Living one’s destiny is a source of peace and comfort for believers

The way that Muslims encounter various difficulties and troubles in their daily lives is both a test and also a means of happiness in contrast with the life of Paradise they hope to enjoy in the Hereafter. It is a source of pleasure coming from contrasting trouble with ease, comfort and well-being. It is a blessing from the Compassionate, that increases believers’ respect and love for such people in this world, that allows them to take them as role models and that causes them to have a positive influence on others, and that has many benefits and beauties.

The way that a person may sometimes imagine or forget that a trivial seeming matter is outside the destiny, compassion and knowledge of Allah, as a result of the whispering of the satan, is a disease. The believer must be careful to receive treatment for this malady and must avoid falling into the clutches of this terrible disease.

For example, there is wisdom and goodness in all events such as missing a programme one really wanted to watch or forgetting to order something one wanted. Some people can see this in full clarity, while others cannot see it at all, or only very little. One may miss a programme, but one thus gains time for wise and auspicious reflection. That reflection may result in a lifetime strengthening of wisdom. Alternatively, one may recite the names of Allah during that time and thus gain more goodness than one would from the television. When one forgets to buy something to eat that may mean one avoids being made sick by it. Someone with high blood pressure who forgets to buy any cheese will find his blood pressure returning to normal as a result of abstaining from eating it. He benefits by submitting and wins Allah’s approval. In addition, proper resignation to destiny brings the believer peace and love. And if the cheese he would have bought is infected, then he avoids being poisoned by it.

There are a great many similar examples of this in people’s daily lives. It is therefore of great importance to have a sound understanding of this and never forget it for a moment. Everything that befalls one, great or small, is part of one’s destiny. Believers must always be on their guard against the whispering of the satan to the effect that “these have nothing to do with destiny.”  Fully understanding this and never forgetting it for a moment, looking for the wisdom and goodness in all events and regarding everything that happens as part of Allah’s wondrous plan is a great blessing both in this world and for the Hereafter. For the believer, this truth leads to reason and free will, peace and comfort.

2008-07-17 22:55:15

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