Who Are the Real Losers of US Elections?

In 2016 US Elections, Republican Party candidate Donald Trump won the election and became the 45th President of the United States.  Nowadays, everyone is talking about Trump and his success, which seems unusual at first glance. On one hand it is debated that whether if new policies will dominate the world politics, on the other, predictions are made about how these policies will develop.

Even though Trump's victory in the elections is widely talked about, it is necessary to talk about the losers of the election and its reasons. The loser of the election is in fact not the Democratic Party candidate Hillary Clinton, she is just the visible face of defeat. The actual factor that paved the way for Trump's victory in presidential elections is American people's longing for the old "American dream" spirit. When the results of the US elections are examined, this must be taken into consideration.

The primary losers of the election are undoubtedly the soulless mindset that took the United States under its influence for a long time and the circles that support it. The abnormal reactions seen after Trump's victory already shows the discomfort some circles feel, those who consider themselves as the losers.

The elections also has ideological losers. The so-called "Positive Internationalists," the reflection of the Neo-cons on the Democratic side, can also be included in this group. Even though a part of this group, including Hillary Clinton, claims that they are liberal and even leftist, they in fact consist of conservatives who are in favor of a rigid military. Besides, they also advocate pretty much the same ideas with the Neo-cons.

Another loser of the elections is the supporters of war, both in and out of USA. These people were waiting for a president who would be matching their own mindset so that new bloody conflicts will be ensured in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen and Afghanistan. Their dream was to be able to continue the longstanding debilitation and separation policy by means of conflicts. But the US elections gave an important lesson to those who seek “more war”: The people of the US no longer want war in the Middle East.

Another loser of the 2016 US elections was the so-called "mainstream media" of United States. After Trump's victory, certain media outlets' influence over US administration, which consider themselves as the "main" branch of media and manipulate facts for their own interests, was severely broken.

In fact, we have witnessed similar events not only in the United States, but also in many countries, including Turkey. Some media outlets that establish/overthrow governments, ensure electoral victory or defeat, create economic crises in countries, and enrich certain people or bankrupt others with untruthful and provocative headlines, are severely defeated in the face of the power of people.

Before the elections, no matter which American citizen you ask, they would have said that the media is determining who is going to be the President. However, the 2016 US elections showed that a popular movement based on strong and right values ​​could break all the power the mainstream media had. Without doubt, said media outlets will not retain their old reputation and influence in the coming days.  

With Trump's election as president, the patrons of finance who dragged United States into the current economic depravity, fueled inequality of income and drowned the country in debt, were also shaken. Trump announced that a new economic strategy would be implemented, saying that he will appoint his own staff to all important economical positions, including the US central bank FED. It appears that, from now on, the United States government will adopt a policy that spends people's money on the right places, reduce waste, and trillions of dollars worth of so-called rescue operations will be a thing of the past.

Economic reforms are indeed crucial, but the main thing expected from Trump is that he brings back the old American spirit as he promised. It is the American spirit that attaches great importance to spirituality, which will bring comfort and prosperity to the United States, a long-suffering victim of economic, moral and societal collapse.

President Trump is well aware that there is no need for a country to oppress or drive other nations to poverty in order to prosper itself. The real secret of achieving prosperity lies in establishing a bond of love and a strong alliance. Alliances based on reason, friendship and mutual trust will easily bring refinement to the whole world.

Finally, the mindset "There is only mutual interests, but no friendly relations between the countries" is a false one and it should be abandoned by all the countries of the world, not just the USA. If people can be friends, partners and can act together for an ideal, countries can do the same too. The countries can also become true allies, and both sides can act altruistic while looking out for each other's interests in all cases. This is what needs to be done to ensure lasting peace and social order in the world.

I believe that in a very short time the US will embrace this humanitarian principle in every aspect; abandon old mindsets, and quickly get rid of its false friends and try to seek out real friends with whom they share common values. It can be seen that the new government that will take a new shape with Trump will inject a new spirit into the USA and revive “the American dream.” Revival of the long-awaited American dream that is free of wars, conflicts, exploitation and self-interest mentality will not only bring beauty to the USA, but the entire world.

Adnan Oktar's piece in American Herald Tribune:


2016-12-01 21:55:53

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