Adnan Oktar has emphasized the importance of the Turkish-Islamic union; Historic developments have begun taking place

Adnan Oktar is an opinion shaper who constantly keeps the cause of the Turkish-Islamic Union on the agenda through his books and writings and who is engaged in a major intellectual struggle for the union and unity of the Muslim world.  In his recent statements in particular he has raised the urgency of the foundation of the Turkish-Islamic Union and demonstrated the need for all possible efforts to be made in that direction. The Foundation for the Preservation of National Values and the Science Research Foundation, of which Mr. Oktar is honorary president, have issued countless announcements in the press regarding the Turkish-Islamic Union and constantly draw the public’s attention to the importance of the subject. In the wake of all these statements and announcements, rapid developments toward the Turkish-Islamic Union have begun taking place and many reports about it have begun appearing in the press, where there were formerly none at all. Some examples of these reports are cited below. 


"This is a union of hearts. In the Turkish-Islamic Union I have in mind all states will remain nation states. THIS IS A UNION OF HEARTS, A UNIVERSE OF LOVE, A UNION OF DIALOGUE AND ONE COMMON MIND. To take a joint decision and eradicate terror when it arises somewhere. To take a joint decision to resolve an economic crisis when one arises.  BUT THIS REQUIRES A FIERCE LOVE, A FIERCE JOY. These things cannot come from official formality. They are the result of joy and excitement. It takes love to seek to rescue a country or to take a joint decision in the face of terror... " (Azerbaycan TV- June 11, 2008)

TIMETURK: What, in your view, is the greatest problem facing Muslims in general? 

ADNAN OKTAR: Fragmentation is very dangerous. Muslims must love one another. How can one not love Muslims? I look at the Shiites and they are very devout, pure people, so how could one be hostile to them? I look at the Alawites and they are exceedingly devout and well behaved and full of love. I am quite unable to understand how one can be hostile toward these people. The Wahabbites are also very scrupulous when it comes to the faith. WE SHARE THE ONE GOD, ONE BOOK, ONE QIBLA AND ONE EVERYTHING. WE BELIEVE IN THE SAME PROPHETS, WE LOVE THE SAME ANGELS, THE DIVISION BETWEEN US IS ENTIRELY ARTIFICIAL.  PEOPLE CAN HAVE DIFFERENT SECTS AND HAVE DIFFERENT FAMILIES, BUT WE STILL LOVE ONE ANOTHER. WE ARE FRIENDS AND BROTHERS. THAT NEEDS TO BE PUT RIGHT. Said Nursi paid great attention to this, referring to disputes and quarrels and distortions caused by material needs. But no Muslim ever dies of hunger, nothing ever happens.  We must submit to God and strive to earn His approval on His path. BUT THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS LOVE, FOR MUSLIMS TO LOVE ONE ANOTHER. To feel love for evrthying created by God. To love even the atheist and to try to save and protect him. (TIMETURK-July 24, 2008)


"WE ARE ON THE BRINK OF THE TURKISH-ISLAMIC UNION, INSHA’ALLAH. We will unite with Azerbaijan, with Syria, with Iraq, with Turkmenistan, with East Turkestan. A WHOLE TURKISH-ISLAM WORLD WILL EMERGE, INSHA’ALLAH. WE ARE ONLY A DAY AWAY. Within 10 years at most very serious developments will take place, and we will all see this together, insha’Allah.  (Kanal 47 Mardin-July 28,2008)

Cumhuriyet-October 3, 2008

“A Middle East organization in which Turkey will take part and that will bring Iran and Israel together must be established.”
... El Halife said, ‘why can we not come together even if we have differences of opinion and do not recognize one another?’... ‘Why not come together in a regional organization? This is the only way of resolving our problems. There is no other way of resolving our problems...’
The idea of forming a union from the Arab world and including Iran and Israel has almost never been voiced before, and even thinking of such a thing has been regarded as odd. Until Adnan Oktar's call to all the countries in the region fror peace and brotherhood. In hi sstatements,  Adnan Oktar says that all Muslims, Shiites, Sunnis, Alawites and Wahabbites, must form an alliance, and that this alliance must open its doors to and protectregional countries such as Israel. Statements by the Bahreinian foreign minister that provoked responses in Europe are in complete agreement with Adnan Oktar’s words.

ADNAN OKTAR: The Turkish-Islamic Union needs to be sped up. It has to be really accelerated… This will also allow Israel to relax. It will mean the immediate end to all the conflict in the region. Because, as you know, Palestine is suffering; but Israel is suffering, too, and there is the ever-present possibility of a bomb dropping on their heads. Israel lives behind walls. They are literally prisoners. But they have made themselves prisoners. They have locked themselves behind walls. Let us tear those walls down. Let commercial vehicles roll up there. Let busses and lorries go there. Let ships go, let things be made easier by sea.  This can happen by love and friendship... (Asia RFA Radio-June 14, 2008)

Denge TV-July 3, 2008

Adnan Oktar: … The states are very weathy. They have huge oil revenues. A huge cultural offensive can be initiated. But although all Muslim counries have huge revenues their peoples are still very poor. The peoples of all Muslim countries are poor. And their quality of life is very low.  That applies to the great majority of the people. But there is no reason why that has to be. If the Turkish-Islamic Union is established. If a rational Turkish-Islamic Union Parliament is established then these problems can be totally resolved. And it can be instrumental in Islamic morl values ruling the world at once. That would happen in the blink of an eye. That is why we must insist on the importance of the union. We must gather all the Turkic states, which are all Muslim more or less, and all Muslim states together under a single roof. BRINGING THEM TOGETHER IN A HUGE STRUCTURE LIKE A TURKISH-ISLAMIC COMMON MARKET, like a Turkish-Islamic NATO; to keep them as separate nation states, in other words there is no need for them to change. The system must be based on reason, genuine love and enthusiasm. It is important do away with the official, formal mindset. Formality damages the spirit. We must avoid official formality. Love one, sincerity two. These things must be resolved in love and sincerity.

AN EXTRACT FROM MR. ADNAN OKTAR’S “A CALL TO AN ISLAMIC UNION” (First Turkish edition published in August, 2003)

The Islamic Union must have a structure that preserves member states' independence, national borders, rights, and interests. Each sovereign state must strive to unite under a shared Islamic culture, develop common policies, and establish the legislative and administrative organs that will implement them. The purpose here is not to achieve a structural merger of states, but to unite behind common policies and interests in order to achieve the political power that such a union would have. ...

The Islamic Union must have the flexibility to adapt to changing political conditions and the foresight to develop appropriate strategies. The need for an active central authority that can take the initiative, instead of giving reflexive responses to world events or being content with either criticizing or voicing opinions, is obvious. This center must shoulder the responsibility for coordinating, supervising, and serving the interest of all member states equally. It must consider all developments objectively and be guided by the Islamic world's demands. An Islamic Union that can arbitrate between member states, resolve their conflicts of interests, and protect Muslims in their dealings with other nations will increase the Islamic world's cultural, economic, and political influence.

For the Islamic Union to become a united force and a unifying structure, it must protect modern social values, respect the human rights of all people, and be based on democratic principles. Not surprisingly, all of these values are central to Islamic morality.

Milli Gazete-June 6, 2008

First the Islamic Union

Adnan Oktar: The solution lies in the whole Islamic world coming together as one, THE ESTABLISHMENT OF A TURKISH-ISLAMIC UNION UNDER TURKISH LEADERSHIP, TURKEY MAKING ITS PRESENCE FELT IN THE REGION AS A SUPER POWER, the whole Islamic world protecting and looking out for one another as brothers, their growing stronger in political and economic terms, the whole Turkic world, almost all of which are Muslims, taking them under its protection and also putting an end to terror and anarchy as a regional superpower. It lies in making a giant revolution in civilization and our making efforts to be resembling the times of the Prophet Sulayman; this is the solution.  (Al Baghdadi TV-April 30, 2008)

Vakit-July 7, 2008

Istanbul the permanent D-8 headquarters

Milli Gazete-July 7, 2008

Visa and Trade Agreements

Vakit-July 9, 2008

Ahmadinejad Suggests an Islamic Monetary Unit

Vakit-July 9, 2008

Co-operation Is Expanding

Kuşadası TV-July 14 ,2008

What can you tell us about the Turkish-Islamic Union? Some people regard it as utopian. That is how some people see it. Do you really believe it will happen?

Adnan Oktar:
If, God forbid, Konya, İzmir, and Adana were separate from us we would say, “How is this possible? We are brothers. We must unite at once.” And if someone then said, “But this is utopian. Such a thing is impossible. They are totally separate entities...” then that would be devoid of any logic. In the same way, there is no logic to the Turkic states being separate from us. We have the same religion, we talk the same language and we are from the same race. Our culture, forebears and customs are the same, so there is no reason for us to be divided. That is why the passport requirement among these countries, among the Turkic states and Muslim countries, must be done away with.  People must be free to come and go as they please. TRADE AND RELATIONS MUST BE MADE AS EASY AS POSSIBLE. This happens in the European Union, so why not in the Turkish-Islamic Union?  In the European Union one can go to and settle in whichever country one pleases. No passports, no visas. And we are brothers, so why should we not be able to do that?  There is no reason. It is perfectly feasible. The most attractive countries with the best lands are the Turkish-Islamic states, and the wealthiest mineral reserves are also in that region.  THE RICHEST OIL RESERVES ARE IN THIS REGION. WE HAVE FLOUR, OIL AND SUGAR, ALL WE NOW HAVE TO DO IS MAKE THE CAKE. THIS IS SOMETHING THE ENTIRE TURKISH PEOPLE WANT. I talk to Azeris and Azerbaijan is really keen to unify with Turkey. If Turkey were to agree today they would agree in just 24 or 48 hours. If Turkey were to suggest that it unite with Syria, Syria would agree at once. The matter can be resolved if the Turkish public strongly demand it, and if civil society organizations keep raising the issue, and if it is then put to the government. Insha’Allah.

Adnan Oktar: This is perfectly natural. We have one faith, one language, one everything, we share the same origins, we are brothers, but we are divided. If we were to suggest to Azderbaijan that we unite together they would not hesitate for a moment. All that is needed is an official request to be made. We can easily unite as two states, one nation. There is nothing to prevent it.   And that applies to Kazakhsta, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, East Turkestan and all of them; it will be a relief to them all, and as a result we will have an Islamic world. Iraq and Syria are really eager to unite with Turkey. The whole issue now lis in Turkey brining it up, in it being given a name. It will be enough to demand such a thing.  (Çay TV-July 23, 2008)

Dünya Gündemi, 27 July-3 August 2008

A historic agreement between Arabs and Turks

Anayurt-July 31,2008

Turkish-Syrian Co-operation

Vakit-September 7, 2008

From enmity to friendship ... with Syria in the last 10 years

Adnan Oktar: The period when there was no Turkish-Islamic Union was always one of suffering. There is no alternative. We see this in the Caucasus and in other regions, we still continue to see it. This cannot be prevented now, the bloodshed cannot be stopped. The only answer is the Turkish-Islamic Union. Delay means people living under a scourge. That is why we, the Turkish nation, must come together with all our power with Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, East Turkestan, all the Turkic states, Kyrgyzstan and resolve this union at once. Every passing day damages and works against us, God forbid. Look at the bloodshed in Georgia today, at the troubles in Abhazia, the suffering of the Russians, these all stem from the absence of a Turkish-Islamic Union.  IF TURKEY TODAY SUGGESTS THAT IT AND AZERBAIJAN UNITE AS AS TWO STATES, ONE NATION, BELIEVE ME THAT A POSITIVE RESULT WILL BE FORTHCOMING WITHIN 24 HOURS. INSHA’ALLAH IT WOULD BE THE SAME WITH SYRIA, THE SAME WITH IRAQ, IN OTHER WORDS, THERE IS NO ISLAMIC COUNTRY THAT WOULD NOT AGREE TO SUCH A THING. AND LIKEWISE NO TURKIC STATE. There would have to be a severe psychological problem to cause any of them to reject such an excellent, peaceful and wealthy union. That is inconceivable. It favors the whole world, and we are continuing down that road and, insha’Allah, this union will take place... (Azerbaijan APA News Agency-August 16, 2008)

Adnan Oktar: "I openly state that I am here, and that, insha’Allah, there will be extraordinary developments within the next 10 years at most. Insha’Allah we will obtain very excellent results. But we must strengthen our bonds of brotherhood and be very genuine. Let us fear God, let us love God, let us properly understand the Qur’an, let us be in favor of growth, loyal to our state and nation and fiercely opposed to separatism, rather than in favor of contraction. That is the line we will take. We are making good progress, insha’Allah.  Our nation is very excellent, Turkey is very excellent, and our people are very excellent. And the eventual outcome will also be very excellent, insha’Allah. (Hatay TV-September 7, 2008)

ADNAN OKTAR: The liberation of Palestine depends on us, the liberation of Israel depends on us, and if Israel is able to relax with us, then Armenia, Turkestan, Tajikstan, Iran, Pakistan and all of them can be liberated. Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria will jump for joy if Turkey assumes the role of leader. THAT IS WHY WE MUST NOT DELAY THIS DUTY. TUEKEY MUST DEMAND THIS DUTY. Do you see anyone objecting? If Turkey stands up and says, “We want this duty,” nobody will say, “no way, I refuse to accept it.” Everyone will want it. (Konya TV-February 28, 2008)

Dokuz Sütun, 26 March 2008

"Islamic Union Is the Only Way to Put a Halt to Oppression"

Dokuz Sütun, 26 March 2008

“Problems can be resolved through co-operation”

Adnan Oktar: … For example, there was very little idea of a Turkish Union previously. There was little idea of an Islamic Union. But if you notice the idea of a Turkish-Islamic Union has been spreading of late.  Within that idea, we are all the children of the Prophet Adem, of course. In other words, the Islamic world beats with a single heart. The whole Turkic world beats with a single heart. There is no difference between any of them. But when it comes to service, I think that Turkish leadership would be the ideal thing. I THINK THE LEADERSHIP OF THE TURKISH NATION WILL BE THE IDEAL THING. Because when we look at history, that is how it has always been. They always devoted themselves to this task, and led it and suffered because of it in Ottoman times. Thay is why I regard them as worthy of it now, insha’Allah. The Turks are worthy of it, we are worthy of it. And it is we who must do it. (Denge TV-July 3,2008)

Türkiye, 1 September 2008

Iraqi Ministry of Planning and Regeneration: “Our doors are open to Turkish businessmen”

Adnan Oktar: For example, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia have all exhibited a very clear attitude toward Turkey of late. Israel says, “You used to govern the region with 10 privates and a sergeant, but we cannot govern it with all our troops.”  And they are nostalgic for the old Ottoman times.  Syria literally wants to unite with Turkey. In other words, Syria is in such a position that if an official offer isa made today they will decide withing a week. Iraq, as you know, is drowning in its own blood. In the event that Turkey plays the role of older brother Iraq will calm down at once and the problem will be totally resolved.  They can all see this. Delegations from Palestine, delegations coming to Turkey, always suggest this and always request it. Turkey’s playing the role of older brother has become vital for the region... There is a vaccuum. Only Turkey can fill it.  This is a human, moral and religious duty. And it is a duty that Turkey is already asking for. Everyone can see that it will do this as a legacy ingerited from the Ottoman Empire, insha’Allah.  (Cyprus Ada TV-August 1, 2008)

Yeni Şafak, 3 December 2007

Thew first step toward an Islamic World IMF

Zaman, 12 March 2007

The First Step Is Being Taken toward an Islamic Common Market

Türkiye, 13 March 2007

A Turkish Union

Milli Gazete, 15 March 2007

An Islamic Union Is Estential for a Just World

Milli Gazete, 2 March 2007

Our Strength Depends on Muslim Solidarity

15 June 2004

Let Us Unite

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