Nabucco will be a Turkish-Islamic Union project

Iran Al Alam TV, 23 September 2008

Adnan Oktar:
The moral values of Islam are about to rule the world. There will be a Turkish-Islamic Union under Turkish leadership within the next 10 years, let me say that. I am here. If it does not happen you can come and remind me how I said it would. But it will definitely happen. But it will be under the leadership of Turkey and the Turkish nation, I can tell you that. I am giving details. Azerbaijan will unite with Turkey as two states, one nation. Syria will soon unite with Turkey, and Iraq will amalgamate with Turkey in the near future, and there will be a chain of such developments. The Caucasus Project will come about, and that is part of the Turkish-Islamic Union. These pipeline and railroad projects are the infrastructure for this unification. The Islamic Union meetings, Turkish Union meetings and the success thereof are all portents of this. Indeed, there is no other road at the moment. There is no other path for Islamic countries and for Turkey apart from the Turkish-Islamic Union. This is the destiny of Allah.

The Gulf Today, 2 November 2008

Adnan Oktar: The Turkish states will unite together under Turkish leadership. A Turkish-Islamic Union will come into being with the help of the Turkish Union, insha’Allah. This will be under Turkish leadership. We are gradually moving in that direction.
The ideal thing is for Turkey to act as leader. Every nation state will remain independent, however. It will be a spiritual union, insha’Allah. Like the EU. Passports and visas will be lifted, and member countries will be able to trade freely with one another and live as brothers. The first foundation stone for this, insha’Allah, will be laid with Azerbaijan. And Syria from among the Islamic countries. Azerbaijan is both a Turkish and an Islamic country. Syria is our Muslim brother. We will unite with Syria, insha’Allah. These will be the first steps. Then there will be a process of successive steps. The Turkish-Islamic Union will become a reality within the next 10 or 15 years, insha’Allah. This is a duty that Turkey has had for many years now. We have seen this in the times of all our governments. Turkey has always acted as effective leader of the Turkish-Islamic world. It has made this felt everywhere. It acts as older brother everywhere, either directly or indirectly. Turkey gets involved in all disagreements. Turkey got involved in the formation of the Caucasian Alliance, for example. Turkey is capable of acting as intermediary in the event of disputes between other countries. Turkish leadership is evident, whether it be the natural gas pipeline project, the oil pipeline project or other projects. Turkey is already effectively doing this without any official announcement being made, and this will continue and grow.

Sabah, 12 June 2009

Nabucco: 21st Century Peace Project

Bugun, 13 June 2009

Silk Road Will Revive


The project will bring together Caspian, Middle Eastern and European countries in a single network. The developments that will take place are: New opportunities will arise to overcome the crisis caused by the nuclear program in Iran, which is expected to join Nabucco. The continuity of the EU’s supply needs will be ensured. The project will be profoundly influenced by Turkey’s relations with Iran, expected to provide gas. The Nabucco line will play a strategic role in northern Iraq being rid of terrorist groups and in the overcoming of Turkish security concerns. Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan, which will supply gas for the project, will serve a procurement role. The open invitation to Russia to take part in the project will secure energy and natural gas, peace and stability in the Caucasus. The pipeline will stretch from Turkey as far as Austria, via Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary. Some 2000 km of the 3300 km pipeline will run through Turkey. The project partners are, in order, BOTAS (Turkey), OMV (Austria), MOL (Hungary), Transgaz (Romania), Bulgargaz Energy and RWE (Germany). Work on the pipeline will begin in 2010. The first gas from the pipeline, with a total investment of 7.9 billion euros, will be pumped in 2014. During the construction stage, 4.5 billion euros will be invested in Turkey. US Assistant Secretary of State William Burns has recorded their delight at seeing Turkmenistan joining in Nabucco. 

Vatan, 14 June 2009

Historic agreement in energy

Turkiye, 14 June 2009

Reality, not a dream

Yenisafak, 14 June 2009

21st century project
Historic signature in Nabucco

Yenisafak, 14 June 2009

Signature today for this historic gas line

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