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Transcriptions of the Talks 7/8

Dr. Oktar Babuna - “The Secret Beyond Matter”

Hello and Salam everybody. Mr. Oktar’s salam, greetings and deep loveand respect to all of you.

Now we have listened to the speakers today; it is impossible for life to emerge by chance. This is scientifically and logically truth and there is a Creator, definitely. If somebody says, “I am”, that means definitely that person is created.

If we look at the scientific evidences, for example, let’s say, they say if life emerged by chance. Take a single protein molecule from a cell, there are thousands, even ten billion proteins existing in a cell; one protein to exist by chance is impossible because other proteins must exist. Proteins can only be synthesized by other proteins. DNA must exist, RNA must exist, the complete living cell must exist.

If you look at the history of life, we see the cyanobacteria, which can do photosynthesis and it emerged 3.7 billion years ago all at once. Now last fossils have actually shown that 4.3 billion years ago actually the first cell appeared all at once. That is a deadly blow to Darwinism. and also the fossil evidence; we have 700 million fossils today. We don’t have any transitional forms. the species appeared abruptly, completely and in perfect forms. That was admitted by Darwin, that was admitted by Niles Eldredge, all the paleontologists, Darwinists that all species appeared all at once with sudden creation.

Now the subject you are going to listen, my talk reveals a crucial secret of your life. So you should listen to it attentively because it is going to change your outlook into the material world. This is not a different approach, this is not a philosophy; this is a fact supported by science of today.

We observe the external world through our five senses. the vision, hearing, taste, touch and smell. So the man is conditioned right from the beginning that life is an absolute material reality because we observe the outside world through our five senses. If you look at the scientific evidences, science tells us very different.

I am going to go out of these five senses into the chemistry and into the vision and give you scientific evidences. What science tells us today.

You see a candle over here. the electrons of this candle emit photons, these are so-called rays. the photons shower our eyes and these photons, rays, the light is changed into electric signals and electric signals only travel in the brain and the brain interprets these electric signals as vision. So the light itself never enters the brain. the brain is isolated to light actually. It is complete darkness in the brain. Only the electric signals. So electrical copy of the outside world exists in the brain.

Now you see an eye over here. OK. I am going to also talk about the eye structure. the light comes into our eyes, it goes through the cornea, through the lens, through some kind of fluid inside the eye, and it travels up to the retina. the nerve cells. These are light sensitive cells. You see there are different layers of the eye. There are at least 40 different components, and these components must exist all at once, all together for the eye to be functional. That is also a deadly blow, of course, to Darwinism. and when we look at the history of life, we see the first eye appeared in the Cambrian life with 36,000 lenses. the fossils show us, 32,000 lenses exist as an organ of the eye, this is the first eye in the history of life.

Now you see some vessels; I want you to pay attention to that. a big cable, that is the optic nerve, there are no light sensitive cells over here, it is called blind spot. We have a big blind spot in the eye. We need to have a large vision defect actually; we can’t see. But we don’t have any defect. We see everything perfectly. and the vessels exist in front of the light sensitive cells. Can we stop here? This is the optic nerve, blind spot, these are the light sensitive cells, but in front of these light sensitive cells, there are two layers of different cells and one million axons. So the light sensitive cells are actually blocked by two layers of cells and these axons, one million axons and in front of that we have vessels. So you know what? It is impossible for the eye to see.

God created this way; technically and scientifically the eye cannot see. Now let’s go further actually. of course we have a vision of nature, the birds, the flowers; and the universe is right inside himself, at the center of vision of his brain. We have a feeling of space, for example you are now in the conference room, you see the screen. Are you in the conference room? No. the conference room is inside you, inside your brain actually. But we have the feeling, the sense of space inside the brain because of the electrical copies. of course I see a distance, for instance I see ten meters or fifty meters, or when we look at the universe we see stars but everything exists in a single spot inside the brain actually. But that gives us the sense, the feeling of space. Now we have the electrical copies. That means we can never confront the original of the matter, because we can never exit the brain to look what is outside. So we can never confront the original of the matter. We are only confronted with the electrical copies inside our brain.

So do we need an external world to generate these senses, these electrical signals in the brain? Scientific answer is “No.” How do we know? the scientific advancement, the simulators for instance. There are simulators produced, they were put on the blind patients. These simulators they put on the blind patients, they generate vibrating pulses at the back of the head. After a while they started to see actually. When the camera zoomed in, they had the urge to raise their heads to protect themselves, so you know what that means? the external world is not needed to generate senses in the brain. the second powerful evidence comes from our dreams.

But before [that] George Berkeley. George Berkeley is a bishop, a devout Christian and he is a philosopher. Let’s see what he said. He said, “We think that things exist because we see and touch them; it is because they give us these sensations that we believe in their existence. But our sensations are but ideas which we have in our minds… We are then deluding ourselves when we think we know the world and things to be exterior to us, since they exist only in our minds.” and he is correct; the level of science was not like today’s, 21st century’s science but he knew it is impossible to check what is outside and an external world is just something happening inside our minds.

Now, I talked about these simulators, so they generate these senses without an external world, so an external world is not needed actually. What about dreams? the dreams are very powerful evidence. We always experience this evidence almost every night. Whenever we fall asleep, we see people. People we have never seen before. Houses we have never seen before, we go to environments we have never been before. and sometimes we behave against the physical laws, but we never question because there is a different memory, different consciousness, you never question. For instance I fly sometimes in my dreams, and I never say, “I can’t fly because there is gravity force, it is impossible, it is against physical laws”, because I have a different memory, different consciousness in my dreams. I have space, I see the sun, I feel the wind, but you are lying in your bed, your eyes are closed, there is no sound, no touch, nothing. Complete silence but perfect senses. and we feel the hardness of the matter. Imagine in your dream, somebody in his dream is trying to object his friend saying that he cannot see the original world, original matter. Now he puts his hand on his friend’s shoulder and says, “Well what makes you think that you cannot be in touch with the original world? Let’s take a trip on the Bosphorus.” of course he gets into his car, he drives the car, feels the wind and when he is ready to object to his friend that he cannot see the original matter, all of a sudden, the alarm rings and he wakes up. Now this could be in the sleep or awake to object somebody who says he cannot see the original matter, to object, this could be in the socalled real life.

The reason why we call it real life is because it is waking maybe from a dream. and we will find out about that because we only find out our dreams when we wake up. So one day we will be woken up with death and we will find out that all about this is another dream. So it is waking from a dream of course. Now this is from the Prophet Muhammad (saas). “The Prophet Muhammad (saas) said that, ‘people are asleep and wake up when they die.’ This is to say that the objects seen in the world when alive are similar to those seen when asleep while dreaming…”

So there is a lot of evidence actually about the nature of this life. Not only that; in the Qur’an there are very powerful statements. God says in one verse, I seek refuge in God from the accursed satan:

“They will say, ‘Alas for us! Who has raised us from our sleeping-place?...” (Qur’an 36:52)

This is important because we are only aware of a dream only when we wake up.

So when they are raised, they say, “…Who has raised us from our sleeping-place? This is what the All-Merciful promised us. the Messengers were telling the truth.” (Qur’an 36:52)

So of course the next question is, “Who is the perceiver?” If the eyes cannot see, then who is the one that sees or hears or touches or smells or tastes? of course this has to be a supra-material being. Now first, this Richard Gregory, he is a neuropsychologist from Royal Academy, he says in his book: “There is a temptation, which must be avoided, to say that the eyes produce pictures in the brain. a picture in the brain suggests the need of some kind of internal eye to see it—but this would need a further eye to see its picture … and so on in an endless regress of eyes and pictures. This is absurd.” of course, he knows if the eyes cannot see, there are electrical signals, copies of the so-called external world, then there must be an internal eye that sees. So “who is the perceiver?” is the question.

Another one, Ken Wilber, he says: “Philosophers since the Greeks have speculated about the ‘ghost’ in the machine, the ‘little man inside the little man’ and so on. Where is the I—the entity that uses the brain? Who does the actual knowing? Or, as Saint Francis of Assisi once put it, ‘What we are looking for is what is looking.’”

So this material world is perceived by a being which is supra-material being, which is not matter, and which is not image. This is the soul, it is a metaphysical being who can perceive.

God Created This Way; Technically and Scientifically The Eye Cannot See.

Dr. Oktar Babuna


In another verse of the Qur’an, God says: “God keeps a firm hold on the heavens and Earth, preventing them from vanishing away.

And if they vanished no one could then keep hold of them. Certainly He is Most Forbearing, Ever-Forgiving.” (Qur’an 35:41)

Put scientifically and logically, that follows actually. God says the same thing in the Qur’an. the universe is not stable. This universe, this Earth is not stable. It only exists because of the continuous creation of God. If this creation stops, all the entire universe, everything disappears. Because of the ceaseless creation of God, it exists. Otherwise it does not exist.

“Both East and West belong to God, so wherever you turn, the Face of God is there. God is all-Encompassing, all-Knowing.” (Qur’an 2:115)

So the sense of space, I explained you, scientifically only exists in the brain. the entire universe, this room, the conference room, although it looks like

this is the artistry of God like exterior to me, I see you people and everything but everything happening is actually happening in my brain. In my brain, in a single spot. So this is a feeling of the space. and my body is also part of this external world. I see my hands, I see my legs, I see a body moving inside the space but everything is in fact happening inside the brain. I see the electrical copy. This is a scientific fact.

What about the brain? the brain is also part of this external world because we assume something exists in our head. For example, if I open my skull and take my brain in my hands in front of me, I would see a brain. If I say “I see the brain in my brain,” so where do I see it? Right there, the brain is there? Or I am right here. So you understand logically and scientifically this inevitably follows, that leads us to think, “Who is the perceiver?” This is the soul.

And God is not bound with the space. God created us, in a dimension of time and space, but is not bound by space and encompasses everything, our inside, our outside, our ideas, our thoughts, everything God encompasses. So God says, “Wherever you turn, there is the Presence of God.” So God is everywhere because He is not bound by space. the space is a feeling that is perceived to us. So sometimes some materialists say, you know materialism absolutely rejects the existence of anything beyond matter but science is not obliged to accept such a dogma. Look at the scientific evidence, this is not true of course, as we have seen scientifically, and a being which has an image of illusion cannot see an absolute being. We are a being with an image of, with a quality of illusion actually. So we will never be able to see God because God is an absolute being.

However God sees us and that is stated in the Qur’an:

“Eyesight cannot perceive Him but He perceives eyesight…” (Qur’an 6:103)

“We created man and We know what his own self whispers to him. We are nearer to him than his jugular vein.” (Qur’an 18:106)

So space, I told you at the very beginning, man is conditioned right from the very beginning that life is absolute material reality, we have the feeling of the space, we have the feeling of time, but God is above that, and this is only created actually as a feeling, as a sense for us. Does it exist in reality? No, as I said the conference room is inside me. So where is the space then? In our dreams we lie in the bed; we drive our car, we travel from İstanbul to Ankara or to New York. We fly in the airplane, so are we moving in a real space? Not at all, but only when we wake up we discover it. So then we will be woken up, then we may discover that this was another dream also. Now it is also a scientific fact, and also a statement from the Holy Book that our movements, all our actions are created by God. Now I will give you the scientific evidence and then I will read this verse to you.

There were experiments done in Berlin, Bernstein, it is a very famous lab actually. They have done experiments on several people. They put these people into the MR scan. It is a different MR scan, it is called functional MR scan. Wherever there is an electric activity in the brain, it shows immediately. So they were given two buttons actually, and they were asked to make a decision. For example there are two buttons, I have two buttons, and I am going to push the right one, I decide that, with my free will, OK? and then they watch that through the functional MR scan and they record the timing of this decision. Every time these people push a button by their free will and make decision. of course, I make a decision, and I immediately press the button. Ten seconds before, ten seconds, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, ten seconds before they saw that in the MR scan in the motor cortex, motor area. You know it is like this way, it has crossed pathways, for example if I press the right button, and I make my decision, ten seconds before the decision actually, this area is activated and they cannot change this decision. So who is the one who makes this decision? Who creates these actions actually?

And this fact is also given in the Qur’an:

“… when you threw; it was God Who threw …” (Qur’an 8:17)

“When God created both you and what you do?” (Qur’an 37:96)

So we only have the imagination, the sense of “we are doing something”, but scientifically ten seconds before. For example I am speaking over here, if you put an MR scan in my brain, you would discover that ten seconds before these words were in my language center, it started, I cannot stop that. I feel like I am making the decision, and I am constructing these sentences, and I make these gestures over here. I push these buttons, ten seconds before in my brain, the brain is activated, and I cannot change this decision. So the important statement

is of course there is clearly a Creator Who displays a magnificent Creation, Who has Omnipotent intelligence, eternal power and might and He is the Creator of everything.

Another information is actually given in the Qur’an. It is: “It is in the Source Book with Us, high-exalted, full of wisdom.” (Qur’an 43:4)

So our entire life like a dream is actually known by God. It is not known for us. That is the reason why we are being tested, because we don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow, what is going to happen next week. But this is not true for God, because time is also another perception. Let me give you another example actually, a scientific evidence.

In Princeton Advanced Research Center, where Einstein worked years ago, these were very famous technical labs. They did an experiment. One group published this experiment actually. That was in the world media, in the entire Turkish media, in the American media, everywhere. They sent a laser beam into a cesium environment, the environment was full of cesium, the laser beam entered this environment, and you know what happened. the speed increased 300 times speed of light, in this environment. So the speed comes into the environment, the light of speed increased 300 times. You know what happened, they observed that the light exited this environment and then entered the environment. So all those cause and effect relationship changed. You know what I am saying? the time worked backwards actually. of course scientifically and logically, the light must enter the environment first, and then exit but no, because the speed increased 300 times, the light exited first and then entered into the cesium environment. So there is no absolute time. Time is another perception, there is no time for God. God created the eternal life in the infinite fraction of a second, and finished it. That fact is given in the Holy Books actually, in the Bible, in the Qur’an and in the Torah. So the fact is very obvious. We have seen Darwinism is a fallacy, but a very powerful fact is that we only observe the perception.



“If He did ask you for it (all your wealth) and put you under pressure, you would be tight-fisted and it would bring out your malevolence.” (Qur’an 47:37)

What that means is, you know, somebody who has a bank account, a car, a beautiful house, a swimming pool, a boat, and travels, maybe he has an airplane, very rich, holdings, companies, he has all of these as an imagination. Like in a dream, for example. Having a great love to this and making it the purpose of this life does not make any sense. If this is only a dream and the perceptions we are dealing with are created by God, there is a purpose of this life. the purpose of this life is not to have a good career, a good family, or making a lot of money. You can have it of course but this is not the purpose of life. We know the purpose of this life is to gain the great pleasure of God, to live accordingly. He described that in His Book. He introduces Himself in the Holy Books, and He describes the way to live. So this should not be kept secret because this is going to change the entire life.

You know they say, “Stress is the disease of this century.” Why? Because people don’t think about these facts. If they think about the destiny and God creates everything, of course they would have a very secure life and never think about what is going to happen tomorrow, what is going to happen if I lose my career, if I lose my money, if I get sick, if I get old, if I die. Everything is under God’s control.

We understand scientifically and logically this is an inevitable conclusion. But there are some illogical deficiencies of materialists. For example, this is very childish, they say, “If for example a bus hits you, you have a broken bone, then you will find out if matter is real or not.” “Somebody slaps you, then you will see if the matter is real or not.” Or “if you have a cut and you see blood, then you will find out.” No, we don’t say that only the vision is an imagination. the pain, blood, the touch sensation, the sound, the taste, smell, all of them are created as electrical copies. We never confront the original matter actually. This is, the bus, pain, broken bone, are all parts and your body is part of this so-called external world which exists, which is created as a perception to your soul.

So sometimes materialists say “We don’t believe in God, we don’t see God with our eyes.” But if this person, all of us of course, is an illusion and being an illusion you can’t see an eternal Being. So scientifically and logically this is an inevitable fact, and we should live accordingly. So the truth cannot be avoided.

“God has promised those of you who believe and do right actions that He will make them successors in the land as He made those before them successors, and will firmly establish for them their religion with which He is pleased and give them, in place of their fear, security. ‘They worship Me, not associating anything with Me.’ Any who disbelieve after that, such people are deviators.” (Qur’an 24:55)

So God promises us, good morality will prevail the world. We know this from the Bible, from the Torah, from the Qur’an and Islamic sources. We are living in the specific times, called the End Times. the first part of the End Times is wars, violence and the bloodshed. with return of Jesus and appearance of the Mahdi, Moshiach of Judaism and Islam, there will be a Golden Age, and we are living in these specific times. God controls this and God promises that in the Qur’an.

Remember I told you about the destiny. God created everything in an infinite fracture of a second and finished it. So the future for us is not future for God. God sometimes in the Qur’an talks about the future, or the present tense or the past tense. God talks about the future sometimes in the past tense, sometimes in the present tense, sometimes in the future because future for us is not the future for God. God created that and finished it. So good days will come, we are very hopeful, we will see Jesus soon. We will see Mahdi, Moshiach, of Islam and Judaism soon and there will be a Golden Age.

Thank you very much for listening.


Dr. Oktar Babuna

Adnan Oktar Says

Who Sees?


subject to the steady indoctrination of the society. Part of this indoctrination, possibly the most persuasive, holds that reality is what the hands can touch and the eyes can see. This understanding, which is quite influential in the majority of the society, is carried without question from one generation to another.

But without being subjected to any indoctrination, a moment of objective thought would make one realize an astonishing fact:

Everything we confront from the moment we come into existence—human beings, animals, flowers, their colors, odors, fruits, tastes of fruits, planets, stars, mountains, stones, buildings, space—are perceptions presented to us by our five senses. to further clarify this, it will help to examine the senses, the agents that provide us with information about the exterior world.

All of man’s sensory faculties—sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch—function in the same way. Stimuli (lights, sounds, smells, tastes, textures) from objects in the external world are carried through nerves to the sensory centers in the brain. All these stimuli that reach the brain consist of electric signals. For example, during the process of vision, light rays (or photons) radiating from sources in the exterior world reach the retina at the back of the eye and, through a series of processes, are transformed into electric signals. These signals are transferred along nerves to the brain’s vision center. There, a colorful, bright and three-dimensional world is perceived within the space of a few cubic centimeters.

The same system applies to other senses as well. Cells on the surface of the tongue transform chemical traces into electric signals that become tastes. Odors are transformed into electric signals by cells in the epithelium of the nose. Special sensors lodged beneath the skin transform impulses of touch (such as the sensations of hardness or softness) into electric signals, and a special mechanism in the ear does the same with sound. All these signals are sent to appropriate centers in the brain, where they are perceived.

To clarify the point, assume that you’re drinking a glass of lemonade. the hard, cool surface of the glass you’re holding is transformed into electric signals by special receptors under your skin and sent to the brain. Simultaneously, the smell of the lemonade, its taste, and yellowish color all become signals that reach the brain. Likewise, the clink you hear when the glass touches the table is perceived by the ear and transmitted to the brain as an electric signal. All these perceptions are interpreted in the brain’s relevant centers, which work harmoniously with one another. As a cumulative result of these impulses, you sense that you are drinking a glass of lemonade.

Concerning this important fact, consider the thoughts of B. Russell and L. J. J. Wittgenstein, two famous philosophers:

For instance, whether a lemon truly exists or not and how it came to exist cannot be questioned and investigated. a lemon consists merely of a taste sensed by the tongue, an odor sensed by the nose, a color and shape sensed by the eye; and only these features of it can be subject to examination and assessment. Science can never know the physical world.1

In other words, it is impossible for us to reach the physical world. All objects we’re in contact with are actually collection of perceptions such as sight, hearing, and touch. Throughout our lives, by processing the data in the sensory centers, our brain confronts not the “originals” of the matter existing outside us, but rather copies inside our brain. At this point, we are misled to assume that these copies are instances of real matter outside us.

This obvious fact has been proven by science today. Any scientist would tell you how this system works, and that the world we live in is really an aggregate of perceptions formed in our brains. the English physicist John Gribbin states that our senses are an interpretation of stimulations coming from the external world—as if there were a tree in the garden. He goes on to say that our brain perceives the stimulations that are filtered through our senses, and that the tree is only a stimulation. So, he then asks, which tree is real? the one formed by our senses, or the tree in the garden?2

No doubt, this reality requires profound reflection. As a result of these physical facts, we come to the following indisputable conclusion: Everything we see, touch, hear, and call “matter,” “the world” or “the universe” is nothing more than electrical signals interpreted in our brain. We can never reach the original of the matter outside our brain. We merely taste, hear and see an image of the external world formed in our brain.

In fact, someone eating an apple confronts not the actual fruit, but its perceptions in the brain. What that person considers to be an apple actually consists of his brain’s perception of the electrical information concerning the fruit’s shape, taste, smell, and texture. If the optic nerve to the brain were suddenly severed, the image of the fruit would instantly disappear. Any disconnection in the olfactory nerve traveling from receptors in the nose to the brain would interrupt the sense of smell completely. Simply put, that apple is nothing but the interpretation of electrical signals by the brain.

Also consider the sense of distance. the empty space between you and this page is only a sense of emptiness formed in your brain. Objects that appear distant in your view also exist in the brain. For instance, someone watching the stars at night assumes that they are millions of lightyears away, yet the stars are within himself, in his vision center. While you read these lines, actually you are not inside the room you assume you’re in; on the contrary, the room is inside you. Perceiving your body makes you think that you’re inside it. However, your body, too, is a set of images formed inside your brain.

  1. Orhan Hançerlioglu, Düsünce Tarihi (The History of Thought), Istanbul: Remzi Bookstore, 6.ed., September, 1995, p.447
  2. John Gribbin, In the Search of the Big Bang; Taşkın Tuna, Uzayın Ötesi (Far Beyond the Universe), p. 194

“The World of Senses” That We Experience in Dreams

The findings of modern physics show that the universe is a collection of perceptions. Thus the well-known science journal New Scientist asks: “Beyond Reality: Is the Universe Really a Frolic of Primal Information and Matter Just a Mirage?”

A person can experience all senses vividly without the presence of the outside world. the most obvious example of this is dreams. a person lies on his bed with closed eyes while dreaming. However, in spite of this, that person senses many things which he or she experiences in real life, and experiences them so realistically that the dreams are indistinguishable from the real life experience. Everyone who reads this book will often bear witness to this truth in their own dreams. For example, a person lying down alone on a bed in a calm and quiet atmosphere at night might, in his dream, see himself in danger in a very crowded place. He could experience the event as if it were real, fleeing from danger in desperation and hiding behind a wall. Moreover, the images in his dreams are so realistic that he feels fear and panic as if he really was in danger. He has his heart in his mouth with every noise, is shaken with fear, his heart beats fast, he sweats and demonstrates the other physical affects that the human body undergoes in a dangerous situation.

A person who falls from a high place in his dream feels it with all his body, even though he is lying in bed without moving. Alternatively, one might see oneself slipping into a puddle, getting soaked and feeling cold because of a cold wind. However, in such a case, there is neither a puddle, nor is there wind. Furthermore, despite sleeping in a very hot room, one experiences the wetness and the cold, as if one were awake.

Someone who believes he is dealing with the original of the material world in his dream can be very sure of himself. He can put his hand on his friend’s shoulder when the friend tells him that “it isn’t possible to deal with the original of the world”, and then ask “Don’t you feel my hand on your shoulder? If so, how can you say that you don’t see the original matter? What makes you think this way? Let’s take a trip up the Bosphorus; we can have a chat about it and you’ll explain to me why you believe this.” the dream that he sees in his deep sleep is so clear that he turns on the engine with pleasure and accelerates slowly, almost jumping the car by pressing the pedal suddenly. While going on the road, trees and road lines seem solid because of the speed.

In addition, he breathes clean Bosphorus air. But suppose he is woken up by his ringing alarm clock just when he’s getting ready to tell his friend that he’s seeing the original of matter. Wouldn’t he object in the same manner regardless of whether he was asleep or awake?

When people wake up they understand that what they’ve seen until that moment is a dream. But for some reason they are not suspicious of the nature of the life (what they call “real”) that starts with a “waking” image. However, the way we perceive images in “real life” is exactly the same as the way we perceive our dreams. We see both of them in the mind. We cannot understand they are images until we are woken up. Only then do we say “what I have just seen was a dream.” So, how can we prove that what we see at any given moment is not a dream? We could be assuming that the moment in which we are living is real just because we haven’t yet woken up. It is possible that we will discover this fact when we are woken up from this “waking dream” which takes longer than dreams we see everyday. We do not have any evidence that proves otherwise. Many Islamic scholars have also proclaimed that the life around us is only a dream, and that only when we are awakened from that dream with “a big awakening,” will people be able to understand that they live in a dreamlike world. a great Islamic scholar, Muhyiddin Ibn al-’Arabi, referred to as Sheikh Akbar (The greatest Sheikh) due to his superior knowledge, likens the world to our dreams by quoting a saying of the Prophet Muhammad (saas):

The Prophet Muhammad [saas] said that, “people are asleep and wake up when they die.” This is to say that the objects seen in the world when alive are similar to those seen when asleep while dreaming...

In a verse of the Qur’an, people are told to say on the Judgment Day when they are resurrected from the dead:

They will say, “Alas for us! Who has raised us from our sleeping-place? This is what the All-Merciful promised us. the Messengers were telling the truth.” (Qur’an 36:52)

As demonstrated in the verse, people wake up on the Judgment Day as if waking from a dream. Like someone woken from the middle of a dream in deep sleep,

such people will similarly ask who has woken them up. As God reveals in the verse, the world around us is like a dream and everybody will be woken up from this dream, and will begin to see images of the afterlife, which is the real life.

Understanding the Reality of Matter Removes Worldly Ambitions

What we have described so far is one of the most profound truths that you have heard in your whole life. We have shown that the whole material world is really a shadow, and that this is the key to understanding the existence of God, His creation, and the fact that He is the one absolute Being. At the same time, we have presented a scientifically undeniable demonstration both of how helpless human beings are and a manifestation of God’s wonderful artistry. This knowledge makes people assured believers making it impossible for them not to believe. This is the main reason why some people avoid this truth.

The things that are being explained here are as true as a physical law or a chemical formula. When necessary, human beings can solve the most difficult mathematical problems and understand many very complex matters. However, when these same people are informed that throughout their lives they have experience of only the images formed in their mind, and that they have no connection with the original of matter, they have no desire at all to understand. This is an “exaggerated” case of an inability to understand, because what is discussed here is no more difficult than the answer to the questions, “What is two times two?” or “How old are you?”. If you ask any scientist or professor of neurology where they see the world, they will answer you that they see it in their brains. You will find this fact even in high school biology text books. But despite the fact that it is clearly evident, information pertaining to the fact that we perceive the material world in our brains and the results that this information entails for human beings can be overlooked. It is of major significance that one of the most important scientifically proven facts is so carefully hidden from people’s eyes. the fundamental reason why people easily accept all scientific facts, yet are so afraid to accept this one, is that learning the truth about matter will basically change the way everyone looks at life. Those who believe that matter and the self are absolute beings will discover one day that they have merely dealt with the reflection in their minds of everything they have worked for and protected based on this idea their spouses, their children, their wealth, even their own personalities. People are very afraid of this reality and pretend not to understand it even if they do. They try with determination to disprove the facts, which are simple enough for even a primary school child to understand. the reason behind this opposition is that they are afraid to lose what this world offers.

For someone who is attached to his possessions, his children, or the transient offerings of this world, the illusory nature of matter is cause for great fear. At the moment such a person understands this, he will have died before his natural death, and he will have surrendered his possessions and his soul. In the verse,

“If He did ask you for it (all your wealth) and put you under pressure, you would be tight-fisted and it would bring out your malevolence.” (Qur’an 47: 37),

God reveals how human beings will behave with meanness when He demands their possessions from them.

But when a person learns the real nature of matter, he will understand that his soul and his possessions already belong to God. If he knows that there is nothing to give or to resist giving, he will submit himself and all he possesses to God before he dies. For sincere believers, this is a beautiful and honorable thing and a way to draw nearer to God. Those who do not believe or whose faith is weak cannot recognize this beauty and stubbornly reject this reality.

The Environment That Will Come to Be When the Real Nature of Matter Is Not Kept Secret

Those who know that they have no connection with the actual material things, and that they are in the presence only of images that God presents to them, will change their whole way of living, their view of life and their values. This will be a change that will be useful both from the personal and social point of view, because someone who sees this truth will live without difficulty according to the high moral qualities that God has revealed in the Qur’an.

For those who do not regard the world as important and who understand that we cannot have direct experience of the original matter, it is spiritual things that deserve to be given importance. Someone who knows that God is listening to him and watching him at every moment, and is aware that he will render an account of his every action in the Hereafter, will naturally live a morally virtuous life. He will be very careful about what God has commanded and what He has forbidden. Everyone in society will be filled with love and respect for one another, and everyone will compete with one another in the performance of good and noble deeds. People will change the values according to which they judge others. Material things will lose their value and therefore, people will be judged not according to their standing and position in society but according to their moral character and their piety. No one will pursue things whose external originals cannot be reached; everyone will seek after truth. Everyone will act without worrying about what others will think; the only question in their minds will be whether or not God will be pleased with what they do. In the place of the feelings of pride, arrogance and self-satisfaction that come from possessions, property, standing and position, there will be a sense of the understanding of humility and dependence. Therefore, people will willingly live according to those examples of good moral qualities mentioned in the Qur’an. Eventually, these changes will put an end to many problems of today’s societies.

In place of angry, aggressive people, anxious even about small profit, there will be those who know that what they see are images God shows them. They will be well aware that reactions of anger and loud shouting make them look foolish. Well-being and trust will prevail in individuals and societies and everyone will be pleased with his life and possessions. These, then, are some of the blessings that this hidden reality will bring to individuals and societies. Knowing, considering and living according to this reality will bring much more goodness to human beings. Those who wish to attain this goodness should consider this reality well and endeavor to understand it. In one verse, God says,

Clear insights have come to you from your Lord. Whoever sees clearly, does so to his own benefit. Whoever is blind, it is to his own detriment... (Qur’an 6:104)

As for those who make god their friend, and His Messenger and those who have faith: it is the party of God Who are victorious! (Qur’an 5:56)


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