Turkish people are not vindictive; but they never forget disloyalty. And they never hesitate to risk their own well-being to help their allies.

Adnan Oktar's piece in Arab News:


2016-08-06 20:31:05

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