The visa requirement with Ukraine is also being lifted

The Gulf Today, November 2-2008

Adnan Oktar:  The Turkic states will unite under Turkish leadership, insha’Allah, and with the assistance of Turkish union a Turkish-Islamic Union will emerge. This will be under Turkish leadership, and that is the direction we are headed in. Turkish leadership is in any case the ideal thing. All countries will remain independent states, but there will be a spiritual union, insha’Allah. Like the European Union. Passports and visas will be abolished, countries will be able to trade freely with one another, do business and be brothers. The first foundation for that, insha’Allah, will be laid with Azerbaijan. And with Syria from the Islamic countries. Azerbaijan is both a Turkish and a Muslim country. Syria is our Muslim brother. We will unite with Syria, insha’Allah. These will be the first steps …

MPL TV Chessboard Program, December 19-2008

Adnan Oktar: We are the older brother and friend of the whole region. They are all our neighbors, and we have lived side by side for hundreds or thousands of years. There is a totally artificial separation. LET THE BORDER CROSSINGS BE OPENED, LET VISAS BE ABOLISHED, LET US DO A LOT OF BUSINESS, LET US EMBRACE THEM, LET THERE BE JOY, AND CELEBRATION, AND PLENTY AND ABUNDANCE EVERYWHERE. And let the world see the ugliness of this treachery, hypocrisy and selfishness, and let them then envy us.

Yenişafak, December 12-2009


Thanks to the recent opening up in Turkish foreign policy, the number of countries that can be entered without visas has grown, and a new request to abolish the visa requirement has come from Ukraine. At a meeting at the Turkish-Ukraine Businessmen’s Association offices Turkish Ambassador to Kiev Ahmet Bülent Meriç said that a partial visa-free regime was being planned between the two countries.
2010-01-15 02:42:04

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