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Chapter 7. The Communist Organization That Springs out of Ambush: The PKK

Abdullah Ocalan: To those who say “Socialism collapsed, communism collapsed”, our best answer to give is ‘on the contrary, communism is practiced in its strongest, most proper, most noble form by the PKK’.149

Today, the PKK terrorist organization, with its branches such as the PYD, YPG, YPS, HPG, SDG, PJAK, etc., is a Marxist, Leninist, and Stalinist structure whose goal is to found a sovereign communist Kurdistan state in Southeast Turkey, the north of Syria and Iraq, and Southwestern Iran. The main objective of the organization is to establish the communist system and ideology initially in the area, next throughout Turkey, and finally in the whole region by exploiting Kurdish nationalism and ethnicity.

Mao lives

(For detailed information on the subject, you can refer to the books by Harun Yahya (Adnan Oktar) The Danger of a Communist Kurdistan and America’s Failure to Perceive the PKK)

The PKK movement, in every aspect, is the biggest armed communist uprising in the world today. However, to be able to gain the support and sympathy of the international community and to avoid drawing direct rebuff, at this stage, it continues this communist uprising under the guise of a democratic freedom movement. It seems determined to maintain this two-faced attitude until it achieves its ultimate goal.

For almost 40 years, the PKK has carried out thousands of bloody terrorist activities, nefariously and atrociously killing tens of thousands of innocent civilians. In every period, the organization drew financial and spiritual support of the communist, socialist, and social democratic governments, organizations, parties, and institutions, and the Darwinist-atheist deep state structures for their activities and uprisings. They still continue to enjoy this support to the highest degree.

Through extensive perception operations in favor of the PKK, the press and media organs, politicians, journalists and writers, academic circles, strategy groups and think-tanks that are under the thumb of these powers provide the necessary image and propaganda support to the communist organization in every period.

The fact that a Marxist-Leninist-Stalinist terrorist group like the PKK can uphold a large-scale uprising in this day and age by pursuing the fundamental principles of the communist ideology and employing its activity and propaganda methods is the most concrete and topical proof that in no era has communism really been eliminated. Lying in ambush in every period, communism seeks to reach its ultimate goal by quickly springing into action when a favorable circumstance, opportunity or condition emerges. The PKK is its latest example.

To be able to turn the Muslim Kurdish people in the region into instruments of this communist uprising, many circles who support the PKK today try to present the organization as the representative of the Kurdish people, and the militants as liberty warriors who fight for the freedom and the lands of its people.


Particularly, various think-tanks, media organs and political analysts who are affiliated with the British deep state are leading and organizing this distortion and disinformation. Certain British media organs such as BBC, The Guardian, Financial Times, Independent, The Economist and think-tanks that directly provide consultancy services to the British deep state such as Chatham House are the leading entities in this. These circles put forward writings and articles, opinions, and statements that praise the PKK and deceive the world public opinion by presenting the organization as victims, heroes, and freedom fighters with constantly increasing frequency and an aggressive bluntness.

As it is clearly seen, certain circles, who assess the events in a biased way, seek to foster the illusion that the PKK has abandoned its violent ways. It is true that, in recent years, the Turkish government worked for a resolution process to end the terrorism. However, the fact that the PKK ceased violence during the process is not true. The activities of the PKK continued even after the resolution process had begun. For example, in just the first half of 2013, the PKK was known to have carried out 154 terrorist acts. Among these acts were blocking roads, opening fire to the security forces who wanted to clear the road blocks, destroying work sites and construction vehicles, launching armed attacks on hydroelectric power plants, guard stations, police vehicles, exploding mines, burning down schools, extortion, and abducting workers, teachers, prosecutors, and soldiers.150 Furthermore, as of June 2014, these acts showed a significant increase.

Mao lives

1. Sabah, 20.08.2015  - BBC’s image building for the PKK
2. Yeniçağ, 22.08.2015 - The shameful act of portraying PKK murderers as “innocent”!
3. BBC, 20.08.2015

In early October 2014, the PKK attempted to lay waste to the whole of Turkey within 2 days. During this uprising, which was named ‘6-8 October Events’, 35 cities fell into anarchy. 40 people lost their lives. 2 security officers were martyred. 221 civilians and 139 security officers were injured. 780 buildings, including 212 school buildings, 67 police buildings, 25 district governorship buildings, 29 political party buildings, nursery schools, and the Red Crescent blood centers, and 1113 buildings in total were either burned down or damaged. In these acts of violence, many private cars, municipality cars, ambulances, and police vehicles were burned down and 1177 vehicles in total were destroyed.

The Activities of the PKK Continued During the Resolution Process.
Mao lives

1. Aydınlık, 09.12.2013
2. Türkiye, 16.02.2014
3. Taraf, 03.03.2014

The activities of the PKK continued even after the resolution process had begun. For example, in just the first half of 2013, the PKK was known to have carried out 154 terrorist acts.

The autopsy reports of the adolescent youths who were lynched to death on the streets clearly showed the spirit of rage and hatred the PKK militants harbored.151 Tens of stab and bullet wounds were detected on the bodies of the youngsters. One was thrown down from the 3rd floor of a building, one’s body was set on fire, and another one’s throat was slit. It is upsetting to see certain circles who try to raise sympathy for the PKK turn a blind eye to such atrocious activities of the PKK.

As of June 2014, The Acts of the PKK Showed a Significant Increase.
Mao lives
Mao lives

1. Yeniçağ, 10.12.2013
2. Habertürk, 01.08.2015
3. Vatan, 09.12.2013
4. Today's Zaman, 19.09.2014

As of June 2014, the PKK has increased its terrorist actives such as school arsons, road blockades, burning vehicles, kidnapping soldiers and police officers and detonating bombs.

The year 2015 displayed that the PKK exploited the so-called resolution process to strengthen their terror campaign. Weapons, bombs, explosives, rocket-launchers, and anti-aircraft guns that were amassed in the cities during that process were now directed at soldiers, police, and civilians, and the PKK launched perhaps one of the biggest uprisings in its history.

The perception operation that is carried out worldwide to cover up and distort the truths about the PKK, to deceive and mislead the people can be highly systematic, extensive and in great proportion. However, the written and verbal statements given by the founder and leader of the organization, Abdullah Ocalan, at various times alone are enough to show the true and dark side of the PKK.

6-8 October Events
Mao lives
Mao lives

1. Posta, 08.10.2014
2. Milliyet, 09.10.2014

3. Sabah, 14.03.2015
4. Milliyet, 09.10.2014

In early October 2014, the PKK attempted to lay waste to the whole of Turkey within 2 days. The autopsy reports of the adolescent youths who were lynched to death on the streets clearly showed the spirit of rage and hatred the PKK militants harbored.

The PKK is a Marxist-Leninist-Stalinist Communist Organization

As we have stated, the true communist Stalinist identity of the PKK is meant to be concealed from the public so as to maintain the false sympathetic image that this group seeks to create. However, the statements made personally by the founding leader of the organization, Abdullah Ocalan, lay bare the fact that the PKK is a bloodthirsty communist structure completely devoted to the Marxist, Leninist, and Stalinist ideology. The following are some of the statements made by Ocalan in this regard:

The PKK has experienced a development in line with the Marxist-Leninist tradition. It is clear that from then on it will take shape on the basis of that legacy, which is inseparable in the way that flesh is joined to bone.152

Lenin represented it in the 1900s, and I represent the 21st-century socialism, and I am building the new socialism by fighting real socialism and imperialism.153

The prevailing standards in our circle are the ones of socialism and communism. In socialism, everyone is rewarded according to their efforts. This is also true within the party (the PKK), and will remain so until the foundation of the communist society.154

Mao, Communist propaganda

Pictures of the separatist terrorist organization leader Abdullah Ocalan from the PKK party congress. Those who insist that the PKK is not a communist organization should take a closer look at these pictures. Right next to the PKK flag carrying the hammer and sickle emblem stand out the pictures of Lenin and Engels.

Speaking in the founding congress of the PKK in 1978, Ocalan talked about how they took the Marxist-Leninist ideology as their guide:

The Marxist-Leninist theory must be internalized very well. The leading cadres should consult Marxism frequently and truly internalize Marxism in order to make the practice of this doctrine their starting point... We will treat communism as more of an action guide in the resolution of the political problem. We will do our part by being the agents of, being the advocates of such a doctrine and applying it, as the most important precondition of the doctrine, to the issue of political power of the country, and wielding it as a means and an action guide to tear apart the current government.155

The ringleader of the separatist organization, Ocalan, stated the following in his speech dated May 1, 1982:

No matter what unsuitable conditions it may live under, it must be based on the objective force of the working class, and on Marxism-Leninism, its science and guide to action; and note that the reason for our existence is totally grounded in that fact... If those tribal walls, those feudal fences had not been breached, Marxism-Leninism, the modern and the most revolutionary way of thinking would never have entered our heads.156

Ocalan speaks highly of the bloodthirsty communist leaders:

Here are the heroes of the proletariat, Marx and Engels. Here is its theoretical, political genius, Lenin, and again its practical masters, Stalin, Ho Chi Minh, and Mao; and many nationalist and internationalist heroes who follow their leadership. These great heroes, who aroused the awareness of freedom within people, who organized them and gave rise to the armies called the ‘people’s army’, have a prominent place in human history. 157

The PKK Adopts and Employs Communist Violence and Terrorism at Its Core

Abdullah Ocalan PKK Marksist Leninist Komunist ideoloji Takipcisi

The statements of Abdullah Ocalan show us the fact that the PKK is the most loyal follower and the most thorough practitioner of the Marxist-Leninist-Stalinist communist ideology in the 21st century.

Throughout this book, we have introduced you to the fundamental methods the communist movement resorts to, such as armed and bombing propaganda, terrorism, violence, revolt, rebellion, boycotting, provocation, agitation, and organizing, through numerous examples and quotes from the personal statements of the communist leaders. The perpetrators of thousands of bloody attacks and tens of thousands of murders and massacres for almost 40 years, the PKK strictly employs these communist methods. In his statements at various times, the perpetual leader of the organization, Abdullah Ocalan, expresses this fact as follows:

Armed struggle, civil insurrection and organizing have a highly intertwined and interdependent characteristic...158

We state that the armed propaganda should be the initial step toward bringing the national liberation fight to such an advanced level of war, that armed propaganda will be the principal instrument for fulfilling the duties of agitation, propaganda and organizing, and that armed propaganda will act as the foundation for building the revolutionary structure...159

Ho Chi Minh says this on the subject, under the conditions facing Vietnam before 1944; ‘... We can initiate neither a guerrilla war nor a popular uprising. But we need to apply armed propaganda to prepare these.’ And this is an even clearer and more obligatory fact under the conditions of Kurdistan...”160

Having carried out thousands of bloody terrorist attacks, tens of thousands of murders, massacres and assassinations to this day, the PKK has been following the violence and terrorism methods that were personally introduced by Lenin in reaching its goals:

In principle we have never rejected, and cannot reject, terror. Terror is one of the forms of military action that may be perfectly suitable and even essential at a definite juncture in the battle, given a definite state of the troops and the existence of definite conditions.161

Without in the least denying violence and terrorism in principle, we demanded work for the preparation of such forms of violence as were calculated to bring about the direct participation of the masses and which guaranteed that participation.162

In 1906, i.e., 11 years before the Bolshevik Revolution, Lenin wrote the following in his article, which was published in Proletari, advocating the methods of armed struggle, civil war, and assassination of the government officials:

A Marxist bases himself on the class struggle, and not social peace. In certain periods of acute economic and political crises the class struggle ripens into a direct civil war, i.e., into an armed struggle between two sections of the people. In such periods a Marxist is obliged to take the stand of civil war. Any moral condemnation of civil war would be absolutely impermissible from the standpoint of Marxism.

... The phenomenon in which we are interested is the armed struggle. It is conducted by individuals and by small groups. ... Armed struggle pursues two different aims, which must be strictly distinguished: in the first place, this struggle aims at assassinating individuals, chiefs and subordinates in the army and police; in the second place, it aims at the confiscation of monetary funds both from the government and from private persons. 163

Reading the following statements of Lenin, one will be astonished to see how he describes the present-day terrorism of the PKK:

… to launch attacks under favourable circumstances is not only every revolutionary’s right, but his plain duty. The killing of spies, policemen, gendarmes, the blowing up of police stations, the liberation of prisoners, the seizure of government funds for the needs of the uprising. . . every detachment of the revolutionary army must be ready to start such operations at a moment’s notice.164

The propagandists must supply each group with brief and simple recipes for making bombs, give them an elementary explanation of the type of the work, and then leave it all to them. Squads must at once begin military training by launching operations immediately, at once. Some may at once undertake to kill a spy or blow up a police station, others to raid a bank to confiscate funds for the insurrection.165

All of this information shows us once again the fact that the PKK is the most loyal follower and the most thorough practitioner of the Marxist-Leninist-Stalinist communist ideology in the 21st century.

The PKK is a Vicious Enemy of Religion


Just like all communist entities, the PKK is a terrorist organization that completely embraces all the aspects of the fundamental atheist-materialist view and philosophy of communism. Therefore, it is opposed to religion, religious institutions, and all manners of sacred values. Beyond opposing religion, it bears a deep grudge, hatred, and anger toward religion, and deems the true religions a major obstacle for and an enemy of the Marxist-communist ideals.

In the article written by Matt Bradley and Joe Parkinson and published in The Wall Street Journal on July 24, 2015, the PKK was forthright defined as “America’s Marxist allies” and the Marxist structure and ideology of the organization was elaborately explained. The statement, “The fighters [of the PKK] often use a vocabulary of Marxist revolution honed in obligatory study of Mr. Ocalan’s writings”166 also appears in the same article.

The atheist-materialistic, anti-religious mindset of the PKK is clearly expressed in the books written and speeches made on various dates by the organization’s founder and perpetual leader, Abdullah Ocalan.

Surely Almighty God is above the following statements.

In the speech he made on September 13, 1998 in Damascus, addressing around 60-65 terrorists, Abdullah Ocalan said:

Our daughters, women, and mothers are behaving in a childish and foolish manner. ... I am putting it plainly; they have become pacified under the influence of religion.

... We have nothing to do with religion. Our people must break away from God and ideology. I broke away from God after a long struggle. I overcame God and was thus able to become Abdullah Ocalan. Islam has given our women nothing. We will replace it with socialist morality.

... I went through a serious philosophical depression in high school. I declared war on God and became semi-Divine when I emerged victorious from that war.167

In his book entitled “The Kurdish Renaissance in Art and Literature”, Ocalan utters the following nonsense while talking about how he embraced Marxism he has considered to be scientific since he was a child:

Even if there was a God above, He would still have led me astray. God is not fit for the Kurds either as He deceives them. The Kurds’ God is misleading them. This is why I am my own deity.168

In his book entitled “From the Sumerian Clerical State towards Democratic Civilization”, Ocalan continues to utter the same anti-religious nonsense:

Concepts such as religious speech, God, prophets, and angels are the political literature of the time.169

God is a kind of medieval feudal manifesto, its basic law and declaration.170

Prayer itself is in general terms a piece of theater.171

Surely God is above such thoughts.

Mao, Communist propaganda

Wall Street Journal, 24.07.2015

The religious enmity of the PKK led the organization to become a useful pawn for the desired Armageddon War in the Middle East that has been plotted by the world’s deep states, the British deep state in particular, for over a hundred years. In this scheme that aims to cleanse the Middle East of Muslims, the PKK members have become voluntary mercenary militants. As a matter of fact, this is the underlying reason for the “Pro-Western” appearance recently donned by Ocalan. To be able to establish a communist Kurdistan, Ocalan realized that he could collaborate with those who dream of the Armageddon and tried to make himself look like a supporter of the West, Christians and Jews. The following is one of his most striking statements on the subject:

This nation [the Kurds], which was deemed forgettable and deniable by Islam, will take side mainly with Christians and Jews during Armageddon against all sectarian formations.172

The meaning of these words is quite obvious. The PKK consents to being utilized as an assassin in the war that is waged against the Muslims in the Middle East by the world deep state under the pretense of radicalism. What they expect in return is the support of the world deep state for the foundation of the communist Kurdistan.

One of the recent frequently mentioned propaganda phrases is the nonsense that “the PKK is the only democratic, secular structure in the region that the West can trust”. Let alone being democratic, it is a well-known fact that the PKK responds to even the smallest criticism with murder. The PKK’s claim of being a “secularist” organization is a specifically chosen discourse in order to attract the sympathy of the Western nations. In this way, they are giving the West the message: “Opposed to the extremist, radical Islamic groups in the Middle East, we are the only ones that are like you”. However, the PKK is not secular; it is anti-religious. They bear enmity not only against Islam, but also against Christianity and Judaism. Secularity ensures people’s freedom of worship and belief, and is defined in the Qur’an in its finest, truest form. According to the Qur’an, every person is free to live their religion any way they wish. However, in the system proposed by the PKK, every person must live their lives according to the Marxist-Leninist-Stalinist dogma.

The Atheist-Communist-Irreligious PKK does not Represent the Kurdish People

Today, a deception campaign is carried out with the cooperation of certain US-Europe-oriented popular media organs, various government members, politicians, bureaucrats, academicians, and certain think-tanks. In this campaign, the lie that the PKK terrorist organization consists of “courageous freedom warriors fighting for the Kurdish people” is instilled intensively.

Since many people around the world do not have sufficient and accurate information on this incident that takes place outside of their country and agenda, they naturally fall under the influence of this social engineering and believe in these lies, giving them support. After all, the aim of this campaign boils down to ensuring the support of the international community the PKK needs, and putting the legal state forces that fight against them under pressure.

However, even without any need for extensive research, when certain concrete and basic facts are set forth it will be clearly evident that the PKK absolutely does not represent the Kurdish people; on the contrary, it is a communist-anarchist structure oppressing the Kurds, and it is merely a tool that is exploited by the Western deep states for the new design of the Middle East. It should not be forgotten that the Kurds of Northern Syria that is currently under the de facto control of the PKK are fleeing the PKK by the masses and taking refuge in Turkey and Northern Iraq.

◉ First of all, it should be known that it is not possible for the religious Kurdish community to adopt the Marxist ideology of the PKK!

The vast majority of the people of Kurdish origin who live in countries like Turkey, Syria, Iraq, and Iran are religious Muslims. The Kurds are a conservative people with strong family ties who strictly adhere to their moral values and traditions.

The PKK, on the other hand, -as we expressed in the above lines- is a Marxism-oriented terrorist organization that rejects family, religion, ethics, and all kinds of spiritual values. Even though it currently hides behind the deceptive mask of a “democratic”, “libertarian” movement, the PKK has not deviated from its ideology, even in the slightest, since November 27, 1978, the date of its foundation.

Kurt Kardeslerimizin Ezici Cogunlugu Dindardir Yenisafak090309

Yeni Şafak, 09.03.2009

The vast majority of our people of Kurdish origin are religious Muslims. The 80,000 people who attended the Holy Birth program held in Diyarbakir in 2009 set a beautiful example to the piety of the Kurdish community.

◉ The activities, practices and amoral structure of the PKK completely contradict with the spiritual values of the Kurdish people!

Abdullah Ocalan PKK Marksist Leninist Komunist ideoloji Takipcisi

The PKK militants wearing women's clothes

Causing more than 40,000 people to be martyred through bloody terrorist attacks since the day of its foundation, the PKK’s most fundamental attribute is its being ruthless, treacherous and murderous. Moreover, 18,000 people who raised objections to, resisted or refused to support the organization were killed through intra-organizational executions. In just the second half of 2015, over 200 innocent soldiers, police officers, village guards, and civilians were perfidiously martyred by the PKK.

The PKK is also the biggest branch of Asia-Europe drug trafficking in the Middle East. The control of this drug trafficking is the largest source of revenue for the organization. Regarding the subject, the US Department of State gives the following information:

In February 2012, the U.S. Treasury Department sanctioned supporters of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) who ran significant drug trafficking networks based in Moldova and Romania, and in July, an estimated 1700 Turkish police and soldiers participated in a major crackdown on drug trafficking by the PKK in southeast Turkey.173

Beyond these, the PKK is a structure that approves and legitimizes all sorts of depravity and sexual perversion within itself. The militants of the PKK can go so low as to wear women’s clothing and makeup so that they can flee the skirmishes if they run into any trouble.

There is nothing sensible, reasonable, or conscientious about the assertion that a bloody mafia-like organization that legitimizes murder, drug trade, debauchery, treachery, and dishonor would represent the God-fearing, pious, noble, and honorable Muslim Kurdish people. Let alone supporting the PKK, our Kurdish citizens have been opposed to such a structure with all their being for about 40 years and have stood against it to the best of their abilities.

◉ Having slaughtered more Kurds than Saddam, the PKK inflicts the biggest oppression on the Kurdish people.

[PKK] Terror cost the lives of 36 345 in 31 years
Abdullah Ocalan PKK Marksist Leninist Komunist ideoloji Takipcisi

The PKK is treacherous and murderous. Beyond these, it is a structure that approves and legitimizes all sorts of depravity within itself.

Milliyet, 28.08.2015

To be able to coerce the Kurdish people that, they knew, would never voluntarily support the organization into giving their support, the PKK has resorted to all sorts of oppression, intimidation, torture, and execution methods.

In the 1980s, the PKK became notorious for the terrorist attacks they carried out against not the Turks but the Kurds. The organization adopted the spread of terror among the Kurds as its initial strategy to establish dominance. Its first target was the other Kurdish organizations and political movements that were opposed to the PKK or offered an alternative to it. After eliminating these other movements through cold-blooded murder, they turned towards the civil Kurdish people and, through their actions, they gave the message, “Here, we are stronger than the state, if you do not side with us, we will turn your lives into a living hell”. Even today, the PKK still holds sway over a section of the Kurdish community with the same attitude.

Following are some of the actions of the PKK targeting the Kurdish people, women and children alike:

In Mardin, on August 20, 1987, the PKK militants broke into the house of a Kurdish citizen named Sehmus Arik, killing 5 people, 2 of whom were women and 3 were children. When the 4-month-old Hamza was killed, he was sleeping in his crib.

On July 9, 1989, in the Kirim Village of Diyarbakir, the PKK militants who raided the village killed a 3-year-old girl.

On May 10, 1988, in the town of Nusaybin, Mardin, the PKK killed 15 civilian Kurdish citizens, not sparing the 6 children among them. One of the baby girls was killed while she was sleeping in her crib.

On July 10, 1990, the PKK attacked the Cevrimli Village of Sirnak, slaughtering 27 civilians. Of the 27 people killed by the terrorists, 11 were children.

On August 19, 1992, in the town of Lice, Diyarbakir, the PKK attacked civilians, shooting a baby in a crib with a machine gun.

On October 22, 1993, in Siirt, the PKK slaughtered 22 of our Kurdish citizens, once again targeting women and children. In the raid, 13 of them being children and 9 being women, 22 civilians in total were brutally murdered.

On July 24, 1994, launching a raid on the Atabinen Village of Van, the terrorists of the PKK once again targeted women and children. The PKK murdered 6 women in their beds along with 3 babies sleeping next to them.

The majority of the people martyred by the communist terrorist organization, who have loomed over the Kurdish people for decades, are Kurds. The organization racketeers the Kurdish tradesmen and businessmen, usurps their goods and properties, and kidnaps the children of defenseless and helpless Kurdish families at gunpoint, turning them into PKK militants. Based on information provided by the Kurdish families, the Turkish Governorship of Sanliurfa announced that in just the first half of 2015, 3,000 children in total were abducted at gunpoint.

Kurt Kardeslerimizin Ezici Cogunlugu Dindardir Yenisafak090309
Terrorist organization abducted 3,000 children

Star, 11.06.2015

The PKK uses Kurdish civilians as human shields in their attacks and activities. By doing so, they treacherously take cover behind our innocent citizens while increasing the Kurdish civilian casualties with the purpose of making it look as if it is supposedly a civilian commotion.

While the PKK aims to separate Turkey and found a communist Kurdistan in Turkish territory, the Kurdish people living in Turkey do not want something like this in any way. A survey that was conducted in the Kurdish-populated Southeastern region of Turkey in September 2015 showed that only 6% of the people were pro-separatists. Furthermore, the great majority of these fellow Kurdish citizens are forced to express such an opinion out of the fear caused by the oppression and threats of the PKK.

As one can clearly see, the PKK is neither a legitimate representative of the Kurdish people nor an ethnicity-based freedom movement. Imaginary notions such as “Kurdistan territories”, “the Kurdish problem”, “the Kurdish movement”, “the Kurdish freedom movement”, and “the Turkish-Kurdish war” are nothing but perception tools the PKK and its supporters wield to reach their ultimate goal of a communist Kurdistan.

With the Turkish Republic identity cards they have, our brothers and sisters of Kurdish origin can freely live their lives throughout Turkey as first-class citizens without facing any discrimination. It is against all logic to separate our Kurdish citizens from Turkey and force them to live within the borders of a communist Kurdistan, thinking that they would want to use passports or visas to enter the lands where they have lived freely for hundreds of years.

In conclusion, the biggest harm and injustice that could be done to Kurds is to equate them to the PKK, just as certain circles that we mentioned in the beginning do, and leave them to the mercy of this treacherous gang of murderers.

The Dark Side of PKK Terrorism: Intra-Organizational Executions

One of the common characteristics of all communist leaders such as Lenin, Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot is their ruthless treatment of the opposition. The history of the communist countries is fraught with political assassinations, public tortures, and millions of people who were exiled to internment camps and thousands who were brutally slaughtered just because their opinions were different from the leader or the politburo. Considering himself to be the Lenin of the 21st century, Ocalan’s past also carries the bloodstains of thousands of his adversaries including his comrades.

According to the testimonies of Ocalan himself, and the statements of the administrators and ex-members of the PKK, the number of people killed in intra-organizational executions ranges between 15 and 17 thousand. Some of these people were buried in the ground and shot in the head, some of them were shot before the eyes of their families and some of them were murdered through acid attacks. What is worse is that these murders were published by pro-PKK press organs virtually with pride under a tone of “Spies received their due punishment”.

In his book entitled “Killing Your Comrade”, Aytekin Yilmaz, who was sentenced to 10 years for being a PKK member, talks about how these murders are celebrated by the PKK members through folkloric dance:

I saw them dance on two instances. One of them was in the 1990s when the guerrilla [the PKK members] raided an outpost and killed 20-30 soldiers. It appalled me. The second was when they danced after they had killed their comrades.

Some of these murders are as follows:

◉ One of the founders of the PKK, Haki Karer of Ordu, occasionally came to the fore and bothered Ocalan. On May 18, 1977, he was suspiciously shot in a coffee house in Gaziantep.

◉ The PKK Europe supervisor, Cetin Gungor, criticized the activities of the administrators in the organizational congress. He was killed in Stockholm in 1984 on the grounds of being a spy.

◉ After being arrested in the September 12th coup and serving 11 years in Diyarbakir Prison, Ali Riza code-named Mehmet Cimen, had a falling out with the organization’s upper echelon in Germany. He was summoned to Syria. By the decision of the organization, he was executed by being drowned in acid in a bathtub.

◉ One of the founding names of the organization and the former Erzincan-Tunceli supervisor, Yildirim Merkit, was declared a spy-collaborator. He was killed in an armed attack in Romania.

◉ Kani Yilmaz (Faysal Dumlayici), who was involved in the foundation phase of the organization, was deemed responsible for Ocalan not being able to find a hideout in Europe when he was captured. He was killed in February 10, 2006 when the bomb planted in his car by two PKK agents exploded.

◉ Rising as high as the deputy secretary general of the PKK, Mehmet Sener was shot by two hitmen under the accusation of being a spy. (Mehmet Sener was engaged to Sakina Cansiz, who was killed in Paris.)

◉ One of the founding members of the PKK, Ali Omurcan, was executed in Lebanon, after being interrogated by Cemil Bayik.

◉ Appointed as the first deputy secretary of the organization in the 3rd Congress of the PKK, Halil Kaya was killed by a firing squad under the orders of Ocalan.

◉ PKK'nın III. Kongresi'nde genel sekreter birinci yardımcılığına getirilen Halil Kaya, Öcalan'ın talimatıyla kurşuna dizildi.

The Dark Side of the PKK: Intra-Organizational Executions
Mao lives

1. Zaman, 11.01.2013 - Mysterious execution in Paris
2. Vatan, 12.01.2013 - Her fiancé was executed too - She had risen against Ocalan - Bodies are to be brought to Turkey
3. Aydınlık, 21.12.2015 - PKK executed 40 members by firing squad
4. Milat, 11.01.2016 - PKK’s unidentified murders
5. Akşam, 04.02.2012 - PKK started to execute its supporters whom they don’t trust

Like all communist leaders, Ocalan's past also carries the bloodstains of thousands of his adversaries including his comrades.

Around 17 thousand people were killed in similar ways. The deaths of most of these people went down in history as unidentified murders. But their murderers were not unidentified, they were very well known. For example, the fact that the execution orders were given by Ocalan was put on record in a bill of indictment that was prepared in Germany in 1986. One of the foremost figures of the leftist movement in Turkey who spent about 18 years in prison, Ismail Besikci, explains the situation of the thousands killed by the PKK and their relatives:

There are hundreds of executions in the PKK like that of Mehmet Sener... Those whose daughters, sons were killed by their own friends, by the PKK, have been completely quiet, their lives have been shut down. There is no authority for these families to go to... The PKK uses the word ‘democratic’ frequently in organization names, articles, and speeches. By doing so, they try to give the impression of being democrats. One cannot become a democrat through the frequent use of the phrases “Democratic nation”, “democratic country”, “democratic autonomy”, etc. There is only one criterion for being a democrat, and that is the freedom of expression. One cannot become a democrat or democratic unless the freedom of expression is realized.

As clearly seen, the immorality of the members of the PKK goes as far as to kill their own friends without even batting an eye. And it is impossible for an organization with such a mindset to establish a system that is “democratic”, “ecologic”, and that “cherishes women”. The only system that the PKK will establish is a system that is utterly soulless, ruthless, and despotic, exactly like in the North Korea.

The PKK Does Not Regard Women Highly, But Exploits Them

The “woman” element is one of the most significant means certain Western circles use in an attempt to make the PKK supposedly look democratic, modern, and sympathetic, which we have mentioned in the previous chapters. Presenting being a PKK member as if it is an unparalleled opportunity and a source of pride for Kurdish women, these circles are planning to create a new, bright image for the PKK over the sensitive “woman” perception.

One of its latest examples is the article titled “The Female Guerrilla Fighters of the PKK”, written by Eleonora Vio and published by the UK-based Middle East Eye news site on July 31, 2015. The logic of polishing the image of the organization is reflected by the term “the ‘rebranded’ PKK”.174

In the article, female guerrillas are said to have joined the PKK with the supposed purpose of fighting for their and their people’s independence. The nonsense that the Turkish and Kurdish women are under oppression and captivity to the point of taking the risk to flee to the mountains and join an armed terrorist organization in order to gain their freedom is particularly stressed. On the other hand, the article gives the message that the PKK is supposedly a great opportunity for salvation and freedom for these women. To complete the mise en scène, the “innocent” looking images of 8-10 women, who play their roles successfully, standing together, bursting with happiness and joy, laughing and joking around are scattered between the lines.

Of course many foreigners who have read this article do not know that all the women in Turkey, whether they are of Kurdish, Turkish, Laz, Circassian, or any other ethnicity, enjoy the same rights and freedoms as men. They are oblivious to the fact that women in Turkey can live freely, receive education, work, join a profession, travel, have fun ‘til their heart’s content, that they can wear whatever they want, freely marry or divorce, or easily go into politics.

Therefore, as such social engineering attempts of the media are aimed at the majority who have insufficient information on the subject, it is not difficult to create the desired public perception. However, the same media strictly refrains from mentioning the other side of the medallion.

Mao, Communist propaganda

Middle East Eye, 31.07.2015

◉ Are the Women of the PKK Freedom Fighters or Objects of Exploitation?

Escaping from the PKK and surrendering to the Turkish authorities in previous years, 220 terrorists, 57 of whom were women, laid bare in their statements how the female members of the organization suffered misery, privation, and physical and psychological devastation.

According to the accounts of the female PKK members who have surrendered, servitude, beatings, abasement, and rape are daily incidents for the women in the organization. The following are some striking excerpts from the remorseful statements of the female PKK militants:

Havin code-named N.D.: When I joined the militants 3 years ago, I had great expectations. But I have become a slave. I saw people kill themselves just because there were no painkillers.

Nudem code-named F.D.: In the first month of my time in the organization, I began to regret my decision. We would see our salvation in death.

Awesta code-named F.T.: I joined the organization. On my third night, I was raped by the person who forcefully got under the blanket and threatened to kill me if I did not remain silent.

Dicle code-named E.B.: At home I would take care of my eight siblings. But in the mountains, the burden of taking care of 80 people was laid on me.175

As it can be seen, the truth is far from the scenario that is devised in the article in the Middle East Eye. Having joined the organization to supposedly gain their freedom, the women have to cut firewood, cook, dig shelters, serve hundreds of male terrorists, and submit to the sexual abuse by the organization’s administrators all day long.

◉ The Leader of the PKK, Abdullah Ocalan’s Outlook on Women

As the founder and the leader of the organization, Abdullah Ocalan’s scornful statements about women, especially the Kurdish women, are alone sufficient to completely eradicate the lie “the PKK holds women in high regard” that is used by Western circles as an instrument of propaganda:

The bodies of the majority of Kurdish women are dead, rotten, cold, and very graceless. Their physical form is a little bit like this, their souls are dull. They lack intellectuality… They are unable to repeat words, not even as much as a parrot does.176

Again Ocalan’s statements “I have a soft spot for love. I am not ashamed of this. However, if my doves walk away from me, they will suffer the consequences. Those who have done so suffered for it”177

As a matter of fact, in her book entitled “The Escape to Freedom”, where she writes about her life in the organization, the Dilaram code-named militant, who escaped from the PKK with her three friends and settled in Iraq, tells about how she, along with many young girls, were raped repeatedly in Abdullah Ocalan’s house in Damascus that is called “Consolidation House”.

Certain Western Circles' Image of the Female Members of the PKK
Mao lives

The "woman" element is one of the most significant means certain Western circles use in an attempt to make the PKK supposedly look democratic, modern, and sympathetic.


The Actual Status of the Female Members of the PKK
Mao lives

1. Aktif Haber, 07.05.2012 - The miserable female members of PKK
2. Habertürk, 15.11.2012 - Admission of rape by female PKK members

The book, in which Dilaram tells about the experiences of 14 women who, like herself, escaped from the organization, is full of innumerable examples of the exploitation, rape, and violent practices of the PKK administrators such as Abdullah Ocalan, Cemil Bayik, and Murat Karayilan, against female militants. The fact that those who did not obey this system, regardless of being pregnant or not, were executed at the hands of other female militants under the orders of the same administrators is among the horrific memories narrated by Dilaram.

The examples are countless. However, while exploiting the woman factor for its own foul interests and disposal, the PKK continues to make use of it as a propaganda tool with great hypocrisy against the international public opinion. And certain circles, knowingly or unknowingly, are instruments to this vile scheme.

Mao lives

Akşam, 27.05.2011 - Admission by a Female Terrorist: Ocalan Raped Women

The PYD, YPG, HPG, SDG, PJAK; All of Them Are the Branches of the PKK

Today, in the north of Syria, the US and coalition forces are openly supporting the terrorist organization PKK’s Syria extension, the PYD and its military arm, the YPG under the pretense of ‘fighting against ISIS’. British in particular, a significant part of the European and the US media and their extensions in the Turkish media, constitutes the propaganda wing of this support. These propaganda wings preach to the world public opinion 24/7 the disinformation that the PYD and the YPG are different from the PKK, that they are not terrorist organizations.

However, the PYD is nothing but a mask the PKK, which is officially regarded as a terrorist organization by all these countries, dons in Syria. Overlooking what is behind this mask for their self-interests, the Western powers seem intent on keeping up the act of regarding this mask as a separate entity by allying with the PYD, which is in fact the same terrorist organization as the PKK.

Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin, Mao Tse-tung

1. The PYD representatives at the Italian Parliament

2. The YPJ commanders at the Elysée Palace in France

As a matter of fact, while defining the PKK as a terrorist organization, US Department of State Spokesperson John Kirby states on every occasion that the PYD and its military arm, the YPG, are separate entities from the PKK, that they support them and provide them with arms and equipment, and that they will continue to do so. It is already a well-known fact that the US and the coalition powers, which have been carrying out operations against the ISIS for months, have provided the PYD with tons of arms and ammunition. The fact that these weapons are directly transferred to the PKK and used in the terrorist attacks in Turkey is not a secret. Going a step further, the US currently plans to provide these aids through Incirlik; in other words, the weapons the PKK will use against Turkey will be transferred through Turkey.

Europe is not so innocent in this regard either. The PYD representatives and the YPJ commanders being officially invited to the Italian Parliament 178 and the Elysée Palace 179 in France  and hosted at the highest-level found coverage in the press.

The PYD, Founded by the Order of Ocalan and with the Support of the Ba’ath Regime

The Syrian Ba’ath regime has always been the protector of the PKK and Abdullah Ocalan. Shortly after declaring the foundation of the PKK in 1978, Ocalan took refuge in Syria in 1979. Despite Turkey’s persistent warnings, the Ba’ath regime gave all kinds of support for the organization to grow. The majority of the terrorists who carried out countless bloody attacks in Turkey were settled in the camps in Syria. One of the most significant supporters of Ocalan was, without a doubt, the bloody intelligence of the Ba’ath regime, al-Mukhabarat.

As a result of the spiritual pressure by Turkey, in 1999, Syria expelled Ocalan from the country. The organization was consigned to al-Mukhabarat. A part of the terrorists moved to Northern Iraq and the Qandil Mountains. The fates of those who remained behind were organized by the Ba’ath regime. Under the guidance of al-Mukhabarat, a new structure was established under a new name and the control of both the assets and the members of the organization was handed over to this structure. The movement that is known today as the Democratic Union Party, i.e., PYD, is none other than the organization of Ocalan whose formation was supported by al-Mukhabarat itself in those days.

Abdullah Ocalan PKK Marksist Leninist Komunist ideoloji Takipcisi

The co-chairman of the PYD Salih Muslim, sharing the same table with Abdullah Ocalan

According to the official records, the PYD was established in 2003. The organization declared Ocalan its ideological leader, and Kongra-Gel (People’s Congress of Kurdistan) its legal administration. Using the co-chairmanship system, the co-chairman of the PYD is Salih Muslim, who shares the same table with Ocalan, and the co-chairwoman is Asya Abdullah, one of the female militants who live in the Qandil Mountains, the headquarters of the PKK. While Salih Muslim is the face of the PYD, carrying out negotiations and making statements to the press in Europe and other countries, Asya Abdullah is the real administrator of the PYD -in Qandil.

Despite all these facts, there is another important, concrete piece of evidence that the PYD, who claims to have nothing but an ideological tie with the PKK, is not telling the truth: The PYD is an umbrella movement of the KCK. And the KCK is the upper establishment of all the PKK structures in Europe and Middle East. It is the organization that represents the so-called confederate state structure including the PKK and the PYD; in other words, all the planned state organs of the Independent Communist Kurdistan dream. The KCK executive council represents the executive power of the so-called Independent Communist Kurdistan, and it is the so-called government of the organization. It rules over the PKK and all the armed groups and all the organizations in the region that are the sub-units of the PKK. One of the organizations under this umbrella is the PYD. Therefore, the PYD is completely a PKK extension, not only ideologically, but also structurally and materially as well; it is indistinguishable from the PKK.

Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin, Mao Tse-tung

1. The co-chairwoman of the PYD Asya Abdullah

2. Salih Muslim giving a speech in front of a picture of Ocalan

The YPG Consists of Terrorists Trained in the Qandil Mountains

There are many active militants of Syrian origin among the ranks of the PKK. These militants participated in the attacks carried out in Turkey as well. The PYD and the PKK, as armed forces, are two structures that are nested within one another. The militants of Syrian origin who carry out activities within the PKK also form the core structure of the armed force of the PYD.

The armed force of the PYD is named as the YPG (People’s Protection Units). Almost all the militants of the YPG, whose numbers are estimated to be between 5 and 10 thousand, received both ideological and armed training in Qandil. The true administrators of the YPG militants are the PKK leaders in Qandil. The new recruits of the organization initially undergo a Marxist-Leninist-Stalinist ideological training in Qandil. After this, they move on to armed training; the PKK leaders in Qandil provide basic military training. The training then continues in the military academies established in Afrin, Kobani, and Jazira.

◉ Same Terrorist Organization, Different Names

In truth, the PKK and the PYD are nothing but the same terrorist structure under different names. Today, thousands of PKK militants are fighting in the ranks of PYD. The chain of command and the administrators of both organizations are affiliated with Qandil. Both of them regard Abdullah Ocalan, the founder of the PKK, as their leader. The first thing the PYD militants do in the villages, towns, and cities they captured is hand out Abdullah Ocalan posters and hang PKK flags.

Using different names depending on which region the PKK militants are in is merely a delusion tactic that is employed for purposes such as misleading, and causing confusion in perception. Using virtually all the letters in the alphabet, the organization constantly comes up with units, fractions and hierarchies under different names and abbreviations.

For example, the Iran branch of the PKK is called PJAK, the Syria branch is called PYD, its army is called YPG, the women militants of this army is called YPJ, the military arm of the PKK is called HPG, its youth branch is called YDG-H, and its upper-structure is called KCK. However, every single one of these is nothing but the extension of the same terrorist organization, the PKK.

The article entitled “A Personal War: America’s Marxist Allies Against ISIS”, written by Matt Bradly and Joe Parkinson, and published on The Wall Street Journal internet site on July 24, 2015 tells how the PKK and its extensions are actually the same terrorist organization:

The PKK says its affiliates—Syria’s YPG and groups called the PJAK in Iran and the HPG in Iraq—are separate but closely linked. PKK fighters and some analysts say they are one and the same.

Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin, Mao Tse-tung

1. The YPJ-YPG banner is seen carrying the picture of the founder of the PKK, Abdullah Ocalan, whom they consider as their leader

2. PKK executive Duran Kalkan inspecting a PYD camp

3. The PYD's foundation anniversary celebrations

4. Terrorists of the YPJ and the YPG taking oaths of allegiance over a picture of Ocalan

5. The dead bodies of PKK members who had left Qandil to fight for the YPG being buried in Qandil

“It’s all PKK but different branches,” Ms. Ruken [a PKK militant Zind Ruken who was interviewed] said, … “Sometimes I’m a PKK, sometimes I’m a PJAK, sometimes I’m a YPG. It doesn’t really matter. They are all members of the PKK.”

Again in the same article, the fact that these organizations that are extensions of the PKK are established by Abdullah Ocalan himself and that they swore allegiance to him is stated as follows:

The Kurdish guerrilla groups pledge allegiance to Abdullah Ocalan, the PKK chief imprisoned on a Turkish island since 1999. From jail in 2005, he established PKK affiliates that evolved into today’s YPG, HPG and PJAK.180

In April 2011, through the co-operation negotiations Ocalan conducted with Bashar al-Assad via his attorneys, the PYD was recognized by the regime and allowed to form a pro-regime, autonomous region in the north of Syria by organizing some of the Kurds there. As a result of the initiatives undertaken again by Ocalan from his cell in Imrali and the PKK administrators’ traffic in Syria, the sentence of Salih Muslim, who was sentenced to death in Syria, was revoked and he was taken from the PKK encampment in Iraq and put in charge of the PYD in Syria.

To be able to maintain control of the Kurdish regions and command and train the PYD militia, about 400 senior PKK administrators were personally sent to Syria from Turkey and Iran. According to the information received from the Syrian opposition, in the last 2 years, about 10,000 PKK militants have entered Afrin through Turkey.

The statement, “The PYD carries out a revolution in Western Kurdistan to build a democratic society. And then, we will move on to Northern Kurdistan, i.e., Turkey” issued by the PYD in 2013 lays bare the PKK/PYD collaboration.

In short, those who established, support, administrate, and provide soldiers to the PYD are none other than the PKK. Yet, still claiming that the PYD is a structure that is different and separate from the PKK is quite a ridiculous assertion.

◉ The Tyranny of the PYD Is No Different from the PKK Terrorism

It is a well-known fact that the PYD and the al-Assad regime is in open cooperation. Just as in the example of Amuda massacre, the Syrian Kurds who are opposed to the regime are either executed or arrested by PYD armed forces, and subjected to prison, torture, or abuse. In many regions under PYD control, such as Afrin, the Kurdish and Arabic youth are forced to join the organization at gunpoint. Many Muslim Kurds are being executed or exiled on the grounds of being Barzani spies.

The PYD is brazenly pursuing an increasingly severe genocide policy on the Arabs and Turkmen through massacre, torture, terrorism, and exile. This was also documented in the June 2014 report of the Human Rights Watch. The Qamishli massacre perpetrated by the PYD is only one example of these atrocious practices. The PYD forced the people of Tall Abyad into exile after capturing it. The Arabs and Turkmen, who took refuge in Turkey during the war with ISIS, are still trying to be prevented from returning to their homelands by closing the borders.

While creating Kurdish cantons in Jazira and Ayn al-Arab, and the corridor in between them, the PYD also systematically altered the demographic structure of these regions. They force the Turkmen and Arabs into migrating from the lands that they have been living for a thousand years and settle their own PKK militants in their stead.

The Tyranny of the PYD is no Different from the PKK Terrorism
Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin, Mao Tse-tung

1. Sabah, 30.10.2015 - PYD’s oppression of the Kurds!
2. Yeni Şafak, 30.06.2015 - The PYD massacre in Kobani
3. En Son Haber, 13.10.2015 - Amnesty International’s Syria report:  YPG is committing crime against humanity

The PYD is brazenly pursuing an increasingly severe genocide policy on the Kurds, Arabs and Turkmen through massacre, torture, terrorism, and exile.


The PYD Forces the Turkmens to Migrate
Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin, Mao Tse-tung

1. Milat, 26.06.2015 YPG raided a Turkmen village
2. Sabah, 28.06.2015 Demographic deportation by the PYD

Turning a blind eye to the terrorist, oppressive, and genocidal acts of the PYD and supporting it is clearly a double-standard policy that is far from ethical measures.

As for the ultimate goal, the PKK is planning to form the northern part of Communist Kurdistan by separating the southeast region from Turkey while the PYD is, likewise, in pursuit of creating the southern part of Communist Kurdistan by separating the territory from Iraq and Syria. To that end, the terrorist organization in question does not refrain from committing all kinds of terrorism, murders, and crimes against humanity.

As can be seen, the nonsense that “the PYD and the PKK are different” does not reflect the truth. When the mafia conducts a raid somewhere, the one who commits the murder, the one who watches the door, and the one who drives the car are all the perpetrators of the same crime. All of them are accomplices to the same crime and members of the same mafia organization. Therefore, the groups that act under the leadership of Ocalan are all parts of the same terrorist organization and equally responsible for his crimes against humanity.

When the truth is that obvious, regarding the PKK as a terrorist organization on one hand, while turning a blind eye to the terrorist, oppressive, and genocidal acts of the PYD for the sake of regional interests, and deeming the organization a legitimate party and supporting it on the other hand, is clearly an utterly contradictory and a double-standard policy that is far from ethical measures. With these unprincipled policies, it will not be a remote possibility to see the Communist Kurdistan that is planned to be founded in the region at all costs gravitate toward undesirable and dangerous communist alliances in the near future that will inevitably disappoint its supporters.

For extensive and detailed information on the subject,
you can refer to my books,
The Danger of a Communist Kurdistan and
America’s Failure to Perceive the PKK


Communism is still alive, and in our very midst. Communist or Socialist parties will not find it difficult to rise to power in most of Eastern Europe or even in some Western European countries. If they find appropriate social conditions (as when the Nazis came to power in Germany’s elections of 1933), they may establish a lasting Communist regime. Russia experienced a development from Communism to Fascism and then towards savage capitalism, but since the boundary isn’t clear-cut between these ideologies, Russia can return to Communism as the result of a social movement. China still regards Maoism’s ideas as the only truth, and Communism’s influence is still strongly evident in Cuba, North Korea, and Vietnam.

Today’ s Communism, implementing the “one step forward two steps back” tactic, has taken a step back. It continues its activities in various countries under different names, while giving the impression that it presents no threat to the world. But by supporting the “conflict” argument of dialectical materialism, Communism is an endless fountain of bloodshed. Under whatever appearance or name, still it regards the dialectical conflict as an inevitable law of history and can bring humanity nothing but bring cruelty and misery.

The precaution that must be taken is to dry up the Communist swamp that produces this danger. Otherwise, struggling with the mosquitoes (that is, with Communist supporters) one by one will be of no avail. So long as the swamp is not dried up, the mosquitoes will continue to hatch at an increasing rate.

Following this analogy, how is the “swamp” to be dried up?

The common support for Marxists, Marxist-Leninists, Maoists or any other version of Communism (even Fascism) is Darwin’s theory of evolution. As we have seen, Marx called this theory the “basis in natural science for the class struggle in history.” Engels considered Darwin the equal of Marx, from the point of view of his dialectical materialist doctrine. Lenin and Trotsky were each influenced by Darwin and after reading him, the young Stalin—studying to be a clergyman—became an atheist. Maoism’s and Chinese Communism’s intellectual foundations are rooted in Darwinism.

The Marxist student movement that shook the world in 1968 was inspired by Herbert Marcuse, an ideologue influenced by Darwinism and particularly by Darwin’s idea of the “struggle for existence.”181 The list of Socialists who accepted Darwin as a guide would include a wide spectrum of names, including the revisionist Marxists Karl Kautsky and Eduard Bernstein, and the founder of the famous Fabian Society that is regarded as the source of the English left.182

Without Darwinism, Communism would not exist. Therefore, the only antidote for the Communism that cost the lives of more than 100 million in the 20th century alone, and which is now reorganizing and strengthening in secret, is to refute Darwinism’s scientific and philosophical ideas. Once it is established that Darwinian theory is completely bankrupt in terms of science—that living things did not come to be through evolution, but that God created them perfectly—then neither Marx, Lenin, nor Mao, nor the militants who attach posters to their walls and who execute acts of bloodshed, can remain.

By eradicating the deceit of Darwinism, wells of bloodshed like Communism will be destroyed. People will return to God, our true Creator and Lord, and live according to the moral values He has taught. Then, as is commanded in Verse 2:208 of the Qur’an, people will enjoy peace and security:      

You who believe! Submit all of you to God and do not follow in the footsteps of satan. He is an outright enemy to you. (Qur'an, 2:208)



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"Ben varlıklı bir aileden geliyorum, Saat koleksiyonum var"
"Silahlı suç örgütü iddiası tamamen asılsızdır, yalandır, iftiradır."
"Bizim yaptığımız tek şey Allah'ın yaratışını anlatmaktır."
"Almanya'da İslamofobi var, İslam düşmanları var..."
Bir örgüt olsak devlet bizimle faaliyette bulunur mu?
"Ben Sayın Adnan Oktar `dan hiçbir zaman Şiddet, Eziyet, Baskı görmedim."
Adnan Oktar davasının ilk duruşması bugün yapıldı.
Adnan Oktar'ın itirafçılığa zorlanan arkadaşlarına sosyal medyadan destek...
Adnan Oktar suç örgütü değildir açıklaması.
Adnan Oktar'ın cezaevinden Odatv'ye yazdığı mektubu
Adnan Oktar'dan Cumhurbaşkanı Sayın Recep Tayyip Erdoğan'a mektup
Casuslukla suçlanmışlardı, milli çıktılar.
TBAV çevresinden "Bizler suç örgütü değiliz,kardeşiz" açıklaması
Bu sitelerin ne zararı var!
Adnan Oktar ve arkadaşları 15 Temmuz'da ne yaptılar?
Sibel Yılmaztürk'ün cezaevinden mektubu
İğrenç ve münasebsiz iftiraya ağabey Kenan Oktar'dan açıklama geldi.
Adnan Oktar ve arkadaşlarına Emniyet Müdürlüğü önünde destek ve açıklama...
Adnan Oktar hakkında yapılan sokak röportajında vatandaşların görüşü
Karar gazetesi yazarı Yıldıray Oğur'dan Adnan Oktar operasyonu...
Cumhurbaşkanı Sayın Recep Tayyip Erdoğan'dan Adnan Oktar ile ilgili...
Ahmet Hakan'nın Ceylan Özgül şüphesi.
HarunYahya eserlerinin engellenmesi, yaratılış inancının etkisini kırmayı...
Kedicikler 50bin liraya itirafçı oldu.
Adnan Oktar ve arkadaşlarına yönelik operasyonda silahlar ruhsatlı ve...
FETÖ'cü savcının davayı kapattığı haberi asılsız çıktı.
Adnan Oktar ve arkadaşlarının davasında mali suç yok...
Cemaat ve Vakıfları tedirgin eden haksız operasyon: Adnan Oktar operasyonu...
Tutukluluk süreleri baskı ve zorluk ile işkenceye dönüşüyor.
Adnan Oktar’ın Cezaevi Fotoğrafları Ortaya Çıktı!
"Milyar tane evladım olsa, milyarını ve kendi canımı Adnan Oktar'a feda...
Adnan Oktar davasında baskı ve zorla itirafçılık konusu tartışıldı.
Adnan Oktar ve arkadaşlarının davasında iftiracılık müessesesine dikkat...
Adnan Oktar davasında hukuki açıklama
Adnan Oktar ve Arkadaşlarının Masak Raporlarında Komik rakamlar
Adnan Oktar ve Arkadaşlarının tutukluluk süresi hukuku zedeledi.
Adnan Oktar'ın Museviler ile görüşmesi...
Adnan Oktar ve arkadaşlarına yönelik suçlamalara cevap verilen web sitesi...
Adnan Oktar ve arkadaşlarına karşı İngiliz Derin Devleti hareketi!
Adnan Oktar iddianamesinde yer alan şikayetçi ve mağdurlar baskı altında...
Adnan Oktar iddianamesi hazırlandı.
Adnan Oktar ve Nazarbayev gerçeği!
En kolay isnat edilen suç cinsel suçlar Adnan Oktar ve Arkadaşlarına...
Adnan Oktar kaçmamış!
Adnan Oktar ve Arkadaşlarının ilk duruşma tarihi belli oldu.
Adnan Oktar ve FETÖ bağlantısı olmadığı ortaya çıktı.
Adnan Oktar ve Arkadaşlarına yönelik suçlamaların iftira olduğu anlaşıldı.
"Bizler Suç Örgütü Değiliz..."