Ataturk’s descendants do not worry ‘what will they say?’

What He Said?What Happened?

Hilal TV, 24 January 2009

Adnan Oktar responded to questions about the attitude of certain Muslim countries during Israel’s attack on Gaza, Egypt’s failure to open the Rafah border crossing to protect the civilian population from attacks and its allowing its air space to be used during the attacks as follows:

Adnan Oktar:But Muslims are rather reluctant to talk about union and unity. When I speak, they reply, ‘BUT WHAT WILL THEY SAY?’  But, my brother, if you are as afraid as that, it means you will put up with al kinds of attack on your character, your honor, your virtue, your faith and your beliefs...”BUT WHAT IF ISRAEL SAYS SOMETHING NEGATIVE?”If you are as afraid as that, if you are so cowardly, why are you living at all? Why did you come here? It is like sitting and watching as someone kills one’s mother and father. The worst thing they can do is kill you, in which case you will be a martyr. What more do you want? Do you have to live at all costs? ‘BUT WHAT IF THEY ATTACK US?’ Let them, my brother, it is better to be a martyr than suffer such misery...  

Presenter: The Egyptian foreign minister issued a statement at just this time, at the time he came to Turkey I think. He said they have signed a protocol with Fatah for the opening of the Rafah border crossing, that Fatah has no presence in Gaza, that they have nobody to talk to, that they do not recognize Hamas, for which reason, they would have committed a crime under international law if they did open the crossing.

Adnan Oktar: Look, international law and that kind of thing do not apply if someone says, “HELP, FOR ALLAH’S SAKE, IS THERE NO ONE WHO WILL SAVE US!.” IN THAT KIND OF SITUATION ONLY THE LAW OF ALLAH APPLIES. AND IS ISRAEL SO CAREFUL REGARDING SUCH RULES? Is it so scrupulous while murdering women, children and old people?... WE CANNOT STAND BY IF CHILDREN ARE BEING KILLED. "BUT WHAT IF THEY KILL US?"Let them, my brother, it is better to die than to live like that. You will be a martyr. What more could you ask?  Is life more important than anything? And how do you know what will happen? HAVE COURAGE, FEAR IS A CORRUPTION OF THE END TIMES AND IS A SCOURGE AFFLICTING MANY MUSLIMS. "But what if I am imprisoned, or beaten, or cursed, or killed?’ Then you will be rewarded accordingly, my brother. Is not your aim to earn Allah’s approval? Also, what are you doing? You are defending yourself. You are not doing anything wrong, on the other hand. Little children are crying out there, asking us to save them, to open the crossing and save them. That is obvious.

Look, the problem is not about Hamas or anything else.  THE ISSUE IS THAT THEY ARE AFRAID OF ISRAEL… But instead of going in a straight line from here to there, Muslims go the long way round instead of taking a short cut, prolonging the journey by 30 kilometers. Why don’t you take the direct route? Set the Turkish-Islamic Union up. Whoever I talk to says, "WHAT WOULD THE WORLD SAY?” LET THEM SAY WHAT THEY LIKE. SO WHAT? YOU TAKE A STAND IN THE NAME OF GOOD, IN THE NAME OF LOVE AND DIALOGUE, AND WISH TO SAVE CHRISTIANS AND JEWS. We are not asking for any land nor making any claim to racial superiority. We are scrupulously respectful of other faiths. Let churches and mosques and synagogues be opened. We want everyone to worship.

The government’s hand needs to be strengthened. In other words, THE GOVERNMENT CAN SET OUT THE POWERFUL IDEAS OF A POWERFUL FOUNDATION IN A POWERFUL MANNER. If people talk loudly and everywhere about the Turkish-Islamic Union, at conferences, in the papers and in the press, THE PRIME MINISTER WILL NOT BE ABLE TO IGNORE IT. ‘THIS IS WHAT MY NATION WANTS’ HE WILL SAY. ‘AND I AM EXPRESSING THIS’... If anyone is afraid on this subject, I do not regard such people’s clinging to life as humane. BECAUSE OUR TROOPS WILL GO IN FOR ALLAH’S APPROVAL, AND WILL EVEN DIE IF NECESSARY. AS HAPPENED IN ÇANAKKALE WHERE THE BLOOD OF OUR MARTYRS WAS SPILLED. OUR MARTYRS DID NOT SAY, ‘FOREIFN TROOPS HAVE ARRIVED, AND WE ARE AFRAID SO LET US RETREAT AND TAKE CARE OF OURSELVES.’ THEY HEROICALLY SHED THEIR OWN BLOOD. I AM NOT SAYING WE SHOULD GO IN AND DESTROY ISRAEL, I AM VERY FOND OF THE JEWS THERE. THEY ARE PEOPLE HAVING FEAR OF ALLAH AND I SPEAK WITH SOME OF THEM. What we need to do is to identify satan and all his followers and clarify them. We must collaborate at once with religious people in Israel, with Jews and Christians. And we must expel satan’s army from it. Let the excellent Turkish-Islamic Union be founded and that will be the end of the matter.

Akşam Newspaper- January 31, 2009

Ataturk Commanded Us to Die

Sabah Newspaper-January 31, 2009


30 January 2009, Opening of the Istanbul Metro Lines  

I looked at matters as an individual, as human problems,  not as any particular religious ideology or matter of race. Remaining silent in the face of oppression is also oppression. Nobody has the right to belittle the killing of 1300 people. Representing the reactions to the tragedy people went through as problems does not seem at all compassionate to me. I do not consider it right to put these down for sake of political equilibrium. 
We do not accuse the Israelis, our criticism concerns their use of phosphorus bombs. Their weapons of mass destruction. The condition of those youngsters. In other words, our reaction is against the techniques employed by the Israeli administration.

They will see this if they look at the role we have played in the region over the last 6 years. Our fundamental slogan is, as expressed by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. ‘Peace at home, peace in the world.’  That is why we acted as intermediary in Israel’s talks with Syria. That is why we worked hard to set up diplomatic contacts between Israel and Pakistan. That is why we played an active role in the resolution of the Lebanese problem. That is why we got involved in the Georgian-Russian question. We have sent troops to tens of countries for that purpose. That was our only aim. For a permanent peace between all countries to be established at once and prosperity for the whole region.

THERE IS AN AIR OF PANIC IN SOME CIRCLES.  THERE IS CONCERN ABOUT WHAT TURKEY WILL DO, ABOUT WHAT OTHERS WILL SAY.  Not what Turkey will do, but what it will say. We need to think about what others will do without Turkey. An attitude lacking in self-confidence and confidence in the nation, that bows its head without realizing the power of the nation, is not and cannot be part of our character.

Our approach to foreign affairs IS NOT FOUNDED ON WHAT OTHERS WILL SAY, not on being a country whose agenda is determined by others. Our approach is founded on what we will say ourselves.   

PEOPLE WHO ARE FRIGHTENED OF THEIR OWN SHADOWS MAY FIND THAT HARD TO UNDERSTAND. Our conception of governance is based on maintaining Turkish prestige and influence. We act so that Turkey can profit, not the government. Our concern is for Turkey not to lose, rather than for our party not to lose. We think solely of Turkey’s interests. TO DATE WE HAVE THOUGHT SOLELY OF TURKEY’S INTERESTS AND PRESTIGE, AND THOSE OF THE TURKISH NATION. And that is what we will also do in the future.  


ON THE ONE HAND, YOU WILL BE THE CHILDREN OF A NATION THAT EMERGED VICTORIOUS IN THAT STRUGGLE, AND ON THE OTHER YOU WILL THINK ABOUT WHAT PEOPLE SAY.  Of course, we will think much. We will think a thousand times before we act. But we will allow nobody to impugn our honor. 

2009-02-07 18:12:15

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