Seventy thousand scholars wearing turbans will support the antichrist against Hazrat Mahdi (as)

1.  The Messenger of Allah (saas) said: The antichrist will emerge from among the Jews of Isphahan. He will have 70 thousand Jews wearing turbans with him.(Al-Qutub as-Sitta, Musnad Ahmad ibn Hanbal 3-4, Tunisia: Daru Sahnun, 1992. Vol. 22, p. 503, 447)

2.  1816. According to what is narrated from Anas (ra), the Messenger of Allah (saas) said: “Seventy thousand people from the Jews of Isphahan, all wearing turbans, (shawls covering the head and neck. * the tip of the turban covering the head let loose over the shoulders) will follow behind the antichrist.”(Muslim, Vol. 8, p. 500)

3.  The Messenger of Allah (saas): SEVENTY THOUSAND PEOPLE FROM MY COMMUNITY WEARING TURBANS WILL FOLLOW THE ANTICHRIST.(Musannaf of ‘Abd ar-RazzaqAbu Bakr Abd ar-Razzaq ibn Hammam, XI, p. 393)

The famous Islamic scholar As-Suyuti stated that although the round head cloth is a Jewish garment, the Messenger of Allah (saas) also wore a different type of head cloth. He penned a treatise called the Al-Ahadith al-Hisan fi Fadl al-Taylasan in order to prove his view. 


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