RAMADAN 2008 - THE 17th DAY


Only in the Remembrance of God Do Hearts Find Satisfaction

All men living on earth seek ways to attain real happiness. Hopes are pinned on a goal of attaining happiness. Some seek happiness in an opulent life style, some in a prestigious career, a good marriage, plastic surgery, college admission. Once these goals are attained, however, whatever happiness results is usually transitory. Or often there is no joy or satisfaction at all in achieving the goal. However, there has been no one on earth who has ever attained true happiness through these methods. There are many issues that bother or disquiet even someone who believes the goal of complete happiness has been achieved.

True happiness, peace, pleasure and ease can only be found in the remembrance of God. God relates this fact in a verse as follows:

Those who believe and whose hearts find peace in the remembrance of God. Only in the remembrance of God can the heart find peace. (Surat ar-Ra'd, 28)

This is a very important secret that God reveals to mankind in the Qur'an. Unaware of this fact, many people spend their lives under the delusion that worldly gifts would bring satisfaction. As if they would never die and meet the day of reckoning, they greedily strive to possess the values pertaining to this world.

Yet this is a great delusion. Nothing poss essed in this world can bring true peace and happiness. Only believers who are sincerely devoted to God and who are cognisant of God's mercy, compassion and protection over them can attain the peaceful state of the heart. God grants this relief on the heart of the person who sees the evidences of God's creation and remembers Him at all times. Therefore it is vain to seek for ease or peace and happiness by any other means.


Darwinism, by arguing that life and the entire universe are the work of blind chance, is easily the most dangerous ideology confronting us today. It formed the basis of all harmful movements, including communism and fascism, devastating mankind. Despite its scientific refutation time and again there are still those who seek to keep Darwinism alive purely for ideological reasons.
A little knowledge is a dangerous thing when it comes to Darwinism. People equipped with factual or analytical want of the discussion, unaware of the grave danger that it actually represents, unaware of the terrible social and moral disasters the theory of evolution has brought with it, unaware of the damage wreaked by Darwinist thinking over the last century and a half, may also look down on such a vital intellectual struggle against it. By denying the existence and oneness of God and the responsibility of each man and woman to Him, Darwinism prepares the groundwork for destruction by indoctrinating people with the idea that human beings are irresponsible products of blind chance and are no more than yet another species of animals.
The most obvious heritage of the dominance of Darwinism and its symbiotic partner, the materialist philosophy, radically is the distorted answer to the fundamental question, “what is man?”. Some people who would previously have answered “man is a being created by God to live by the moral values revealed by Him,” have now, as a result of deceptive indoctrination, fallen into the erroneous thought “man came into being by chance, and is an animal that developed through the struggle for survival.” There is a grave price attached to such a grave error in thinking, from which ruthless ideologies such as racism, fascism or communism, as all violent worldviews, have been feeding.
Darwinist Thinking Lies at the Root of All Harmful Ideologies

A look at the general history of the 20th century, a period of war, conflict, anarchy and chaos, and thus of terrible human suffering, should be enough to realize disastrous results of Darwinism. In the last century millions of people were killed, slaughtered, abandoned to starvation and death, and left neglected, homeless and defenseless by the same perverted ideologies, and all for nothing. Millions more were subjected to inhuman treatment that should not even be inflicted on animals. Ruthless dictators with Darwinist mindsets led vast masses of people into conflict, turned brother against brother, ignited wars, initiated bombings, brainwashed masses, and by placing guns in the hands of the ignorant caused countless deaths of men and women and the young and the old.
Fascism and communism head the list of these ideologies that cast such a shadow over mankind. On the surface they appear to be movements that are diametrically opposite seeking to destroy one another. Yet these ideologies are all fed and draw strength from the common intellectual source—the materialist philosophy and its natural sciences version, Darwinism—which pay the service of attracting vast masses of people into their ranks.
Shortly after it was first put forward, the theory of evolution expanded beyond such fields as biology and paleontology, and began exerting an influence in many other spheres, from human relations to historical interpretation, from politics to social dynamics. In particular, when the Darwinist falsehood “nature is the arena of struggle and conflict” was applied to society, a supposedly scientific guise was bestowed on Hitler’s master race perversion, Marx’s error that the history of man is nothing but a “class conflict,” the capitalist view that “the strong grow stronger by crushing the weak,” the ruthless exploitation of third world countries by imperialist nations, and the racist attacks and discrimination to which people of different color are still subjected today. Those who regarded human beings merely as an advanced species of animal kingdom had no qualms about trampling on others in order to elevate themselves, eliminating the sick and weak, or slaughtering races they regarded as different and inferior. Because their theories, with their scientific masks, tell them that their acts were a “law of nature.”

As we have seen, Darwinism, the social harm wreaked by which many people are unaware of, has inflicted terrible disasters on mankind. The theory of evolution, which is devoid of any scientific evidence and goes no further than being an outdated dogma, is still blindly supported today solely for the sake of propagating atheism, despite the lack of any scientific findings to back it up.

The Intellectual Struggle against Darwinism Calls for Unity
In order for such a comprehensive intellectual campaign to be effective, it is of utmost importance that Muslims should act in a spirit of unity.
God has revealed in the Qur’an that Muslims needed to be united in their struggle against denial. One verse describes how corruption appears on Earth unless Muslims act as one:
Unbelievers are the friends and protectors of one another. If you do not act in this way there will be turmoil in the land and great corruption. (Qur’an, 8: 73)
At a time when atheism is widespread in many parts of the world, when terror and anarchy threaten all mankind, when many defenseless and innocent people are oppressed, what true believers must do is to use all the means at their disposal to wage this intellectual struggle against godlessness. If Muslims fail to establish unity among themselves, citing different ways of thinking, this will reduce the effectiveness of this great intellectual campaign. It is essential that they set their differences of opinion aside and work together to disseminate religious moral values.
All Muslims must play their part in the intellectual struggle against Darwinism. All Muslim civil society organizations, associations, foundations and societies must act within a common awareness, without thinking whether the struggle against Darwinism and materialism is inscribed in their organization’s constitution and must contribute to the campaign against Darwinism. Ignoring all other activities than those engaged in by their own foundations, societies or organizations, and thinking along the lines of “not part of our community, no importance to us” is an attitude ill-befitting Muslims. Avoiding the intellectual struggle against Darwinism under such circumstances, advancing various kinds of excuses, failing to act in a spirit of unity and togetherness may be behavior for which they will be held responsible both in this world and in the Hereafter.

It is exceedingly important that sincere Muslims avoid making such a mistake.
Muslims’ struggle against atheism, employing all the means at their disposal in order to gain the approval of God, will, by the will of God, result in the best possible outcome for all mankind. Sincere endeavor in a spirit of unity and togetherness will be a means whereby “the truth will conquer and falsehood be vanished,” as promised by God. This promise of Almighty God’s is a source of enthusiasm and excitement for all believers:
Rather We hurl the truth against falsehood and it cuts right through it and it vanishes clean away! Woe without end for you for what you portray!  (Surat al-Anbiya',  18)

The Ongoing Darwinist Deception
Research shows that Darwinism is still continuing to deceive. Surveys carried out in European countries in particular, especially in France, Germany and Britain, have revealed that the great majority of people imagine that the theory of evolution is a scientific fact. People taken in by the evolution deception turn their backs on believing in God and religious moral values. A survey carried out by the United Nations made this abundantly plain. According to the survey, only 18% of Europeans believe that God created man, whereas 82% imagine that man evolved from other species. Country by country the situation is as follows:
- Germany – only 14% of the population, of whom 35% are Catholics and 36% Protestants, believe in Creation.
- France – Around 18% of people believe in the fact of creation.
- Britain – 20% of the public believe in Creation.
- Spain – In Spain, with a vast majority of Catholic population, only 13% believe in the fact of Creation.
- Norway – Believers in Creation make up 19% of the population.
- Finland – 80% of the population are evangelical Christians though only 16% believe in Creation.
- Sweden – 12% of people believe that God created man.
- Denmark – 9% of the population believe in Creation.
- Belgium – The level of believers in Creation is 10%.
- Switzerland – 24% of the public believe in the fact of Creation.

This picture once again reveals the importance and urgency of explaining how the scientific evidence refutes evolution and why Darwinism is no more than a figment of imagination, and that the scientific truth points to Creation.

Sea Turtles

Sea turtles living in the oceans surge in crowds towards the beach when it is time for them to reproduce. This is no ordinary beach though. The beach they arrive at to reproduce has to be the one where they were born. Sometimes sea turtles have to travel as far as 497 mile to arrive there. But a long and tough journey does not change the situation. They arrive at the beach where they were born to give birth to their offspring, no matter what.

It is quite unaccountable how a living being can find its way back to the very same beach 20-25 years after its departure from there. It is all the more extraordinary that it can find the direction of its birthplace in the depths of the ocean where so little light penetrates, and then spot it from among numerous similar beaches.

Finally, thousands of travelers with no compass meet on the same beach at the same time. Initially a mystery, the reasons underlying this insistent meeting came as a great surprise when finally revealed. Since turtles know that their offspring cannot survive in sea conditions, they bury their eggs under the sand on the beach. But why do all of them meet on the same beach, at the same time? Would not the hatchlings survive if they did the same thing at different times and on different beaches? Those who did research on this topic were faced with a very interesting situation. Thousands of offspring under the sand have to overcome a number of formidable obstacles after breaking their eggs with the hard lump on their head. The hatchlings of an average of 31 grams cannot dig the earth layer above them on their own and they all help each other.

When thousands of hatchlings on the beach start to dig the earth, they make it to the sand surface in a few days. Yet before they appear on the surface, they wait for a while for nightfall. For in the day time, there is the danger of falling a prey to predators. In addition, it would be quite difficult for them to proceed by crawling on sands scorched by the sunlight. When night falls, they go up to the surface after completing the digging process. Although it is dark, they rush to the sea and depart from the beach to return there as much as 20-25 years later.

It is impossible for these hatchlings to know that they have to dig their way up after they pop out of their eggs and wait for a while at a certain distance from the sea. It is by no means possible for them to know, when they are still buried in the earth, whether it is day or night, that predators exist outside and that they could fall a prey to them, that the sand is scorching because of the sun, that this could harm them, and that they must rush to the sea. So, how does this conscious conduct come about?

The only answer to this question is that these hatchlings have been somehow 'programmed' to behave in this way, which means that their Creator has inspired in them the instinct that helps them protect their lives.

Evolutionists Fear the Loss of Their Theory - 11.03.2007
Canada/CBC News

On 11 March, 2007, CBC, Canada's national TV and radio news broadcaster, carried a report headed “Scientific community mobilizes defence of evolution.” The report in question dealt with evolutionists’ fears regarding the collapse of their theory and the mobilization of their forces. It described the impact of Atlas of Creation in these words:

... What else worries scientists? … In Europe, people used to scratch their heads over the furious evolution debate in the United States. Now they have their own alarums and excursions. The creationists have opened so many fronts that last fall a study by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe warned [against them].

… It's [what alarms the council is] also Islamic scientific creationism. The report describes how a Turkish book titled The Atlas of Creation had been sent to schools in France, Switzerland, Belgium and Spain. The author, Islamist preacher Harun Yahya, calls Darwinism a "ruse of Satan," which, he writes, "is collapsing and causing panic in the Darwinian global empire." … Major concern? Yes. …


Darwinism has deceived the world for around a century and a half and has attempted to indoctrinate people with materialist philosophy using hoaxes and lies. HARUN YAHYA’S ATLAS OF CREATION HAS ANNOUNCED THE DEMOLITION OF THIS FALSE THEORY, which for years convinced people that life forms were descended, by chance, from other forms.

The Turkish public came to see this reality with enormous joy and excitement, following which and by virtue of Atlas of Creation, the people of Europe who had for so long been subjected to materialist and Darwinist indoctrination, also came by the opportunity of seeing the true facts. The way that all of Europe has become acquainted with Atlas of Creation and the declaration of the fact that living creatures have remained unchanged for millions of years and that evolution is devoid of any scientific worth have led to a major change of belief among the people of Europe. Independent polls conducted by well-known publishing institutions in different European countries have revealed a major drop in the numbers of people believing in Darwinism and that belief in Allah now dominates Europe.

Some survey findings from across Europe are:

FRANCE/ Science Actualités / 16 February 2007

Following the major impact of the distribution of Atlas of Creation in France, the French website Science Actualités carried out a public opinion poll. The results of the survey showed that Darwinism has been annihilated in France. According to the findings, set out under the caption “Your Views on Evolution,” revealed that 92% of the public no longer believe in evolution.

GERMANY / Die Welt / 17 April 2008 
Darwinism has also been demolished in Germany, which now says, “Allah Created Life.”

The German daily Die Welt, one of the countries most important publications, conducted a poll about Creation on its website. Eighty-six percent of the participants responded to the question “How do you think life came into being?” by saying “Allah created it.” 

DENMARK / Ekstra Bladet / 29 June 2007
The Danish People No Longer Believe in Evolution.

According to the results of a survey conducted on its web site by the daily Ekstra Bladet, one of Denmark’s highest-circulation publications, “Danes no longer believe in evolution." Asked “Do You Think That Human Beings Are Descended from Apes?”, 88% of the Danish public answered “No.”

GERMANY / Süddeutsche Zeitung / 8 July 2007
According to a poll in Germany, the public no longer believe in evolution. The findings appeared under the caption “Evolution – no, thanks?”. 

According to a poll regarding whether or not evolution actually happened that appeared on the web site of Süddeutsche Zeitung, one of Germany’s main dailies, the level of those believing that human beings are the work of a Creator stands at 87%. 

SWITZERLAND / Blick / 4 May 2007

According to a survey in Switzerland, the public say that “Creation should be taught.”

The level of people believing in the fact of Creation stood at 85% in a poll conducted on the web site of Blick, one of Switzerland’s widest-read newspapers.

What the findings of the polls, a few of which are cited above, make crystal clear is this: ATLAS OF CREATION HAS HAD AN EXPLOSIVE IMPACT ON THE ENTIRE WORLD.

In the face of the scientific evidence people have now abandoned belief in the fraud of evolution. They now realize that Darwinism is a deception being kept alive for ideological reasons.

In the wake of the facts set out in Atlas of Creation, people have now come to see that all living creatures are brought into being by the will and at the command of our Lord, Allah. That is what the poll results show.



Age: 144-65 million years 

Period: Mesozoic Age, Cretaceous 

Location: Liaoning Province, China

All the fossils unearthed show that birds have always existed as birds, and that they have not evolved from any other life form. Darwinists, who maintain that birds evolved from terrestrial animals, are actually well aware of this, and are unable to account for how wings and the flight mechanism emerged through an evolutionary process and through random mechanisms such as mutation.

The Turkish biologist Engin Korur admits the impossibility of wing evolution: "The common feature of eyes and wings is that they can perform their functions only when they are fully developed. To put it another way, sight is impossible with a deficient eye, and flight is impossible with half a wing. How these organs appeared is still one of those secrets of nature that have not yet been fully illuminated." (Engin Korur, "Gozlerin ve Kanatlarin Sirri" ("The Secret of Eyes and Wings"), Bilim ve Teknik, No. 203, October 1984, p. 25.)

Powerful wing muscles must be securely attached to the bird's breastbone, and have a structure suitable for lifting the bird into the air and establishing balance and movement in all directions when aloft. It is also essential that bird's wing and tail feathers be light, flexible and in proportion to one another—that they should have a perfect aerodynamic framework making flight possible. 

At this point, the theory of evolution faces a major dilemma: The question of how this wing's flawless structure could have emerged as the result of a succession of random mutations goes unanswered. "Evolution" can never explain how a reptile's forelegs could have developed into a flawless wing as the result of impairments in its genes—that is, mutations. 

As the quotation cited on the preceding page states, flight is impossible with just a half wing.

Therefore, even if we assume that a mutation of some kind did cause some kind of changes in a reptile's forelegs, it is still irrational to expect that a wing could emerge by chance, as a result of other mutations being added on. Any mutation in the front legs would not endow the animal with wings, but would deprive it of the use of its forelegs. This would leave the creature physically disadvantaged (crippled, in other words) compared to other members of its species.

According to biophysical research, mutations take place only very rarely. Therefore, it is impossible to expect such handicapped creatures to wait for millions of years for their half-formed, functionless wings to be completed by small mutations.

AL- ‘AZEEZ, (The Almighty)

Do not imagine that Allah will break His promise to His Messengers. Allah is the Almighty , the Lord of Retribution. (Surah Ibrahim, 47)

This name of Allah expresses that He will always triumph and that He can never be refuted, for only He has true power. Allah created the universe's order, all of its laws (both known and unknown), and all beings on Earth. In the face of Allah's infinite power, which clearly manifests itself in the universe, the feebleness of every created being and thing is obvious. All that is created can only exist, survive, and act if He commands so.

No doubt, this feeling of feebleness also holds true for humanity. No matter how well-off, strong, and powerful people may be, each person is weak and helpless in Allah's sight. No possessions, money, or status can protect them from Allah's punishment; only those who surrender to Him, live by His orders, and strive to earn His consent will be protected. In the Qur'an, Allah promises to grant superiority to His loyal servants.

Allah has written: “I will be victorious, I and My Messengers.” Allah is Most Strong, Almighty. (Surah al-Mujadala, 21)

… and He has sent down the Furqan. Those who reject Allah's Signs will have a terrible punishment. Allah is Almighty, Lord of Retribution. (Surah ‘Al Imran, 4)

Allah bears witness that there is no deity but Him, as do the angels and the people of knowledge, upholding justice. There is no deity but Him, the Almighty, the All-Wise. (Surah Al ‘Imran, 18)

Do not be grieved by what they say. All might belongs to Allah. He is the All-Hearing, the All-Knowing. (Surah Yunus, 65)

A pertinent hadith of Prophet Muhammad (saas) relates:

A bedouin once said to the Prophet (saas): “Teach me something to say.” The Prophet (saas) replied: “Say: ‘There is no god but Allah, the One with no partner. Allah is the Greatest by far; much praise be to Him. The Lord of the Worlds be praised; and there is no power and no strength save in Allah the Almighty, the All-Wise.'” (Sahih Muslim)

AN INTERVIEW WITH MR.ADNAN OKTAR BY TV 5 (Istanbul - October 20, 2007)
What is evolutionists’ aim and why does that objective represent such a grave danger for mankind? Why is the European Parliament attempting to prohibit the reading of Atlas of Creation in Europe? You can find the answers to these questions and other such important issues as the deadly blow dealt to the theory of evolution by fossil remains of living things that have remained unchanged for millions of years in this interview.

Nightmare of Disbelief

In this site, you will find how the regulation of life by the "norms of morality" introduced by the Qur'an revealed to mankind by Allah will banish the "nightmare of disbelief," how pessimism, corruption and social restlessness can be eliminated from society, how the individual can surround himself with an ideal environment, what spiritual and material benefits he is likely to attain by adherence to these norms of morality, and finally, that the unique alternative to all these problems is the morality of the Qur'an.


Anyone who believes is responsible for all that he sees and hears. In the Qur’an, Allah calls on Muslims using these words:What reason could you have for not fighting in the Way of Allah for those men, women and children who are oppressed and say, “Our Lord, take us out of this city whose inhabitants are wrongdoers! Give us a protector from You! Give us a helper from You!”? (Qur’an, 4: 75)At a time of violent oppression taking place worldwide, it is impossible for a Muslim to sleep unheeding in his comfortable bed, waste his time on empty matters, and think only of his own interests and pleasures. A true believer knows that the fundamental solution to unjust wars, slaughter, cruelty, hunger, moral degeneration and all the problems facing the world is for people to spread Qur’anic morality. That knowledge imposes a great responsibility on a believer: that of telling the world about the religion of Islam and the beautiful things it brings with it, spreading Qur’anic morality, and waging a struggle of ideas against atheism.Those who take on that honorable responsibility will help lead all those who are oppressed in the world to the light through the guidance of the Qur’an. By the will of Allah, the long-awaited spring is not far off.


1-Darwinists never realize that if atmospheric pressure were just twice what it is, the level of water vapor in the atmosphere would decline, and all the land on Earth would turn into desert, as a result of which life would be impossible.

2-Darwinists never realize how cells that come into being by multiplying from a common main cell in the mothers womb, gradually diversify during the division process and form very different tissues and organs, and how the human nose, hand and kidney ultimately derive from that same main cell, and how these cells multiply to the extent necessary and then cease doing so once a complete hand or a regular nose has emerged.

3-Darwinists never realize how during the process of development in the mothers womb, every one out of billions of cells assumes the place allocated to it, for example, how they establish around 120 trillion electrical connections in such a way as to establish exchange of information among the cells in the brain, and how they never make a single error in this impeccable electronic apparatus.

4-Darwinists never realize that the universe we live in emerged some 15 billion years ago from a giant explosion taking place in a single point, that such a great explosion should actually have caused enormous chaos, that the atoms or sub-atomic particles of matter should have been scattered randomly all throughout the emptiness of space, but that such a thing did not happen, instead of which a highly systematic and organized universe emerged.

5-Darwinists never realize that the total length of the 5 billion or so capillary vessels in the human body is 950 kilometers, and that if 10,000 of the smallest of these were laid side by side they would measure no more than the lead part of a lead pencil, and that the way that blood flows through these narrow channels over an entire lifetime can never be the work of unconscious coincidences but is a manifest proof of the greatness of Allah.

6-Darwinists never realize that in reading one sentence the eyes perform some 100 billion processes, and that it is through the will and mercy of Allah that they possess one of the most perfect systems in the world.

7-Darwinists never realize that it is thanks to an enzyme in tears known as lysozyme, which is able to destroy the cell walls of many species of bacterium and kill germs, that they are protected from a range of diseases, and that lysozyme is even more effective than the disinfectants used to clean buildings and yet that it does no harm to the eyes themselves, and that this is a great blessing created by Allah for all mankind.

8-Darwinists never realize how, at a time they describe as the Stone Age and claim that only primitive humans were living, people at that time actually had a civilization no different from that of today, and that there is proof that they used forks and spoons, welcomed guests, and lived organized lives.

9-Darwinists never realize that buttons made from bone used in the 10,000s BC prove that people at that time possessed a clothing culture, and that a society using buttons would also have to have the knowledge of sewing, cloth and weaving.

10-Darwinists never realize that a 95,000-year-old flute proves that people living tens of thousands of years ago also had an advanced musical culture, and that there is no such concept as primitive humans.

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