Response to Current Biology Magazine: Fang blennies did not evolve, they were created

In an article published in Current Biology magazine on March 30, 2017, it is claimed that the fang blenny, with the scientific name "meiacanthus grammistes", came into existence by means of so-called evolution. In the article; 

  • Information on the venom systems of this small fish is given,
  • It is alleged that the teeth, which are an important part of the defense system of the fish and emit venom, existed before the venom,
  • Along with this, it is claimed that ‘the research proves the fang blennies surprisingly evolved their needles before their venom’ without ever mentioning the supposed evidence throughout the report.

The fang blenny is a small-size species of fish having quite large teeth compared to its body. About 5 cm in length and living in the ocean, these fish may be considered to be vulnerable at any moment. Yet, our Lord, as a manifestation of His eternal mercy, created these tiny creatures along with a special defense system for protection. The name fang blenny is in fact derived from this defense system of the fish.

How Do Fang Blennies Carry Out Self-Defense?

The fish has two large canine teeth that jut out of its lower jaw. However, these teeth are like a giant factory full of chemical weapons.

When attacked, the fish uses the venom hidden inside its teeth to defend itself.
 This venom, functioning as a chemical defense weapon, pushes the attacker back and allows the fish to move away safely.

Details of the Venom Composition

First, it should be noted that the venom used by the fish is produced in consequence of chemical processes that are too complex to be explained by means of evolution and composed of three special components.

  1. Neuropeptide that occurs in the cone snail (signaling molecules affecting brain activity)
  2. Lipase that is found in scorpions (enzymes involved in the digestion and processing of nutritional lipids)
  3. Opioid-like peptide (molecules that bind to opioid receptors in the brain and producing morphine like effect in the body)

How Does the Venom Work?

When fish prey on the fang blenny, the predator would bite it before swallowing. This allows the fang blenny to inject its venom into the predator’s body. Once the venom is injected, the neuropeptide and opioid components may cause a sudden drop in blood pressure, leaving the blenny's attacker disorientated. The predator’s mouth opens, inadvertently allowing the fang blenny to escape safely. Besides, the predatory fish is not capable of chasing the fang blenny afterwards as the effect of the venom lasts for a while.

There is a very important point here: It wouldn't be possible for the fang blenny to escape safely out of the mouth of the predator if it weren’t for the constituents of the venom that existed from the very first moment of its existence.  Otherwise, it would be impossible for the fang blenny to move out of the predatory fish's mouth unharmed, making it fall to prey at the first instant. For that reason, these three chemical components of the venom should have existed since the very first moment of existence. This demonstrates that the complexity of the venom system of the fang belly undermines any claim of blind coincidence.

Another supposition of the magazine is that the teeth of the fish formed first and allegedly attained venomous qualities through a process of evolution: This is illogical and irrational without a doubt. The idea of having fangs without venom to be injected into the predator’s body makes no sense. This claim clearly contradicts with the reasoning of the theory of evolution. Fang blennies are very small fish. About 4-5 cm in size and with two sharp teeth, this fish is not a deterrent for predators that prey on it. From the very first moment the teeth existed, unless being equipped with the venom to be secreted, they would disappear by turning into vestigial organs of no use in the so-called evolutionary process supposedly lasting for millions of years. This shows that there is an irreducibly complex relationship between the teeth and the venom of the fang blenny fish. It is impossible for one to be functional without the other.

As can be seen, no matter how much millions of dollars or how much time are spent, regardless of all the effort put in to it, there is no evidence to prove evolution. Evolution has not been experienced at any stage of history. This is the reason why no one has yet found an evidence for evolutionary claims so far. Every discovery made to date has proved that living things are created by God; and proofs will continue to show this fact beyond doubt.

God protected this tiny fish and manifested His mercy by giving a wonderful chemical system to it. Moreover, not only the fang blenny, but other species of blenny fish that do not have teeth or do not use any venom are also under the protection of our Lord. God created the fangless blenny species in a way that they look similar (in the same pattern and colors) to the fang blennies, and thereby He provided protection for them as well. The ‘Al-Rahman’ name of our All-Merciful Lord Who grants countless blessings is imparted to us in a verse of the Qur’an as follows:

Say: "Call on God or call on the All-Merciful, whichever you call upon, the Most Beautiful Names are His…" (Surat al-Isra, 110)


2017-05-14 18:29:47

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