PLoS ONE Journal Fails to Stand Against the Power of Atheist Propaganda and Darwinist Dictatorship

Although every branch of science acknowledges that there is a single Creator Who creates everything, be it living or non-living, from nothing, some still deny the existence of God. There has been an exemplary case of this in the recent past.

A study in PLoS ONE, a US-based scientific journal, was retracted shortly after it had been approved and published by the PLoS ONE editors. The reason for the retraction was the conclusion of the study that the “hand is the proper design by the Creator” and is “Creator’s invention.”

The study examines the amazing functions of the human hand and the piece highlights that this perfect design is “created.” The study, entitled “Biomechanical Characteristics of Hand Coordination in Grasping Activities of Daily Living”, referred to a “Creator” and “design” in three parts as follows:

  • The explicit functional link indicates that the biomechanical characteristic of tendinous connective architecture between muscles and articulations is the proper design by the Creator to perform a multitude of daily tasks in a comfortable way.
  • Hand coordination should indicate the mystery of the Creator's invention.
  • In conclusion, our study can improve the understanding of the human hand and confirm that the mechanical architecture is the proper design by the Creator

The Chinese scientists who made the study were harshly criticized due to their statements that prove Creation. While their use of the word “design” was criticized by Darwinists, their reference to a “Creator” was regarded as “going beyond the red line.” Evolutionists, in their way, called the study “shameful”, “nonscientific”, and “extremely distressing” and said that PLoS ONE was an “absolute joke of a journal.” They also stated that “retraction” should be just the first step in the journal’s “punishment.” The Chinese scientists, who are the authors of the study, tried to defend themselves and retreated to the excuse that they were not native speakers of English and used the word “Creator” to replace “nature”, claiming that they could not express themselves correctly and also attributing a translation error.

Consequently, the PLoS ONE editors had to retract the publication due to these Darwinist responses. The journal’s website stated that the article was retracted because of the “inappropriate language” and apologized to everyone: 

Following publication, readers raised concerns about language in the article that makes references to a ‘Creator’, and about the overall rationale and findings of the study. … The editors apologize to readers for the [so-called] inappropriate language in the article and the errors during the evaluation process. (Emphasis ours)

PAGAN RELIGION Is Prevalent in the Academic World

This is, certainly, a clear and thought-provoking example that indicates the strength and extent of Darwinist dictatorship.

-If the scientific data prove Creation, then, should not we accept this fact?

-A scientist should be responsible for acknowledging the findings with an objective perspective and reflecting the truth as it exits, should not he?

Since the world of science is now under an authoritarian, punitive and oppressive dictatorship, the answer to these questions is “No.” This dictatorial regime does not allow the use of the name of God in the academic field. A “pagan religion”, which relies on the divinity of nature, prevails in primary, secondary and higher education around the world. If an academician refers to God, he or she is immediately excommunicated, condemned and expelled from the university. One who does not have a materialist perspective and does not believe in “the creative power of coincidences” cannot survive in the academic world.

A Punitive Darwinist Dictatorship

Today’s understanding of science has a mindset that does not allow one to search for the existence of God and although it indeed provides scientific evidence for the existence of God, it insists on not accepting that. The name of “God” - and even the term “Creator” - are retracted from science books. The reason is the Darwinist ideology and the Darwinist dictatorship prevailing the world of science today.

Those similar to the above-mentioned strange reactions, which are far from being scientific, frequently arise today. Scientists who defend creation are expelled from the institutions that they are affiliated with; books which advocate the truth of creation are being banned; approximately 600 million fossils that prove that life forms emerged suddenly with no prior ancestors are being hidden from the public; fake fossils of transitional forms which do not exist at all are being produced; fictions which have been proved to be fake such as Haeckel's fraudulent embryo drawings are still a part of science books; the evolution of the horse series, which even the evolutionists admit is fake, is still exhibited in museums and the deception that “coincidences cause evolution” is being taught in every educational institution in the world through the support of the states.

Not Scientific But One-Sided Darwinist Education

The Darwinist philosophy is being imposed on people as one-sided propaganda without allowing anyone to make scientific criticism against it. It is officially prohibited to teach the truth of creation and to state that “God exists” at universities around the world. The professors at universities are obliged to believe in and defend Darwinism. This is the case not only with the Western countries, but also with all of the Islamic countries including Saudi Arabia, Iran and Egypt: Students are not allowed to question Darwinism. Indeed, they are not allowed to answer a relevant question in an exam through the description of creation; if they do, the answer is marked as inaccurate with a zero next to it. A professor who questions or rejects the theory of evolution is discharged from his or her position at the university and cannot pursue his or her academic career.

A World Illuminated by Belief in God

Religion encourages one to do science. Scientific research is the most reliable method to comprehend the art of creation by God. People analyzing the heavens and the Earth, the living things around them and their own bodies meet the art of creation by God and have the opportunity to appreciate His power. Muslim scientists who examined the universe and living things with the encouragement of religion pioneered the most advanced civilizations in the world. As a beginning, Baghdad became the center for physics, medicine and astronomy in the 9th century and then, Arabic-language books were distributed across the darkness of Medieval Europe through Andalusia.

Carrying out scientific work at that time was considered as a prayer manifesting one’s effort to know God more profoundly and glorify Him in a conscious way. As a result of the dissemination of this understanding, scientists who believed in the existence of God and engaged in research in order to examine what was created by Him emerged in such branches as physics, chemistry, astronomy, biology and paleontology in the West.

Albert Einstein, one of the most eminent scientists in the world history and notable for his belief in God, stressed that people should rely upon religious facts when determining their goals:

Though religion may be that which determines the goal, it has, nevertheless, learned from science, in the broadest sense, what means will contribute to the attainment of the goals it has set up. But science can only be created by those who are thoroughly imbued with the aspiration toward truth and understanding. This source of feeling, however, springs from the sphere of religion. … I cannot conceive of a genuine scientist without that profound faith. (Albert Einstein, Science, Philosophy, And Religion: A Symposium,- 1941, ch1)

However, the world of science has drifted away from this Divine foundation and fallen under the influence of the materialist philosophy since the mid-19th century.

Belief in God Underlies Science

The universities with a historical background in the Western civilization are an embodiment of this adverse change. For instance, education in the UK, where Darwinism is stringently protected, originally emerged for the purpose of understanding and learning the art of creation by God: The University of Oxford is a clear example of this.

Among its main founders were archdeacon William of Durham and Walter de Merton, Bishop of Rochester; the first faculty member in the university was the historian Priest Gerald of Wales. The majority of the colleges within the university are still called by the name of the Prophet Jesus or the names of the Christian saints. The motto of the university is the opening words of Psalm 27: “The Lord is my Light” (Dominus illuminatio mea). Until 1866, having a belief in God and belonging to the church had been required to complete a graduate degree from Oxford. Having a religious background was a qualification among students; it was obligatory for students to attend daily prayers. These values and priorities to religious elements were annulled by a decision taken by the Privy Council in the 20th century.

Conclusion: Science Should Be Neutral

The result of a calculation, a study or an experiment may be predicted every so often; however, an undesired or unforeseen result might emerge as well. In this case, the assumption previously accepted as true by the scientist who conducted the experiment may thus turn out to be false. A true scientist admits his or her fallacies and mistakes in the past and then corrects his or her ideas based on the results which are found to be accurate. If the scientist instead prefers to reveal data different from that of the study, what he or she does ceases to be science and becomes instead a kind of deception and cheating.

Every branch of science reveals that God said “Be!” and created the universe in a perfect and unique way. In the 21st century, illuminated by the light of science, there is no place for the Darwinist ideology which still struggles to survive with the support of fraud, unscientific impositions and medieval superstitions. Nobody can change this truth by preventing the articles which prove Creation from being published, hiding fossils in museum drawers and shelves or blatantly distorting the scientific facts. 

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