The miraculous measure in tides

Tides have such an effect that they can even change living conditions in some regions of the Earth. People, who resume their lives after the withdrawal of tides, arrange their entire lives according to tides. By the Will of Allah, oceans rise up to a certain level. This way, they never become a threat for local people.
Think of a water molecule in the ocean. This molecule is under the influence of the force of gravity. However, the Moon also exerts a weaker gravitational pull on this molecule. The distance between the Moon and the Earth and the Moon’s small mass are the principal causes of this weaker pull of the Moon. This force of gravity of the Moon is not only influential on this water molecule, but also on all objects on the Earth. Yet, because all objects are not fluid like liquids, there exists no apparent changes.
Every region of the Earth does not respond to this rise and fall of oceans at the same rate. That is because the Moon’s force of gravity changes from place to place; the distance between the Moon and the various points of the Earth is not the same. As a result of this effective force on oceans, the water rises towards a certain direction. As the Moon’s position in relation to the Earth and the Sun changes, this force diminishes and tidal regions occur where water withdraws.
The Sun’s gravitational pull also brings about a rise in the oceans. However, this force affects the Earth by a rate of 1/3.
Because the Moon is nearer to the Earth than the Sun, despite the Sun’s big mass, the Moon’s gravitational pull is two and a half times stronger than the Sun.
No doubt, a tide is only one of the systems in the universe that our All-Mighty Allah has created with flawless miracles. The sensitive balance in the tide is not limited to these. As the gravity of the Moon causes oceans to rise, with a second force, oceans are also pulled in the opposite direction of the Moon that is towards the Earth. While all of these occur , Earth continues to rotate around itselfs, so there are two tides happen everyday. The times of tides vary in each region as the position of the Sun, the Moon and the Earth changes. For instance in Northern
California, tides come in twice a day, while in the Mexican Gulf, it happens only once, in the form of just one rise and fall.
97% of the water that covers more than 70% of the Earth is oceans. According to data provided by the World Resources Institution (WRI), 40% of the world’s population lives on the coasts surrounding this water and from time to time, these people experience tsunamis, storms, or tides that come into existence with the rise and fall of water.
Especially at regions where natural events such as tides happen, with respect to the position of the Moon, local people take many precautions and develop various forms of living in order to survive.
Street Fishing
- In tidal regions, sometimes highways are built upon places where water recedes. However, when water comes back, these highways turn into areas where local people fish and very interesting scenes occur. This activity, which is called street fishing, is a way through which the All-
Mighty Allah offers food from the sea, one of His blessings, to people. In the Qur’an, our Lord states that He is the One Who bestows His blessings in the sea:
It is He Who made the sea subservient to you so that you can eat fresh flesh from it and bring out from it ornaments to wear. And you see the ships cleaving through it so that you can seek His bounty, and so that hopefully you will show thanks.” (Qur’an, 16: 71)
Horizontal Falls
The rapid movement of water also causes extraordinary situations such as falls that flow horizontally.
Flawless Design Well-Matched with Circumstances
Most of the fish living in tidal regions have a structure resistant to shallow and running water. While water recedes, they need to hide in small holes so that they are not drifted with the water. They can accomplish this by their thin structure and height smaller than 20 cm.
Fins of fish in tidal regions have the design most suitable for their living conditions. By the fins on their chests, they can hold onto rocks. Their skin, on the other hand, is created to resist the constant currents. Some of them have very few scales, whereas some have none. Instead, various fish secrete a mucus-like fluid that minimizes friction likely to happen during currents.
Aside from these flawless traits, fish living in tidal regions have an amazing ability of camouflage. Some species constantly change color where as some others, wherever they may be, can instantly gain the color and patterns matching the environment.
Another miracle of design in the bodies of fish living in tidal regions is the mechanism highly resistant to water loss. Thanks to this mechanism, even if they lose 60% of their body water, they can survive. The thick skin they have and the mucus they secrete, are the components of this mechanism slowing down the water loss.
The Miraculous Respiration in Air With Gills …
For fish living in tidal regions, one of the most important problems is the need for oxygen. Outside of water, gills do not function. But, their short and thick gill fibers can take the oxygen they need directly from the air by the blood vessels concentrating around their mouth and their skin.
For this reason, fish that remain in ponds can surface and thus meet their urgent oxygen needs.
Another miraculous trait of tidal fish is their ability to find their nest under every condition. Generally, most fish species choose a certain place and live there. However, if they leave this place for one reason or another, they can also turn back. Older fish have more of this talent.
Research has shown that fish kept in the laboratory for as long as 6 months could find their nests back when they were left at sea.
No doubt, living beings having body designs matching the conditions in tidal regions are only one of the evidences indicating that the All-Mighty Allah created them. The All-Knowing Allah reveals the evidence of His unique creation in every corner of the universe. Our Lord states in the Qur’an as follows:
“The Originator of the heavens and Earth. When He decides on something, He just says to it, ‘Be!’ and it is.” (Qur’an, 2:117)
What if the water recedes?
The answer to this question no doubt affects the lives of fish living in tidal regions. The design of fish living in tidal regions is perfectly adapted to the conditions in these areas. These extraordinary designs are only one of the obvious evidences of the fact that the All-Mighty Allah, Who created all the heavens and the Earth, creates them in this way.
Tidal regions where ocean water covers twice a day and then recedes offer very harsh conditions to the fish to survive. When water recedes, fish that survive under rocks, in puddles, and muddy areas, are generally well camouflaged by their colors matching with the ground. Besides, with the receding of water, they often become utterly unnoticeable, for they hide under rocks or in-between plants. Until recently, these fish were thought to be drifted to these regions with waves. However, recent research has revealed that they were created with designs appropriate to these tidal regions.
In Australia’s Carumba region, water rises up to 4.78 m. In Broadsound town, on the other hand, this rise reaches up to 8 m. However these figures are rather insignificant next to Australia’s highest figures, for in Derby, water rises up to an average of 11-12 m.
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