Ancient Egypt: a magnificent civilization - II

A Construction Technology Full of Secrets

The most important structures built in Ancient Egypt, which visitors today still gaze at in wonder, are the mysterious pyramids. The most magnificent of these if the Great Pyramid, regarded as the largest stone edifice constructed in the world to date. Various theories as to how this pyramid was built have been put forward by historians and archeologists since the time of Herodotus. Some people have maintained that slaves were used in the construction of the pyramid and that several different techniques were employed, from the ramp technique to a terraced pyramid. The picture that emerges from these methods is this:

- If this pyramid had been built by slaves, then the number of slaves working on it would be extraordinarily high, in the region of 240,000.
- If there were a ramp built to construct the pyramid, then it would have taken some eight years to dismantle the ramp after the pyramid had been completed. This, according to the Danish civil engineer Garde-Hanson, is a ridiculous theory, because once the ramp had been torn down giant rough blocks would have been left over, which we could see everywhere around. Yet no such evidence is to be seen anywhere.  i

Stating that Garde-Hanson has considered aspects underestimated by other theoreticians, Moustafa Gadalla, in his book Historical Deception: The Untold Story of Ancient Egypt, goes on to say:

Try to visualize the staggering figures as you visit the pyramid: 4,000 year-round quarrymen producing 330 blocks per day. During inundation season, 4,000 blocks per day are transported to the Nile, ferried across, hauled up the ramp to the Giza plateau, and set into place in the core – a rate of 6.67 blocks per minute! Imagine 6.67 blocks every 60 seconds!!!  ii

- In addition to all this, bearing in mind the fact that the surface area of each of the pyramid’s faces is some 5.5 acres, then some 115,000 casing stones were needed for each surface. These stones have been so scrupulously laid in place that the gaps between them are too small even to permit a piece of paper to fit between them.  iii

All this is some of the information that shows that the secrets regarding the construction of the pyramids have still not been resolved by modern science and technology.

Striking facts about the Pyramid of Giza

Some of the mathematical research onto the pyramids at Giza has shown that the Ancient Egyptians possessed a highly developed knowledge of mathematics and geometry. According to these calculations, in addition to their knowledge of mathematics and geometry, the people who planned the pyramids must also have known about the measurements of the Earth, its circumference, its axis, and the angle of tilt of that axis. This information about the pyramids, the construction of which began around 2500 BC, is even more striking when one considers that they were built some 2000 years before the great mathematicians Pythagorus, Archimedes and Euclid:

- The angles of the Great Pyramid divides the Nile delta into two equal halves.
- The three pyramids at Giza have been arranged so as to make a Pythagorean triangle, forming sides with ratios of 3-4-5.
- The ratio between the height of the pyramid and its circumference is equivalent to that between the radius of a circle and its circumference.
- The pyramid is a giant solar clock. The shadows it casts between the middle of October and the beginning of March show the seasons and the length of the year. The length of the stone pillars around the pyramid is equivalent to the length of one day’s shadow.
- The length of a normal side of the rectangular base of the pyramid is equivalent to 365.342 Egyptian cubits (a unit of measurement of the time). This is very close to the number of days in a solar year (this has been calculated at 365.224 days).
- The distance between the Great Pyramid and the center of the Earth is equivalent to that between the North Pole and the pyramid.
- In the pyramid, the ratio of the height to twice the length of the base is the number Pi.
- The total surface area of the four faces of the pyramid is equal to the square of its height.  iv

If One Wished to Rebuild the Pyramids…

In 1978 the Indiana Limestone Institute of America Inc. (the largest and most expert body in the world regarding limestone) carried out a study regarding what size workforce and what kind of materials would be needed if one were to build a pyramid similar to the Great Pyramid. The result was thought-provoking. The company officials described the difficulty involved: They note that if they raise the potential force to the maximum, which means raising present-day production three-fold, quarrying and transferring such a quantity of limestone would take 27 years. In addition, all this work can be done using advanced American technology, in other words hydraulic hammers and electrical crystal-headed saws. This enormous effort will be used solely to quarry and transport the limestone. This does not include the laboratory tests necessary for the building of the Great Pyramid, nor other such preparatory work.  v

So how were these giant pyramids built in Ancient Egypt? By what power, with what machinery, by what techniques were the rock terraces set out? By what means were the rock tombs carved out? How was lighting provided during construction? (No staining or soot has been found on the walls or ceilings of the pyramids and tombs.) How were blocks of stone removed from the quarries, and how were the different shaped faces of the blocks arranged? How were these blocks, weighing several tons, transported, and how were they put together to an accuracy of 1/1000 of a centimeter? The list of questions could be a lot longer. Can these questions be answered in a logical and rational way through the evolutionist misconception of the history of mankind? Of course, not.

With its art, medicine and culture, Ancient Egypt was a giant civilization. The works left behind by the Ancient Egyptians, the medical therapies they used and the accumulated knowledge and experience they possessed are some of the most important proofs of this. Some scientists today are even able to claim that the works produced by the Egyptians, for whom, according to the evolution of history thesis, the building of the pyramids must have been exceedingly difficult, were actually made by beings from space.

Of course the claim that “ visitors from space built the pyramids” is an exceptionally irrational and illogical one that evolutionists hide behind since even with all their demagoguery they are unable to provide a better explanation. First and foremost, there is not the slightest evidence to support this claim. When evolutionists realize that they cannot produce an explanation based on chance or the evolutionary process, they immediately hide behind the idea of “visitors from space.” Indeed, they came up with this ridiculous claim when they realized that the DNA in the cell nucleus and the first protein, which represents the fundamental building block of life, had far too complex and extraordinary a structure to have come about by chance from inanimate substances: “visitors from space brought the fist living organism to the Earth and left it behind.” The ridiculous nature of this claim, which is put forward by various evolutionist scientists, is of course one of the signs of the despairing position they find themselves in.

The civilization in Egypt and all the other civilizations down the course of history were all founded by people possessed of reason and will. We today express our amazement when we examine artifacts dating back to 3000 BC, and scientists and experts in the field debate and research how these could have been brought into existence. But what really matters is this: the civilization of 5000 years ago, the traces of which can be seen in Egypt today, was of course built with the experience and knowledge accumulated over thousands of years. In other words, the roots of this civilization go even further back. Therefore, in the very earliest times there were no primitive, half-animal humans lacking the power of speech, and living solely by hunting, as is claimed by evolutionists and other believers in the evolution of history. Ever since the first human being was created, man has had the same human characteristics, such as intelligence, conception of beauty, understanding, consciousness and moral values, as modern man today.

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