Man: The living machine

The human body, a totally separate world of its own, resembles a living “machine.” Inside that machine there is equipment with a technology far superior to any advanced technology outside, specialized elements displaying consciousness, by the will of Allah, fully equipped soldiers and many other systems. It is our Lord, Almighty Allah, Lord of the Worlds, who creates this order in the systems in the body and the sublime design visible at every point.


Every nerve cell possesses special units for transmitting data. All by itself, the brain is capable of performing the work of 4.5 million transistors that permit the transmission of data by the microprocessor in a good computer. This figure is very low compared to the 10 billion nerve cells engaged in the electrical exchange of information in the brain. In addition, while the brain is able to perceive taste and smell signals, there is as yet no product of industry capable of doing this.


The movement of the muscles warms the body in cold weather. In this way the muscles are able to provide 90% of body heat. Perspiration, on the other hand, functions as an ideal cooling mechanism in the event of overheating. These two complementary systems work to keep the body temperature stable under all circumstances. This system works much faster, and with much better results, than any central heating or air conditioning system.


Everything in the body is in a state of communication. Many messages consist of hormones, made up of large molecules. There is no destination address on the message packet carried by hormones, which travel freely through the circulatory system and neurons. Yet, the package still reaches its destination because the organs to open it are equipped with special receptors to capture these messages.


Thanks to up to a million mini-filters known as nephrons, the human kidney filters 140 liters of blood a day.  Over the course of 80 years around 1 deciliter a minute (one-tenth of a liter) is constantly subjected to this filtration process. Processing facilities, used for industrial wastes, have a greater capacity than that of kidneys. However, their life spans are incomparably shorter. Moreover, the structure of the substances being filtered is much simpler than that of blood. The kidney has a far more complex and efficient system than any filtration facility


The heart starts beating while still in the mother’s womb and works non-stop at a rate of 70-200 beats a minute throughout one’s life. It rests for at least half a second between beats. It beats approximately 10,000 times a day. At the time of resting, the heart of someone weighing 60 kilos pumps an average of 6.5 liters of blood. During one’s life time the heart pumps enough blood to fill 500 swimming pools with a volume of 300 m3. Man-made pumping systems are unable to function as efficiently without requiring any maintenance.


The arm works like a lever. It uses the elbow as a fulcrum and establishes movement by stretching and contracting the muscles. Levers operate on the same principle. Yet, Levers have to show the same effort no matter what weight is involved, whereas the arm muscles are capable of adjusting their contraction accordingly.


The retina layer in the eye is the most light-sensitive of all known materials. Different types of light-perceiving cells are arranged so as to provide the best image of the field of vision. The eye also focuses automatically and adjusts its sensitivity according to the intensity of light outside. Such features make the eye far more superior to any camera or photographic equipment in the world.


Hairy cells in the human inner ear convert vibrations in the air into electrical signals, like a microphone. The ear only perceives sounds between frequencies of 20-20,000 Hz. This range is the ideal specially selected for human beings. If the human hearing range had been any wider, we would be able to detect the footsteps of an ant walking on the ground or the high-frequency sound waves in the atmosphere. Living in such a constant state of noise would mean that human beings would never enjoy neither peace nor comfort.


Our organisms are being protected by some 200 billion lymphocytes (white blood corpuscles). These have intelligence systems, lethal weapons and particular war strategies, similar to that of soldiers. Nevertheless, no army in the world is as accurate, flawless, and successful as the immune system. (Harun Yahya, SIGNS OF GOD Design in Nature)


In terms of fuel, the cell is a very economical engine. It burns small molecules namely ATP as fuel. The efficiency it maintains in using these molecules is greater than that of any engine. The cell also performs various and highly complex functions which technological devices are not able to perform.

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